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  1. Kerry has said that he weighed in at 217 before his finals match with Tolly, who weighed in around 265 or so.
  2. Usually, but sometimes injuries, travel issues (visas, money, etc.), citizenships, the list goes on, could prevent guys from making it to the qualifiers. If this was an Olympic year, Chamizo most likely wouldn't have been able to compete. He couldn't qualify the weight because of citizenship, and Italy probably wouldn't have had anyone else to do it. It ia rare, which is why I stated in theory.
  3. I get the prestigious part. The point I was getting at is that any country can enter someone in the Worlds, but have to qualify the weight for the Olympics. Sometimes, some of the tougher guys (or potentially tougher guys) have to stay home from the Olympics because of that.
  4. And before this gets blown up with all you guys calling me a newbie and asking me to explain, I mean in theory.
  5. You do know that Worlds are tougher to win than the Olympics, right?
  6. I hate Iowa, proved by Ramos pre match interview (work wouldn't allow me to be there), but if you watched the match on ESPN, you see Haggerty (sp) count one with his right hand and one with his left. Could be argued as two one counts, except he put two fingers to the mat after the second count. Been in wrestling awhile, that means two. Whether it changes the match, we'll never know. You can say LS would have won by a point any ways, but it changes the match at that point. Maybe LS loses, maybe he gets pissed and pins him.
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