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  1. Exactly - that’s like a Meredith wrestling Joseph
  2. Early season wins when it’s technique vs technique, gets favorable seeds because he is at OSU, struggles with physical wrestlers, and those the scout his 1-2 best moves. Redux
  3. That’s some gay ass **** right there, but it’s Ohio State, so that’s being redundant.
  4. Remember him at Big Ten’s throwing Purdue’s Sabatello around like a rag doll
  5. “After I get off my back, I am going to go back to an over under and really try and throw him this time”
  6. Absolutely JRob does - besides being the taskmaster behind the scene for Iowa’s success, the building of Minnesota's program is a key catalyst for the success the entire Big Ten enjoys today. He raised the bar, showing others the roadmap to competing with Iowa.
  7. They write Ohio State diplomas in crayon, on the side of a kid’s menu. You’re right, the world really needs more wicked smart Ohio State dopes climbing live cell towers Point still stands - the longevity, pay opportunity, and professional opportunities for wrestlers in the sport are minimal; Be honest to kids about that. The collegiate wrestling sport probably has the highest % of 1st-time-in-family-college-attendees and I bet it’s not even close. The meathead mentality ruins the sport long term for growth & support. Not encouraging kids to take advantage of the opportunities to put good wrestlers into the top technical & Ivy type schools to become future doctors, engineers, scientists is the dumbest thing to do. The irony is on the women’s side, the best academic schools are putting out, in general, the best performing sports team.
  8. Glen Lanham & staff doing a great job. If my sons had choice between money for schools, I’d push him to Duke for the education and staff. These kids need to wise up and go to the Duke’s, Standford’s, Harvard’s, Columbia’s, Northwestern’s, of the world and get a free world class legacy education and make real money & life long connections. Working wrestling camps the rest of your life doesn’t pay. Go to a few bar restaurants every year for post NCAA finals dinners and drinks, especially in NYC, with many teams there. In one corner was the broke down Iowa guys, hobbling 40 years old dressed in $10 wrinkled GAP shirts, tobacco ‘chaw’, unshowered,, gobbling Taco Bell. In the other corner were Stanford and Harvard grads, dressed like grown-ups, quiet money, behaving & eating well. I’ll take the later...
  9. Actually for the most part, Midlands was s Sien year in top quality, returning AA’s, etc.
  10. Just yanking chains- great match. 125 is fun
  11. Midlands is not at Northwestern this year: it’s up at Hoffman Estates Sears Center http://www.nusports.com/index.aspx?path=midlands& Time to move the tournament to the new Wintrust Arena at McCormick Place. Centrally located, hotels, transportation, more....seats 10,000
  12. Ole Fran McCann - presided over the shutdown of both Indiana State and Notre Dame programs...just bad luck? Had decent run at Indiana State, had a few AA's at ND. His brother's Terry story is amazing though... Coach Fran, along with Humphrey from Indiana, came to assist the Indiana Jr Freestyle team in the mid-1980's as guest coaches. Turned out to be a dumb move. The scuttle was that he had two really good guys in camp who were strongly considering ND up to that point, but after getting a few days dose of old-school McCann, in a 100 degree gymnasium in the July Indiana summer, compared to a few days of the technique & energy of Humph, they decided to go for the wrestling, and academics...both became NCAA finalists, at....Northwestern :) http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1992-04-14/sports/9202030488_1_athletic-director-dick-rosenthal-mcgrew-wrestling http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/2862/Rev-Rewind-Terry-and-Fran-McCann
  13. Decent showing at Reno in winning 149 for Jason
  14. North Carolina loses to a weak Purdue team 31-6, beats #8 Nebraska 22-14. Talk about Jekyll & Hide
  15. Did you see the words he mouthed to the Penn State after the match? "Bull **** call, bull **** call"
  16. I'm guessing 141 Anthony Ashnault to 149, he looked pretty sucked down, but who wants to bump to 149?
  17. Hard not to cheer for this guy. Loved the videos about his dream. An all class guy with his priorities straight.
  18. Big Ten having an even better year than last year. 2016 - Quarters = 33 and that was with 12 chain matches where the B1G wrestler had to beat another B1G wrestler to get to quarterfinals. 2017 - Quarters = 37 and that was with 17 chain matches where the B1G wrestler had to beat another B1G wrestler to get to quarterfinals. Imagine if the seeding gods did not load up sides for 133, 149, 184 with B1G guys. 133 is just poorly organized.
  19. Upper half of 133 - all the top 4 Big Ten guys in the same half including a NCAA Champ, a runner-up, and a 4th place finisher Tomasello #1 seed, Clark #4 Seed, Richards #8 seed, and Micic #5 seed and that is 4 of the top 6 ranked guys. I would like to understand what was the committee thinking? Gross is having an awesome year and probably deserves the #2 seed, but he did lose to Montoya (Nebraska) at Midlands in the finals. But come on, that top half could go 1-4 on any given year, and has wrestled each other all season in Vegas, Midlands, Duals, Big Ten Tourney, and these guys ducked no one. They get each other in the quarters, and then those losers get each other in the round of 8 wrestleback. Those guys earned it, and it's like the Big Ten's did not matter. I would have liked to have seen at least one of those guys if not 2 (+ move Montoya to that side), to balance it out. They should have also put Montoya in the other half of the semi-final bracket against Kaid Brock in the quarters. Would have liked to see Gross go through at least 2 top 5 Big Ten guys. He and Micic would have been a good match.
  20. So what's the word on where the 2017 Midlands tourney will be next season? With Northwestern'a renovation to its field house, their basketball team will play the season out in the burbs' by O'Hare at Rosemont All-State arena; might not be bad for travel since it is near O'Hare, but really, only 'Joey Buttafuoco's' go hang out in Rosemont, IL. Would be great to have it downtown Chicago. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.landof10.com/northwestern/northwesterns-welsh-ryan-arena-to-undergo-renovation-games-to-be-played-at-allstate-arena/amp
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