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  1. You're bringing logic into the discussion??
  2. Impressive. I'm sure the stalling debate will begin.
  3. You have poor reading comprehension. The point still stands.
  4. There's a book called "Reading Comprehension Success in 20 Minutes a Day." You should check it out sometime.
  5. Where was all this free wrestling that existed prior to Flo? When I was a kid the only wrestling I could watch was the hour long National Championship highlights on CBS. After high school I ignored wrestling for 15 years before Flo came along. I watched more wrestling content this past weekend than I did the first 35 years of my life.
  6. 27 - 12 OKST. They handled Iowa.
  7. It's a non-reality based ranking system.
  8. Wrestling coaches whine to the refs too much.
  9. Did Gfeller run out and shove him?
  10. It seems like the formula is to survive the 1st period and then Lee will gas.
  11. Both legs, guy on his butt. Thought that qualifies as a TD these days.
  12. Some were predicting he wouldn't be challenged the rest of his college career before the beginning of the season.
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