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  1. I think what makes this more difficult is if you look at the world these athletes (mainly football and basketball) are living is very distorted and quiet frankly confusion paradigm that is much different than any other sector of college athletics: 1. Notice how baseball and hockey players, along with MOST non-revenue sports seem to be pretty content with their whole student-athlete situation. This is because they have more suitable alternative choices. Saying that basketball players can go to middle of Northern Europe nowhere if they want is hardly a good alternative choice to what we see in the professional hockey and baseball or even wrestling. This is done on purpose in conjure with the NCAA and professional sports league to limit opportunities for the mutual benefit to the respective leagues who claim they know what is best for the athletes. Additionally these student-athletes of smaller revenue sports realize what they are signing up for at the expense of the alternative. Minimum 3 years of athletic AND academic servitude. A lot of big revenue athletes have no desire to get an education (which is their prerogative) but rather use their talents while they still can to earn a living. College is now just an unfortunate, necessary annoying step to the greater goal for them. 2. A whole lotttttt of people are *earning* a living off of these athletes. They see coaches who are recruiting them getting multi-million dollar deals, driving high end cars, cashing in on the hard work and talent of the athletes (who are the ones dealing with limited shelf live and risk of injury). I am by no means saying coaching arent worth it and have an easy job. Butttt when you look at University and Conference officials who are "looking out for the benefit" of these student athletes in their expensive suits and mansions, it really distorts your vision of the model. 3. These same coaches, make promises to these 18 year old kids, who society deems unfit to make appropriate decisions (hence age limitation). Yet these grown men coaches can leave with no consequence for other, more lucrative opportunities at any time. While at the same time 18 year old kids are forces to own their decisions and live up to their end of the bargain or sit out a year and face the consequences. Although I do not think college athletes should be paid, there are clearly a lot of flaws with the current model...
  2. This is awesome to see, great for the sport and generating buzz around the program. Might be a dumb question but is Henderson redshirting this year? I thought he was only a junior last year?
  3. ...Can we at-least get a hint. And how big is BIG news are we talking here?
  4. Wrestling has evolved, not all for the better but there can be no argument about it. I generally believe athletes today, in all sports, are now more physically advanced due to the nature of how overall knowledge on nutrition, training, and recovery has grown (Of course there are some anomalies, see Mark Schultz). I think kids on average are wrestling younger and year round so they are better wrestlers at a younger age than ever before. I think this is true about all sports. See NFL today vs yesterdays, basketball players today vs yesterdays, etc. I would say that on average wrestling as a whole is better today. That being said, I can assure you of this... The great wrestlers 'back in the day' would have been great wrestlers today. Greatness is something that transcends wrestling moves and training techniques. These old school athletes did more with less and would have used this knowledge to be great today, just as they used their previous resources to be great back then.
  5. I couldnt agree more. I think this is a game changer, for one of the largest populated countries to be championing (with monetary backing) an innovative wrestling league throughout the country can only mean good things for our sport. Excited to see how it goes and the learnings it will bring as a model for other countries down the line. I know years ago we tried Real Pro Wrestling among a variety of others but only time will tell, absolutely a step in the right direction though.
  6. Askren is not MY style, but he is great for the sport. We can all agree that wrestling needs to evolve, although I am not entirely sure that this is exactly the appropriate manner, it is one way. It is also his way, which is authentic to himself therefore resonates with his fans watching. Isn't this what we want all athletes to be? Honest? Themselves? Along with that if he would have lost, we would not be discussing this. Big props for an impressive win.
  7. Hey all, I am helping out a friend who is a design student out and wanted enlist you to join me. A very interesting question. The Question: If you had no restrictions, what makes/describe the best wrestling shoe? 1. Historically/ in recent years what are the best ones 2. What materials, technologies, soles, cushion, grip, lacing, light/heavy, flexible/rigid, color/style, brand matter to make your ideal shoe? There is no restrictions just possibilities! thanks
  8. I was curious what we could come up with for best of all-time from around the world. Karelin and Saitiev is a good start and names everyone knows but I was more curious about some of the old Soviet Union wrestlers from the 'golden days' to put everything into a historical context (Here is looking at you all the old timers out there).
