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  1. Hall... he will avoid bottom and win from neutral
  2. 125 Gilman dec Klimara 3-0 Iowa 133 Clark maj Harding 7-0 Iowa 141 Heil dec Grothus 7-3 Iowa 149 Collica dec Sorenson 7-6 Iowa 157 Marstellar dec Cooper 9-7 Ok St. 165 Dieringer maj Paddock 13-7 Ok St. 174 Crutchmer dec Meyer 16-7 Ok St. 184 Brooks dec Boyd 16-10 Ok St. 197 Burak maj Schafer 16-14 285 Marsden dec Stoll 19-14 Ok St.
  3. I would give Marstellar a shot to beat Hall if his conditioning wasn't so questionable. All his skills are still there, he just fades quickly.... IMO
  4. I think it's important to point out that not a single one of the wrestlers he defeated at the World Cup medalled at this years World Championships.
  5. Wrestling is all about styles and matchups. Metcalf has shown the ability to beat the top guys in the U.S., however I believe Oliver's skill set and style is capable of producing better results against foreign competition. You are absolutely right zhawk, Oliver must win the spot to get his chance and it should be that way. For now this is all message board banter.
  6. That was the best/ most exciting match I have witnessed in a long time. It's a shame they are stuck at the same weight.
  7. I think it is going to be a very tight NCAA's. The draws are going to be huge and I think we will have a better idea after the brackets come out. I favor Penn State at the moment but without a doubt they do not have much room for error. As previously discussed a lot of their edge will depend on where Gulibon, English, & Alton are in the brackets. I also have a funny feeling the committee will give Stieber the 1 seed much to the delight of the PSU faithful.
  8. The early matches might help PSU, but I tend to believe they were going to win the BIG 10 regardless of the draws. I guess since so many want to see them dethroned it's easy to see a conspiracy or unfair advantage at every turn. Random draws are exactly that... Random. Sorry whoever it is you root for did not receive more first round matches.
  9. It was working fine for me and then it cut out and i get the same error 500 message. So frustrating
  10. According to the announcer Clark is forfeiting out of the tournament
  11. Colon will wrestle Ramos in finals
  12. 125- Klimara (OSU) dec Brancale (MN) 3-0 133- Morris (OSU) dec Thorn (MN) 6-0 141- Dardanes (MN) maj dec Collica (OSU) 6-4 149- Dardanes (MN) dec Kindig (OSU) 6-7 157- Dieringer (OSU) dec Ness (MN) 9-7 165- Caldwell (OSU) maj dec Zilverberg (MN) 13-7 174- Perry (OSU) dec Storley (MN) 16-7 184- Pfarr (MN) dec (Not sure who wrestles) 16-10 197- Schiller (MN) maj dec Rosholt (OSU) 16-14 285- Nelson (MN) dec Marsden (OSU) 16-17 Gophers win in a comeback similar to Bedlam!
  13. IMO Chance leaving PSU and heading to OK St. would shift the title landscape in the near future. While I have no inside information I would find it hard to believe signing Nickal is the reason he decided to reassess his options. Especially when OK St. already has both Rogers and Crutchmer on their roster fighting for 174/184 in the near future. Add to the fact Dieringer may be moving up to 165. Chance has won just about everything he has entered and competition does not seem to bother him. As hard as it is for Penn State fans to believe maybe, just maybe, Chance decided OK St. offers him the best chance to become the best wrestler possible.
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