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  1. Indiana High School state 285/heavyweights for 3rd place match. Excitement, bombs, heart, class, showmanship, and sportsmanship- this match had it all. Note one of the heavyweights runs about 205 or 210. Amazing match http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?matchId=7597824104&TIM=1487640686352&twSessionId=bmkvthbfgrluusv
  2. Sometimes, I'm not sure he get's the respect he deserves, but to go up to from a 165 lbs as an NCAA champion to an Olympic Trials finalist at 190 lbs a few short year later is pretty amazing. That's a big difference is size, strategy, etc. but he almost pulled it off. Timing with Burroughs catching once in a 50 year fire sucks for Dake, but that is life. But it also shows how weak 85KG is in the US as well. It will be interesting to see what transpires for Burroughs, Dake, and Magic Man up to 2020. The old 82KG weight might have been more ideal for Dake, big difference between 180 and 190.
  3. Solid career, but I can't think of anyone that got more hyped seeding in tournaments than him. Wonder if he should have been at 141.
  4. Impressive showing by the B1G teams once again, showing that the grind of the B1G season can pay dividends come NCAA time. It would be interesting to see the results if the NCAA seed-makers would spend a little time spreading out the B1G guys that they pair to meet in the 1st or 2nd rounds. Semis Participants - 22 / 40 or 55% (and the B1G had 7 other guys who lost head to head to other B1G guys in match to make the Semis) Quarters - 33 / 80 or 41% Round of 12 guys - 41 / 120 or 34% SEMI-RESULTS 125 - 3 in semis - (Plus 1 B1G vs. B1G match to make semi's) 133 - 1 in semis - (Plus 1 B1G vs. B1G match to make semi's) 141 - 1 in semis 149 - 3 in semis (and that's without Tsirstis) - (Plus 1 B1G vs. B1G match to make semi's) 157 - 2 in semis 165 - 2 in semis - (Plus 2 B1G vs. B1G match to make semi's) 174 - 3 in semis 184 - 1 in semis - (Plus 1 B1G vs. B1G match to make semi's) 197 - 3 in semis - (Plus 1 B1G vs. B1G match to make semi's) 285 - 2 in semis
  5. 4 seats for $135 each in section 314 Row R - seats all together or 2 seats in seats in section 314 for $135 each. Will meet you or we can find way. send IM
  6. According to my sources, pretty sure Purdue is not going to hire internally
  7. What is the salary of the Penn State and Northwestern staffs? Cael Sanderson Head Coach Penn State Casey Cunningham ASST WRESTLING COACH Penn State Cody Sanderson ASST WRESTLING COACH Penn State Drew Pariano Head Coach Northwestern Jay Borschel ASST WRESTLING COACH Northwestern Matt Storniolo ASST WRESTLING COACH Northwestern
  8. Agree 1000% - they were on the cusp but had some bad luck in a brutal conference. Word I here on a few of their candidates list include: Roger Kish - Head Coach NDSU Brian Smith - Head coach Missouri Doug Schwab - Head Coach UNI Donny Pritzlaff - Michigan Asst.
  9. 1. Perry was clearly stuck - funny you want new Delgado rules, But you have no problem with the refs not calling the rules about being stuck in a neutral position that Evans clearly initiated and was maintaining. 2. In what world did Garrett have s takedown on any of those attempts. He had not established control. We may not like that he got out funked, but Garret knew it was coming , he had other options.
  10. Heflin got called after Cox literally chased him halfway around the mat. It was a good call. A call that should be made much more often. Not calling stalling would have been the bad call in that situation. Stalling was actually called appropriately last night. Hopefully that becomes the new standard next season. Then call it that way the entire match, not starting with 30 seconds left. the refs let others get away with far more at 133, 149, 174, etc. don't get me wrong, I agree With more called stalling, but do it the whole match. The 133 3rd place match with Schopp was brutal that way
  11. ESPN did awesome job this weekend. But there needs to be a rule about showing moms or girlfriends. Only show them if they are hot, no Cave pigs, or a rule that the girlfriend should not be 20-30 lbs heavier than the Wrestler, unless she is pregnant. Example of what is allowed to be shown- Grajales's Mom: https://fbcdn-photos-h-a.akamaihd.net/h ... 4504_n.jpg Watching the post Ramos shots was uncomfortable.
