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  1. Agreed. But it is never too early for someone to get Daked.
  2. Yianni beat Fix twice in the Super 32 finals in 2012 and 2014. He lost to Fix 3-1 in OT at the Flo Nationals in their most recent match.
  3. For the moment. Diakomihalis has taken 2 out of 3 against Fix and most recently lost a thisclose match where Fix wrestled very defensively. Obviously Fix can win the next one. And Fix just beat Lee straight up. Also this shows the Lee is human and not head and shoulders above everyone.
  4. So I guess the order should be 1. Diakomihalis. 2. Fix. 3. Lee.
  5. I think Yanni Diakomihalis has defeated Fix two of three times.
  6. I agree. The problem is that the challenger wrestles through the tournament and then wrestles a fresh wrestler in the finals the same day.
  7. At the 2013 event Dake also beat Taylor. Again. And he beat Tsargush with a broken hand. The same Tsargush who destroyed Taylor. Just not seeing this as advantage Taylor. The wildcard is how well Dake recovered from his injury.
  8. I actually met his father very briefly many years ago. Was at a wrestling practice and all the sudden we paired up for drills and I got paired up with this guy who I never saw before who was visiting the room that day. I remember he was built like a tank, very powerful. Anyway we started drilling and he was nice enough to try to teach me some moves. This was back when he was still competing. After the practice I asked a coach who that was, and the coach said it was Willie Gadson. After that I finally noticed a poster in the coach's office for Willie "The Rock" Gadson. I still recall this very brief encounter all these years later because he made that much of an impression. Anyway, congratulations.
  9. That seems to be the best solution. The problem here is that the scoring error affected both wrestlers. After Realbuto had the last takedown in regulation he had a chance to go for back points and let the clock run out in the final seconds anticipating extra time.
  10. My take is that stalling rules are being used as a substitute for actual offense. Not sure it is fair to call this the Iowa style, but you see over and over where the wrestler is losing but instead of making any real offensive moves just tries to push the opposing wrestler backward while the crowd shouts "stalling!" So who is actually stalling there? To me the real stalling is being done by the wrestler who abandons shooting or any other offensive moves and adopts a deliberate strategy of trying to induce a stalling call. Maybe it is not representative, but judging by the Missouri match I thought Iowa as a team were the worst stallers in the sport.
  11. I always equated the Iowa style in recent years to a philosophy of manipulating the stalling rules. Push the opponent, make no attempt at a single offensive move, and then complain about stalling. The Iowa fan base is aware of this and its fans will shout "stalling!" no matter how inactive the Iowa wrestler is being. At one point during the dual the Missouri bench even mocked this. The irony is that used in this way the stalling rule makes the match less active. It becomes an attempt to induce a stalling call as a substitute for actual offense.
  12. Watched the whole match. The Tigers were the better team. The Iowa team is very reliant on stalling calls and the crowd working the refs. At one point during the 149 pound match the Missouri bench started mocking the way Iowa kept screaming for stalling calls, shouting "stalling!, stalling!". Some of the stalling calls like the one against Cox I didn't get. When the Iowa wrestlers backed up you didn't see the same result. The style seems to be to manipulate the rules, to push forward without making any committed offensive moves and try to draw a stalling call. I actually liked Evans. He has a clever countering style.
  13. I kind of like the Iowa experience. 30-something fifth year seniors. Crazy coach. Drunken fans. Thuggish behavior. Losing.
  14. "Objective" ranking system that pits Big10 titles ahead of NCAA titles?
  15. I'd love to see him in college, but quite a few high school phenoms have had lackluster college careers. That's why you always need to temper expectations.
  16. All of you, Nick Marable is on line one. Is he at the same weight? Marable is obviously a big reason why Burroughs looks more beatable.
  17. Burroughs has looked vulnerable. But he wins. Dake and Taylor have shown that they will push him. But no one has stopped his double yet.
  18. Non-competitive was a poor word choice. I'd say it was reasonably comparable to 141 in Dake's true freshman year, although Oliver did have the 133 title.
  19. As a true freshman Dake beat returning finalist and 5th year senior Humphrey more than once. This despite a significant learning curve. As a red shirt freshman and sophomore Stieber won controversial titles at non-competitive weights, and as a red shirt junior was seriously challenged by a true freshman. So in answer I think a true freshman Dake, although he hadn't quite hit his stride yet, would give this year's Stieber a major challenge.
  20. Taylor was a great college wrestler. Incredibly tough to ride and on the mat, great scrambler and a take down machine.
  21. Taylor. He was thisclose to being a four timer and would at least have been a three timer if another historic wrestler did not get in his way last year.
  22. I think what this shows again how important coaching and opportunity is to college success. He had national success at Junior nations but I'm not sure if Realbuto would have been recruited by the Big Ten schools. A major program in the region like Cornell is an godsend to wrestlers in the area.
  23. Obviously could not see the whole match because the video skipped. But Burroughs seemed inactive. Didn't seem to be looking for his shot. He came roaring back the next two matches-10-0 and 10-2 (should have had a pin).
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