  9. This is an interesting topic. Although I do agree with some of your points and do think our current coaching situation is not ideal nor most efficent I should say I believe: 1. Coaching at the college level is much different than coaching at the high school level - Being a college wrestlers is vastly different than being a high school wrestler. The level of training, dieting, committment, and technique necessary is night and day. As a high school kid you cannot truly comprehend the technique nor level of committment necessary to live wrestling like adult college-aged wrestlers. These experiences while competiting in college are learning opportunities and cannot be simulated in a high school environment (minus elite schools: St. Eds, Blair, etc). 2. Coaching wrestling is much different than other sports - Wrestling is a much different sport, thus is our coaching paradign. First, wrestling is highly individualized therefore much different than football, baseball, basektball. Secondly, wrestling is a fanatical, competitive, non-leisure sport. You dont see too many kids who just want to coach or be equipment managers/learn the sport like you see in football/baseball/etc. Third, think of the number of wrestlers per program, than the number of programs conversely to the number of coaches. 2-4 coaches per 30-40 kids per D1 team times how many programs. A lot of college head coaches are older and want coaches to train with and push wrestlers in practice (think of the Iowas, OK States, OSU, PSU coaches train with the athletes pushing them everyday) Additionally, a lot of impressionable young kids want the coach they grew up watching, they like the flash of the medals so to speak, see why everyone wants to wrestler for the great Cael (And can you blame them? Get best kids, train those kids, win, get more best kids cycle) They can sell the 'I did it and I can help you get there' narrative to the kids. Sadly this leaves room for only the cream of the crop to take a position as assistants (often times with their own team) fast tracking them to head coaches some day due to the experience. I think/hope we are seeing a slight change: look at guys like Beasley at NC State, Stutzman, Derlan who were D1 guys that didnt set the world on fire but had a good head on their shoulders, good business sense, and did things the right way to get where they are today. Hard but very admirable!
  10. I read on their new camp page they had Matt Pell there yesterday but am not sure if he is helping out. Also seen they have a 4x AA running tomorrows session but didnt reveal who, anyone with any inside. I know the last staff was pretty loaded. Waller, Moore, Lackey (with Pell and Teyon Ware around as well in the area helping out!) It doesn't get much better (outside of Happy Valley apparently) we will see the resources Moore uses and I am also curious about his twin brother maybe coming to join him. Any thoughts!
  11. Lets be clear about what we are saying: 'The name of the game is winning National Championships' 'He has no responsibility to anyone but putting the best 10 guys out there to help PSU win a national title' Cael broke a year long promise to a kid/mislead a 17 year old about his future but it was 'ok because he did it to his face.' - As a grown man when you make a promise to someone and give your word, you should live up to it! When you get married you make a promise, forever. Not oh or until someone better looking comes along! - Are these really the message we want to send to our kids? It's not about you, your growth or development as a man, your education, your citizenship; it's about wrestling and winning a national title or hit the road? I am all for winning but are these not the same qualities we hate in big time college football coaches? It's a shame it happened, we don't know all the details but we can all admit its pretty shady!
  12. The four that really stick out to me in no particular order: 1. Rob Koll - Cornell wasnt built over night and although it took Koll years, they have become a super power and are built for longevity. Koll's consistent ability to produce wrestlers AND coaches, thus attracting top assistant coaching candidates leading to better wrestlers cycle along with his recruiting savvy and business acumen, there are not much better out there. 2. Kevin Dresser - Really doing a great job and the results show. Although they havent seemed to perform up to the their extremely high level of expectations at the NCAA tourament, they really turned it on. Dresser was handed a program with the cupboards bare and turned them into a force to be reckoned with. 3. Steve Garland - Really impressive group of young men he has down there. They lose a bunch of upper classmen that have been around for a long time it seems. Heard a bunch of good stories at the bar from one of their alumni, seems like a team that really prioritizes academics as well as producing on the man. They will have a lot to lean on the next few years to come. Both DiCamillo and Sulzer are big time studs and I am really anxious to see how Jon Fausey pans out his senior year, I expect big things. 4. Jason Peters - Although not the headcoach, lets all be serious. Stottlemyer hasnt been relevant in 7-8 years. He let Peters take over, start running the show, and Pitt has vastly improved the last couple years top a really prominent program with big time recruits coming in this year. They should be a dominant player in the ACC, even a step up from Maryland in my eyes who has been a great program the last few years under Coach McCoy.
  13. In a similarly related post can we please start talking about who the ugliest super model is? Hint 1: She's still hot. Hint 2: I'd still take her
  14. Does anyone remember when Troy Letters was a finalist as a freshman, won it as a sophmore. We all said he would never lose again, he was untouchable, he was going to be a 3x champ... then Hendricks came along and beat him (and Letters never made the finals again and didnt even All-American his senior year due to injury). Then Hendricks won two in a row, he was a sure thing to win his third. Remember his senior year.... nobody was going to come close, he 'had Perry's number' then he lost. Or that Matt McDonough guy, if I told you 365 days ago he wouldnt be an All American this year what would you say? Rule 1, page 1: dont count your chickens before they hatch. NOBODY is untouchable For further evidence: see (Gable, Dan)
  15. Guys, Taylor is an incredibly talented wrestler. But is the best evidence we have is that he beat Caldwell worse than Burroughs did.... This isnt little league baseball here! The argument should be is Taylor better than Dake not Burroughs. We will find that out tonight. I think it might be close (with Burroughs winning) but not based off any of your arguments lets take a closer look at Burroughs... Burroughs may have not beaten Caldwell worse but in 2009 he: Majored C. Sanders Majored returning NCAA Champions Gregor Gillespie (- who oh by the way, the match before had just beat the following years champ JP O'Connor) He easily handled Mike Poeta in the Finals Also in the bracket: Returning National Champion Jordan Leen UFC and MMA studs: Chas Pami (following year finalist) and Mike Chandler Are we to believe that Taylor would be major/pinning any of these guys... doubtful? My how soon we forget!
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