  12. I loathe ohio state more than anyone, but that was a bull **** call; when the ref called It they were both jostling for upper body control, circling, not backing up. The refs called nothing In far more boring matches, they should let them wrestle. Did they call cox when he was running away at the end? Sick and tired of the inconsistency in calling stalling
  13. Agree, we now have more time in the arena to check out his mom. https://fbcdn-photos-h-a.akamaihd.net/h ... 4504_n.jpg
  14. Good Gawd this is a dumb question. Here is some criteria used in order. #1 - defending National Champion #2 - defending National Champion #3 - Win Head to Head #4 - Defending National Champion #5 - wrestled way tougher schedule out of conference and in the Big Ten. #6 - Defending National Champion
  15. Supposed magic underwear doesn't give him wizard-like powers over a cable network! Besides, Penn State actually lost TWO matches in the Michigan dual. They showed Grajales's mom again. Meow, here kity kity. I'd show her some riding moves anytime!
  16. Ness, not judging, but he had his hands full. 197: #16 Atwood vs. #3 Shiller (M) - Shiller looked strong won 15-7 with riding time, but a well contested match. Atwood closed it to 7-6 near the end of the 2nd period with a Wyoming TD, but then Shiller caught him high in the legs and reversed him for a 4 point reversal and near fall to make it 11-6.
  17. Much closer match than Team score indicates thus far: 125: No. 18 Eppert - Sam Bricalli MN - Eppert defeated Bricalli like 5-1 133: Ayersman (P) vs #8 Thorn (M) - Thorn dominated with 6 takedowns 141: Danny Sabatello (P) vs #5 Chris Dardanes - close match 2-1 Dardanes on late first period takedown 149: Griffin (P) vs #4 Nick Dardanes - Dardanes with sloppy 8-4 out win - got turned in 3rd period - good match with Purdue's back-up 157: Welch (P) vs. Ness -#3 Ness was losing 6-1 in 3rd period and caught Welch with funky head figure four on defense for pin. Up to that point Welch was dominating Ness. 165: Chad Welch (M) vs. #16 Zilverberg (M) - Zilveberg dominated 10-2 174: Hoselton (P) vs. #4 Storely (M) - Storely cruises to easy 18-4 win 184: Lynde (P) vs Farr (M) Farr - Farr wins 12-2 197: #16 Atwood vs. #3 Shiller (M) 285: White vs Nelson (M) #1 Ranked -
  18. You mean that Taylor kid who got pinned by a Bubba kid, and a Bubba kid that Bubba kud got destroyed by Metcalf? So Metcalf > Taylor
  19. In that case then, it was no where close to the quality of 194 lb match
  20. That's what I am saying. I'm not sure how you trump the donut. No redshirt. 4 weights. Cap it by beating the returning Hodge and probably top 20 wrestler of all time, in David Taylor. I like Taylor also but a Top 20 of all time does not get pinned by a guy line Bubba who got destroyed in his previous NCAA final.
  21. Most accomplished and most composed college wrestler to date, and a great student. But to make the final call and really judge them relative to the top 3, you have to take into consideration what they do after in International competition to confirm the quality of their competition. That would be the same litmus test that gets Pat Smith almost forgotten in the same conversation, or the same reason why a Jordan Burroughs is accelerated in the conversation. Guys like Sanderson, John Smith, Kemp, Gable get that final stamp of acclaim because, immediately after winning the NCAA's, they transcended and adjusted immediately to success in Olympics or world championships. Folks can keep trying to say, let's judge them on NCAA's, but IMO it does not work that way. But, Dake's feat may just be the one unimaginable exception to the prevailing undefined mental gymnastics of honestly saying who is the best.
  22. Well, it did involve Penn State, where they have had Some strange events in the last year, so they need to cover all bases and make no assumptions.
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