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  1. In a corrupt system it is an accomplishment to be honest.
  2. Key being third match. Burroughs knows US wrestling will let him get away with it. Dake should have punched him back. Twice.
  3. JB got beat in Vegas. Plain and simple. The refs handed it to him.
  4. He proved he will take every advantage and favored call without complaint.
  5. He was very fortunate to win the second bronze. Sorry. I think his opponent is still protesting to this day. Marker placed.
  6. No one actually thinks JB won that match. The bias was pretty blatant in that one. I keep saying JB gets favoritism. He does-in the US.
  7. JB is the most coddled national athlete I have ever seen. Sorry.
  8. OK. I'm certainly not infallible. But all I know is before RIo I said JB would not win (did not foresee him imploding completely, but who could have anticipated that?) and that Cox could win a Bronze. Idiocy aside I have been relatively honest. I put down the marker again. Let's see how it turns out.
  9. Absolutely should have won. Did win. But those magic passivity calls. The system is a cheat. That is not debatable. So you had two examples tonight? Great. Still remains very rare and we are talking about trying to depose a former gold medalist/favorite son, not just some guy. To pretend there is nothing wrong is absurd. There is no way to get around that it is needlessly imposing a physical disadvantage. Saying "but so and so won" is not a response. And it is apples and oranges. Let's see them beat JB. I have complained more about the bias/favoritism than the bye. Because it is blatant. But at least they could fix the bye issue.
  10. What is wrong with saying I think a guy has the potential to win a Bronze medal? Initially I did not think Cox would medal at all, then the qualifying tournament made me revise my opinion. I said I thought Cox could win a bronze and he did, kind of. (LOL). That is what I think his ceiling is. Like I said, not so bad. Now JB may get a Bronze too this time out. Again not so bad. Hope he loses to be honest, but there it is.
  11. Come on yourself. Trying to rationalize a ridiculous system because you can find one or two examples is grasping. Of course it was going to hurt Dake in a third match. JB is a much tougher assignment than beating Molinaro. We really debating this? JB had not lost in the US since 2009 until tonight. I'll take a lesson. I think Rio is the lesson. US wrestling coddled JB, who lost a step, the world caught up and JB imploded. I was the only one on here who noticed. Bottom line (I am certainly no JB fan; sorry) if JB is the best he should not have any bye at all. He should wrestle the challenge tournament like everyone else. Period. We talk about the finals being the next day because that is at least a practical fix given how desperate US wrestling is for crumbs and stars, and how corrupting this is. One more thing. I have said over and over that Dake will not get a fair shake against JB on US soil. So this result does not surprise me. The system finds a way. Just the idea that it went to a third match brings the bye issue to the forefront again.
  12. I agree. Next time Dake should just punch Burroughs in the face then kick him when he is down. Contact sport. JB is dirty. Always has been.
  13. He was lucky in the final match. But we will see.
  14. Sorry but the idea that because one or two guys won out of the challenge tournament against much less stiff competition, therefore there is nothing to complain about is a fallacy and you know it. It is imposing a completely needless physical disadvantage and also coddling the incumbent.
  15. Glad to see it happened but even you have to admit how rare it is. And that is not a returning medalists/former medalists. JB is a much tougher nut to crack than Molinaro, and he is much more protected. Look JB is a protected athlete who gets every 50/50 and 40/60 call in the US. Even JB supporters on here admitted after Vegas that Dake would have to beat him decisvively or JB would get the calls. Hands to the face. Passivity. Who gets the points on a throw? Does JB get the calls in the second match if he wasn't named JB. Nope. It is laughable to pretend that a physical disadvantage does not exist in addition to very clear favoritism. The favoritism is what it is, but the physical disadvantage is indefensible.
  16. Sorry, but you are imposing a physical disadvantage on the challenger, and in Dake and Taylor's case against much more formidable competition. Both Dake and Taylor wound gassing in the third match.
  17. He won't. Remember he basically backed into the second bronze.
  18. JB won because of an unfair system, favoritism and overwhelming bias. That is why I was able to call his Rio implosion. Funny things happen when you are no longer a protected athlete. It is laughable to say this system is remotely fair. It is not sour grapes, just reality.
  19. It is absurd and indefensible. But its Chinatown.
  20. Cox's ceiling is to compete for the Bronze. At least my opinion. But that is still pretty good.
  21. They complain because US wrestling has set up a complete farce of a system, and they make it worse by showing overwhelming favoritism to the incumbent. JB is very hard to root for. Gets the benefit of every call and is dirty because he is allowed to get away with it. Then gloats about it. And no one can say that the challenge tournament did not screw both Dake and Taylor in addition to the bias. But Dake has been routinely screwed against JB. As I have said repeatedly, he cannot wrestle JB under US wrestling auspices and expect a fair shake. Cox has a shot at a bronze. JB probably won't medal.
  22. Incumbent privilege. Different guys get different calls. Otherwise known as bias and bs. But whatever. What is that Chinatown line?
  23. Shock. US Wrestling trying to save Burroughs again. LOLL. 50/50 calls. 40/60 calls. 30/70 calls. ETc.
  24. At least this time out it is two matches. In the Olympic years it gets a bit much.
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