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  1. Burroughs was not reacting to the whistle. He was trying to anticipate it which put him in motion before the whistle even sounded. If the ref doesn't stop action, it is just tough luck. Same thing happened in the Jordan Leen match. You can even argue that it is a clever strategy because a ref will not overturn a situation where a competitor starts a few split seconds before the whistle. But the video doesn't lie. He shot in the same breath and motion as he shoke Dake's hand.
  2. Never said anything critical of Burroughs in my life. I criticized the WTT format. But in this instance I am criticizing. He shot before the whistle even sounded. Heck, he had Dake's ankle before the whistle stopped blowing. Just because he is a gold medalists doesn't mean that he didn't jump the gun in this case. He was shooting before the whistle even sounded.
  3. I stopped the video a bunch of times to get the fairest picture of it. He is in motion a split second after shaking hands and as the whistle is blowing. He is moving on the whistle and at the hand shake. It was a borderline, Floyd Mayweather-esque move. Maybe Dake is flat footed because he doesn't expect Burroughs to jump the gun. He is doing it against a fatigued opponent in his fifth match of the day. It appeared to be premeditated for that very reason. [Arguably] Nothing illegal, but not praiseworthy either. Burroughs has a history of doing this. And as an addendum, they shake hands at 5:33, Jordan shoots a split second after at 5:33 and has his ankle at 5:33 while the whistle is still sounding. Like I said, borderline cheap shot. As a second addendum, the whistle sounded at 5:34. So if you stop the video he shot and had his ankle a few split seconds before the whistle sounded. He was in motion before the whistle. Of course starting too quickly warrants a caution under the rules. It arguably was illegal. Burroughs is a great wrestler who has already had an historic career, but he is not above criticism.
  4. He didn't seem very sportsman like. His second match tactics were borderline. I will root for whomever I want.
  5. In the second match they shake hands and the ref is still in the process of blowing the whistle. As the ref is still in the process of first blowing the whistle and as Dake is pulling his hand back from shaking hands Burroughs jumps the gun and already shots and has a hand on Dake's ankle as the whistle is blowing. Defend yourself at all times and all, but should I feel shame at pointing out that he jumped the gun, which he has a history of (see the Jordan Leen match)?
  6. Typo. He won't beat Tsargush if he goes. Sorry. Just being honest. Edited this one too. :)
  7. Not can't but won't. Tsargush figured him out and can stop his shot. I'm calling it right now. Of course from what I read Tsargush may not even go. His strategy against Dake was good. Dake sometimes gets caught by a shot on the whistle.
  8. In a folk match, especially at the same age, Dake is better, Now in the WTT with the physical advantage he gets Borroughs can score fast and get quick points. At the Worlds he wont get that advantage and if Tsargush goes he won't beat him.
  9. If Tsargush wrestles then Jordan won't win.
  10. Shot off the whistle, leg-lace and match.
  11. Ok. This is a silly way to decide things.
  12. The fresher wrestlers have won all three.
  13. Have the challenge tournament on Saturday and the championship match on Sunday. That would be a marked improvement.
  14. And I said this before. Borroughs is the clear No. 1. If he wins I have no basis to say he is not "the best." But the system is flawed.
  15. An unfair format is an unfair format. To say "well you cannot prove that the best wrestler didn't make it through" is not a valid response. Am I going to claim if Metcalf or Borroughs win that they are not the best? No. How could I? But the format is unfair and a format should be constructed that eliminates a needlessly issue. EDit-You didn't ask me to support the argument, you tried to evade the argument by a speculative hypothetical. Who is "better"? But the format is unfair, and that is all that matters.
  16. No because it would be completely speculative as you know in asking the question. But the bigger issue is you have absolutely no response to the fact that the format is ridiculously stacked, which comes into play at very competitive weights. You have no answer, so you attempt to change the question. Sorry but I won't play along. Is this format fair or not? Answer: Hell no. That's it. Doesn't matter about your hypothetical. This is a highly unfair, stacked format. I don't care if the "better" wrestler makes it through 100 percent of the time. That is meaningless. The format makes little sense.
  17. When Borroughs loses to Tsargush again you will have a shining example.
  18. Our system isn't the most conducive to sending the best wrestler. And just to clarify I think Borroughs is the clear No. 1. But it is tough enough to beat him without the deck being so needlessly stacked.
  19. Do the Russians and Iranians let the defending champion sit all tournament until the final? I highly doubt it.
  20. Seriously, Dake broke Taylor. He did that in the 3rd period of their NCAA champioship match before the ref got over-involved. Now that Dake has broken through I don't think Borroughs can beat Tsargush anymore while Dake seems to match up well with him. That's why this format is self-defeating.
  21. About the Dake/Howe match Dake was placed on the clock twice and Howe barely did anything.
  22. I understand the logic but the advantage seems too great. If they had the challenge matches on Saturday and the final on Sunday that would make more sense.
  23. Still cannot understand why Borroughs sits all day while everyone else in the weight has to grind it out.
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