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  1. But one tough match will tell. So they could not just have the finals tomorrow? I liked how Dake wrestled Ringer. The less the better.
  2. I thought we were done with the stupid byes. So now Taylor has to wrestle Cox dead-legged. Great.
  3. Well during the last Olympic trials I said I thought a Cox/Taylor match up would be interesting because Taylor has the size and height to match up effectively. As to a prediction, I guess I'll stick with it and go with Taylor.
  4. That is called smart, intelligent wrestling. What Burroughs did was just plainly illegal.
  5. Let's see: 1. Get rid of criteria wins and restore overtime. 2. No criteria wins for a shot clock point, which let's the ref decide the match way too much. 3. Eliminate the shot clock or establish a much clearer rule that tries to eliminate the subjectivity (fleeing, refusing to engage, etc.). Again because the current rule is so subjective a ref can decide the match outcome. 4. Hands to the face should be enforced, but one point. 5. Get rid of correct throw. The rules need to be designed to eliminate subjectivity and to minimize the ref's ability to alter the outcome of the matches.
  6. I think we might have a new candidate for US wrestling chairman. The most passionate fans in a struggling sport that came this close to losing its Olympic affiliation express legitimate and well founded frustration with a sport that cannot get its act together even regarding something as basic as scoring and point out things that absolutely need to be done to improve if not save the sport, and in response they are told that they just don't get freestyle and that it can get along without them thank you very much. Got my vote.
  7. I'm sorry but we are talking about a founding Olympic sport that became so messed up and misgoverned that it managed recently to land itself on the Olympic death watch list. There have been improvements, although improving from unwatchable to completely exasperating is nothing to brag about. When you have a sport where the rules are so vague and arbitrary that fans are constantly left mystified and feeling cheated, it does not bode very well for the future. Bad officiating happens in folkstyle of course but at least the rules make a semblance of sense. Freestyle scoring and rulings are often the sports equivalent of trying to consult the Delphic oracle.
  8. Do I think it is the Roy Jones Olympic boxing travesty where officials are getting paid off to rig results? No. But do I think US wrestling plays favorites, telegraphs their preferred outcome, set up a system to guarantee preferred results as much as possible and that freestyle rules are subjective enough to prejudice the outcome? Absolutely. And we do not need to envision smoke filled room style match fixing. The mini tournament/bye system was/is a blatant statement of official favoritism. US wrestling flat out said (shouted in fact) that they wanted a particular wrestler to win so badly that they would set up a farcical qualifying system that imposed a direct physical disadvantage on the challenger. No other sport does that. Heck no other wrestling nation does that. When you publicly go to those lengths, you do not need to tell the officials the result you want. They cannot miss it. It poisons everything. So Burrough's is the designated favorite son. You do not just need to beat him. You need to dominate him, because otherwise you just won't get the calls. I did not come up with the idea months ago that Dake needed to wrestle him outside the US out of thin air.
  9. It is not "unconscious bias." It's a rigged outcome. Call it what it is. A nation sport's federation is blatantly playing favorites and their favorite keeps getting the benefit of playing by different rules while mysteriously getting every subjective call. Does Burroughs win this match in Russia or Rio or anywhere but under the auspices of US wrestling? This is the second time Dake outwrestled him and yet the system found a way. That is why my Rio call was so easy. Not hard to predict what will happen when a protected athlete is not being protected any longer, where all of the sudden those calls are not going his way and the deck is not stacked. This is another match where Burroughs could not get to Dake's legs. Once that was apparent we can foresee all the rest. Reviewing the match again, the face pushing and head pushing was going on all match. Burrough's first point was due to a blatant head/face push. Not only does this account for his entire "offense" but it was his main defense. Then you have the passivity calls that even the announcers were questioniing. And the late passivity call (the third against Dake in the match I believe) was in reality a two point swing. Because due to the laughable scoring criteria Burroughs gets awarded the match based on a very cheap passivity point where Dake had two push outs to Burrough's one. That is virtually rigging the match. And again Burroughs won't get late passivity calls like this internationally. Speed is always the first thing that goes. If you want to label noticing you are getting repeatedly screwed by your sport's national governing body whining, OK.
  10. Well said. Trying to rationalize refs and officials in a sport blatantly showing favoritism and not calling matches fairly and accurately is ridiculous. It goes to the very integrity of the sport.
  11. Burroughs has been pretty outspoken defending the current system and the bye system. The idea that we start this nonsense again about byes based on the Open results seems insane. Did the rule changes address this? Even push the finals to the next day?
  12. I thought he convincingly outwrestled Burroughs in the first challenge match at the trials. But presto, Burroughs got the magic four points on a throw he did not initiate. It is beyond getting some vague benefit of the doubt when the calls become so inconsistent. At some point that verges on a fixed outcome. Or maybe we can call it the officially preferred outcome. Essentially not only does Dake have to beat Burroughs, but he has to do it in a way that the match cannot be stolen from him outright. That is truly pathetic. The bye is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in sports. You might as well ask one athlete to wear weighted shoes. No one deserves it. But those were the stakes, and that is probably why we saw another "preferred" result. The idea that a lot of people walked away from a match thinking one athlete got screwed and that this was done as part of an official policy of giving the champ (Rio notwithstanding) every conceivable benefit is toxic for the sport. This is not a one off.
  13. I said this last time around (deja vu all over again) that this sport was thisclose to being thrown out of the Olympics and yet US wrestling cannot even get something as fundamental as just basic, fair competition correct. It comes off as sordid. Wrestling isn't boxing. One athlete is not supposed to get "benefit of the doubt" calls and gift decisions.
