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  1. A new spin on wrestling wear that I have never seen implemented in real life. Good stuff.
  2. Personally at my school it was picked by the coaches. To my knowledge, the other programs also had the coaches pick the captains. Usually a JR. or SR. who was a leader in the locker room and successful on varsity for multiple years.
  3. Sometimes having a coach who cares THAT much can be hard on the wrestlers. I like it, and I am pro-Brands style coaching, but some people don't respond the best to it.
  4. Was hoping to see at least 1 D1 program on here.
  5. You thought he was bad this year? Observe last year: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/24 ... eber-Final The guy loves wrestling. I like coaches like this. Really want the program to do well.
  6. I obviously used the wrong words in my thread starting subject line and ruffled some feathers. I did not mean that to come off like it did. I was trying to point out how they were glamming up the production of the finals, that's it. Yeah, the smoke was just so tacky.
  7. Coach Ryan says that Ohio State could potentially be doing a lot of lineup shifting. He said Heflin is going up for sure, and that both Stiebers could go up in weight as well in an interview with Flo after the match. It is at about the 2 minute mark. How do you see this going for the Buckeyes? http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... Seat-First
  8. The whole Brands/Ryan sitting next to each other was awesome. Brands running to the mat was priceless. That guy has energy for days.
  9. Ruth's length won't be as big of a factor as most his matches, since Cael is so long as well. I think Cael used his length better, wins like 6-3 or so. But Ruth could win as well. Close match.
  10. It is nice for them to show it, the most coverage wrestling will get in a given year. The smoke that shot out when they raised the winners hand was so cheesy though. I don't like how TV ratings and stuff are changing our sport. But I guess that is the reality of 2013. Either way, you have to be happy when it is on TV for millions to watch. And the four screen/ four matches on ESPN3 was pretty awesome, although it ruined the quality. Best coverage yet IMO. I was at the tournament 2 of the past 3 years, and I must say, watching at home was pretty awesome this year.
  11. bsteins


    Not meant as an insult at all - I don't do that on here unprovoked. If it came off that way I apologize. No problem. Great way to join a new forum, to just get ripped on your knowledge, or lack thereof. For that, I thank you.
  12. bsteins


    Another thing you may not know, or at least seem not to, is that the NCAA tournament counts as well. Stieber beat two of the AAs (&th and 4th) in his bracket by tech fall on his way to the finals...where he beat Ramos - who beat Graff twice - again. It is not as if he doesn't just destroy AA quality opponents - he does. What's up with the insults? Not necessary in a debate, and although you are making great points, it doesn't make your argument any better. I was saying his regular season competition was pretty easy, which is true. Sorry to ruffle your feathers. You are correct, Ruth is probably a close 3rd behind Stieber. You obviously know Hodge criteria better than me. No need to jam it down my throat.
  13. bsteins


    Him missing the Wisc and Iowa duals changes nothing, at all. Do you think he loses to Graff or Ramos? No. Him not wrestling these matches kills criteria 1 and 5? What are you even talking about? He was still undefeated, and he still wrestled Ramos - and injury doesn't change things. Ill say it again, you obviously don't understand the criteria. Ruth has him on 1, 4, 5 ,6, and 7? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? 1. Record - Ruth doesn't have him beat - they are both undefeated - its a tie. 4. Past Credentials - I already explained this to you - Stieber is 2 for 2 in terms of National titles - Ruth has a 3rd place finish. No matter how much you want this for Ruth - it goes to Stieber. (at best its a tie) 5. Quality of Competition - Give this to Ruth. 6. Sportsmanship/citizenship - What gives this to Ruth? Stieber is known as one of the nicest kids around. 7. Heart - Same here...why Ruth over him now? You are trying soo hard to turn the criteria for Ruth so he gets more of them - but you are wrong, and that is not how it works. The criteria are weighted - it is not who has more wins. Finally, Dake should win - I want to mention that again. But Ruth shouldn't get it over Stieber - close but no. There are ways to argue that he should... but the arguments you choose to support Ruth over Stieber are just nonsensical. His pin % and dominance (I say pin % because it was your original argument) go up when he misses the dual meet against the clear #2 and #3 guys. I think that is pretty obvious. You make good points though. I thought # of wins was part of record if everyone was undefeated. You are right though, probably Logan over Ruth with the criteria in place. 5 should be much higher though. The highest AA Stieber beat during the regular season was McCormick, who finished 8th. Other than that, he beat a few seeded wrestlers who didn't AA. His quality of competition was very weak this year. Who cares who you are dominating when it isn't high competition (aside from a few matches)?
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