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  1. The perennial issue with this style of wrestling is that the scoring criteria can be very subjective. In a match between well matched opponents, whether an official is prone to put one of the competitors on the shot clock or how a 50/50 call is made will determine the match. I always go back to it, but did Burroughs deserve 4 points on a throw that Dake initiated some years back? Or 4 points late in the second match at the most recent trials which he was awarded on a takedown? Maybe, maybe not.Did Chamizo score 4 here? Beats me. Bottom line is he got it.
  2. How many guys does Dake have to beat before we at least give him the benefit of the doubt? At 74 kg he lost to Burroughs in a series of increasingly competitive matches and at 79 kg he has lost to Gadzhimagomedov. As I pointed out during all the Dieringer talk Dake was 4-0 against him. That didn't mean Ringer was not competitive or that he had no shot, but there was no reason to pick Ringer over him in the best out of 3. Then Valencia beats Ringer and all of the sudden people start picking him even though the style matchup is not in his favor and Dake is simply very good. A 2-0 sweep is a 2-0 sweep. As to Valencia, I am sort of getting the same vibe I got with Cox. We will see.
  3. Very happy for Dake. He earned it. Now hopefully he medals.
  4. Well the main problem Dake has faced is some guy named Jordan Burroughs. With the exception of Snyder no one else was making the team if Burroughs was the incumbent they had to unseat. If people think Valencia has a shot, fine. That's why they wrestle the matches. But it seems every guy Dake faces is supposedly the future.
  5. So it has gone Taylor is the future and will beat Dake, then Dieringer, then Imar, then Hall and now Valencia who will certainly overtake him, just you wait, etc., etc.
  6. Given how many "crybabies" there are in this sport, is it possible that the problem lies in the sport itself? Can you imagine combining the subjectivity and arbitrariness of free style scoring and officiating with the old format? I don't blame Taylor or anyone else for getting upset. Anyway there will be much less excuses this time. Thankfully. :)
  7. Nice to see Dake still losing every fantasy match in sight.
  8. In a match where it was two push outs for Dake to Burrough's one, Dake was passive? Ok. It hardly takes a conspiracy to argue that if you implement a selection process that is fundamentally unfair to protect the incumbent, that this creates a level of official favoritism that will leak into everything. One bad Olympics did not suddenly cure the problem, especially given the stakes.
  9. I think a better analogy is have the challengers run two or three extra races and then meet in the finals that same day. I don't have a big problem with some earned advantages. But there are lines that are getting crossed.
  10. Unfortunately they are connected. If you are going to go to extraordinary lengths to protect a roster spot that is likely going to have consequences on how a match is called. When Dake gets placed on the shot clock 2 (or was it 3) times at the US Open and then gets placed on the shot clock late in the 2nd match at the trials, is that coincidence or is the incumbent getting the extra benefit of the doubt? I complained about it. true enough. But I also gave Burroughs his due.
  11. Oh please. The old process was complete and utter garbage. I have asked for years for someone, anyone to come up with something comparable where an athletic selection process involves imposing a direct physical disadvantage on the challenger and no one has come up with anything yet. It is unprecedented. And as you admit the whole point is favoritism and spot protection, which in the highly subjective world of freestyle wrestling is toxic. (Taylor getting overtly upset after the Cox match is another example). Some of the calls that have gone against Dake when he has competed with Burroughs have been very interesting to say the least, especially the way he is constantly placed on the shot clock, as is what Burroughs has been able to get away with. I'd rather just have a fair competition. At the end of the day that's the system we have, but I blame nobody for complaining about it.
  12. The last two times Taylor and Dake wrestled were close affairs. No one is dissing Dieringer and I clearly did not say he had no chance. But the idea that Dake will lose the next time out is a well established tradition of him losing every fantasy matchup you guys can think up. And it is not like Dieringer is fresh out of college. His red shirt senior season was 2015/16. He is one of the best in the world at this weight according to the rankings. But he remains 0-4 against Dake, and I do not see him winning the best of 3, especially in that the learning curve works both ways.
  13. Taylor had a couple of close matches with Dake. Dieringer is a contender and may be good enough, but it is not like he is going to get materially better than he is now.
  14. Luckily not. He has been injury prone. Did not see anything in the post interview so the talk of a thumb injury may be nonsense also. Anyway Dake is 4-0 against Dieringer, so he is certain to lose next time like he always was destined to lose to Taylor.
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