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  1. Who is everyone? I've been browsing this forum for years and it's the same 15 people posting In addition to 3 or 4 trolls. Where are the newcomers? The name is misleading, middle and highschool kids barely care about college wrestlers outside of the obvious stars... their certainly not clicking on "international wrestling" . Why is it so hard for the wrestling community to accept change? We need a name that appeals to a broader base and not just to the hardcore semi-historians.
  2. This sections name seems a bit silly and outdated, no? Why not "Senior Freestyle/Greco" or something similar? I mean we do talk about our own wrestlers quite a bit. More than anything I think the name is a traffic killer. Would anyone else want to change?
  3. I can't believe what I've been reading on this forum. Oh how soon we forget Post match interview - http://t.co/3fePXbQ2YZ
  4. I don't understand the logic. He can't even beat Dake, how would he beat JB? Yes he's killing average wrestlers, but better than JB? Nah. People are obviously trolling.
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