  14. Absolutely serious. When is the last time I have been wrong regarding Burroughs? The favoritism is so blatant to have the golden boy win that it was impossible to miss. I was appalled at the way US wrestling coddled Burroughs at the trials, and I said he would not medal. I also said that once that type of favoritism is shown by a national sport's federation to an athlete it becomes ingrained and that it would be folly to try to compete with him in the same jurisdiction. Tonight proved me right again, not that it was too hard to foresee. Freestyle rules leave enough to official interpretation that the outcome can be easily influenced. Burroughs is going to get the 50/50 calls, and the 40/60 calls for that matter. He is going to get away with rule violations also. US wrestling wants Burroughs to win no matter how badly he crashed out in Rio and I think they resent Dake for questioning their practices. And I make no bones about how I do not respect Burroughs. I just think integrity in competition means everything. Burroughs has been the beneficiary of a cheat system, and he is perfectly fine with it. I should not blame Burroughs for officialdom nonsense, but he absolutely revels in it.
  15. I called it a few months ago. As long as it is under the auspices of US wrestling Dake would never get an honest shake against Burroughs. It's a travesty but easy to anticipate.
  16. About Imar it is not easy to move up and defend a title. You are going against bigger, stronger guys. Joseph had riding time against him before the pin.
  17. I thought Cox could win a Bronze. But that is as high as I ever see him going. Could not say if he won the first bronze or the second. But I have been wrong every so often. (LOL). I just do not see the room for growth, physically or skillwise. That said, Taylor vs. Cox would be an interesting match. Taylor has the height and potential size to matchup well with Cox. Don't know who would win, but I like the matchup.
  18. Well JB shot before the whistle. Smart? Cheating? I'll leave that to the jury. Dake was very discouraged after being robbed the first match after fighting through the challenge tournament and did not defend himself at all times as the saying goes. JB saw an opportunity and took it, and he has never been one to shy away from an advantage.
  19. I do not know very much about Yazdani but my impression from the video is that he does not have the type of tall frame that Taylor does that could support a weight jump of that significance. What I do not get is that in commenting on Taylor's win no one seems to be mentioning the elephant in the room , the weight jump. Even if Yazdani could eventually grow into a legitimate 86kg wrestler, there is no way to have done so since Rio where he competed at 74kg. Of course getting worn out going against physically bigger guys is a distinct possibility.
  20. Taylor wrestled really well the entire WC. However Yazdani was making a leap from 74kg to 86kg. (163LBS to 189LBS.) I do not see why it is such a mystery why Yazdani got worn out; he was wrestling physically bigger opponents and the weight jump is significant. I think 86kg is a very good weight for Taylor because he has the frame to grow into it. Would be curious to know what he weighed in at the WC, but his height makes his being a legitimate 86kg wrestler possible. .
  21. The thing is that Dake needs to wrestle Burroughs outside US wrestling jurisdiction. The way the qualifying tournament is currently arranged is probably one of the most shameful thing I have ever come across in the entire sports universe. Not only is it a system without any legitimacy, but it is a loser mentality. It basically says the US wrestling is so desperate for any crumb of success, any possibility of a medal, that they are willing to hold a Potemkin competition. Third rate mentality equates to third rate results when it counts. The winner is preselected. It may not be outright match fixing, but everyone down to the usher knows who US wrestling is pulling for, which makes the challenger getting a 50-50 or even 60-40 call very dicey as witnessed when Dake and JB wrestled last time. This time if there is no challenge match nonsense Dake will obviously have a better chance. But he still has to expect favoritism for JB. US wrestling, having so clearly played favorites in the battle for crumbs, is not stopping now. And JB is fine with it and will try to take advantage of it again. So have to go with JB. The playing field will just never be truly even.
  22. Nope. I've been pretty much spot on about Burroughs. I said he would not win in Rio because it was noticeable that he slowed down even against an opponent made lead footed by the challenge tournament. And I thought the set up did him no favors. And more recently I said although he had slowed down I still thought he had a chance to win. Come to think of it I called Cox's Bronze, said our men's FS team would have one medal in Rio (we had two but it was close) and think that Snyder is the poster child for wrestling. I'm on a roll. Finally.
  23. It wasn't bad luck. It was a stupid qualifying system that shielded him. He did not lose a step overnight.
  24. I'm not a fan of JB, but I would never write him off. The rules of freestyle match perfectly with his abilities. And the proof is in the medals. But what I will add is that for all his ability, he is not as well rounded imho as someone like Snyder. JB does one thing incredibly well, his explosive ability to get a takedown, but that one thing (coupled with hard work, drive and competitive toughness) was more than enough. However what I noticed is that his opponents began to have success taking his offense away. I think it is a combination of being well scouted and perhaps losing even a tiny step. With JB once opponents were able to take away his immediate offense (still not easy, but doable) he did not have as good a backup plan. Snyder for example is able to create a relentless pace that wears the opponent out, something JB never really did. I think the Russians have developed an effective game plan against him, although the warning sign was his first match with Dake in their most recent 74kg match when JB could not score. It showed there were ways to slow him down. JB is not old of course. But my experience is that athletes who bank on explosiveness and a fast first step will slow down even in their late twenties. It may be slight, but its enough. JB can still win gold, but I think it is much less likely. Then again maybe the time off helped. As to Dake he needs to stay in the 74-80 kg range. 86kg is a waste of time.
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