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    Powerline reacted to HokieHWT in Barry Davis "I'll be back somewhere"   
    wow. Did he just say he was dismissed? He didn't want to go.
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    Powerline reacted to LoStNuMbEr in Wilson - NC State   
    I think this guy is the wrestler of the tournament, easily.  Unseeded, almost beats the dominant #1 title favorite to make the finals, settles for absolutely dominating his way to 3rd
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    Powerline reacted to KCMO2 in Improvement Awards   
    Least improvement over his career:  Barlow McGhee
    Soph:  24-9  @ 125
    Jr:  19-13  @ 125
    Sr:  10-13  @ 125
    Not sure what went wrong along the way, but he did not improve in one single area over the last 3 years.  I want to feel bad for him, but the way he wrestled all you could feel is frustrated.
    The only real positive thing I could say is that it didn't hurt Mizzou too much since he rarely gave up bonus pts.
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    Powerline reacted to TobusRex in Ohio State and Session 4   
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    Powerline reacted to boconnell in Hats off to Heil   
    The OSU website says he studies zoology.  My guess is he wants to be the best zoologist in the country, but only by the slimmest margins.
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    Powerline reacted to sgallan in Live video from the Ohio State locker room   
    I was looking forward to opening this thread, I was not disappointed.
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    Powerline got a reaction from Tofurky in Ohio State and Session 4   
    Highlight video of the round
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    Powerline reacted to treep2000 in Live video from the Ohio State locker room   
    This is also footage from most tOSU Fan's homes (including mine).  But... at least they lost to people that are respectable, and not like Desanto.
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    Powerline got a reaction from pawrestler in Tsirtsis   
    Good lord, that’s stupid. Google the circumstances-
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    Powerline got a reaction from Medicine_Man in The upsets I just can't wrap my head around....   
    Not shocked about Lee at all...Diehl is all funk on bottom, top, and with headlock; called it with him getting Lee off the scale. Don't go 
    all in with a gambler, don't funk with a funker. 
    He did this to Thorn a few weeks back. https://youtu.be/VIIBuKWrTwk?t=1m51s
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    Powerline got a reaction from gowrestle in How many guys would be better off at NCAAs if they were up a weight?   
    That’s why I think you will see ANTHONY
    ASHNAULT at 149 next year
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    Powerline reacted to WRfan1 in Explain 174 Seeding   
    Last year Hall won on a head gear grab penalty point, did nothing the entire match. This year Valencia beat him when they wrestled and had a tougher schedule.  Doesn't matter anyway, they'll meet in the finals, and if they don't they have nothing to complain about, both have very winnable routes to the championship match.
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    Powerline reacted to jchapman in At Large Bids Announced   
    Also consider the conference. Campbell won the ACC tournament in 2017 but took 9th in the B10 this year. This shows the disparity in difficulty levels of different tournaments.
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    Powerline reacted to hammerlockthree in Attention refs: you need to stop doing this   
    i agree its pathetic
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    Powerline got a reaction from LemonPie in I didn’t enjoy the Luke Pletcher era   
    Early season wins when it’s technique vs technique, gets favorable seeds because he is at OSU, struggles with physical wrestlers, and those the scout his 1-2 best moves. Redux
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    Powerline reacted to Powerline in I didn’t enjoy the Luke Pletcher era   
    He is JOHNNI DIJULIUS part 2
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    Powerline reacted to Eagle26 in PSU v tOSU   
    Wow great dual! Hats off to PSU they wrestled tough! It was tOSU's to lose heading into the last three matches. Think about this... In the last three, PSU needed their (formerly?) back up 197 to beat the #1 guy in the nation, and Nickal to score more bonus on Martin than Snyder does on Nevills. Who would've thought both of those would happen?! Not even the most delusional PSU fans would've called that lol
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    Powerline reacted to RecHall in PSU v tOSU   
    You mad? Face it, your team choked it away. Moore didn’t show up and get beat, Bo Jordan got out worked in the final period, Myles got completely out wrestled (wasn’t close), and your Olympic champ gassed and couldn’t score enough takedowns. Everyone (myself included) thought the match was over after 141, but one team showed up in the 2nd half of the dual and the other didn’t. Best of luck the rest of the way.
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    Powerline reacted to BigTimeFan in Do wrestlers tend toward obesity after wrestling?   
    Cutting weight and being a wrestler - in general - takes tremendous discipline, but it’s not the kind of discipline that translates to lifelong good habits when it comes to lifestyle and well-being. Wrestlers put themselves through a boom-and-bust cycle of intense work, tremendous deprivation and so on all pointed toward the goal of beating their opponents each weekend.
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    Powerline reacted to scribe in Do wrestlers tend toward obesity after wrestling?   
    We do nothing half way.
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    Powerline got a reaction from cjc007 in How About Duke?   
    Glen Lanham & staff doing a great job. If my sons had choice between money for schools, I’d push him to Duke for the education and staff.
    These kids need to wise up and go to the Duke’s, Standford’s, Harvard’s, Columbia’s, Northwestern’s, of the world and get a free world class legacy education and make real money & life long connections. Working wrestling camps the rest of your life doesn’t pay.
    Go to a few bar restaurants every year for post NCAA finals dinners and drinks, especially in NYC, with many teams there. In one corner was the broke down Iowa guys, hobbling 40 years old dressed in $10 wrinkled GAP shirts, tobacco ‘chaw’, unshowered,, gobbling Taco Bell. In the other corner were Stanford and Harvard grads, dressed like grown-ups, quiet money, behaving & eating well. I’ll take the later...
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    Powerline reacted to rhino184 in How About Duke?   
    Duke has put someone on the podium in each year after Lanham's first, has had 9 guys nationally ranked, has taken half the lineup to nationals without much funding, and has produced teams within the top 10 of the GPA ranking. Their two All Americans in that span, Hartmann and Kasper, were only recruited by one D1 school. This is all after scoring 0 points the year prior to hiring Glen Lanham. The staff is continuing to produce and develop high level wrestlers 
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    Powerline reacted to MadMardigain in Iowa Pulls Lee's Redshirt   
    Does that mean he's now eligible to actually wrestle in the consolation rounds of nationals?  I kid....I kid....
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    Powerline reacted to WrestlingFan89 in Ronnie Bresser the anti-hero   
    I was afraid you were offended by the liberal hippy barb.
    Bresser does have blue hair and tats.
    In my he opinion he employs stalling tactics and I see the final sequence of the match as poor officiating.
    Not trying to be a dick, maybe attempting a little humor.
    You, apparently, don’t find it humorous.
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