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  1. Regardless of the quality of competition, the main thing is that Dake got back on the mat after a string of injuries, and not at a weight where another injury was right around the corner. The idea that he should not take it slow after injury is silly. I respect all the competitors, but at this level these guys are essentially pro athletes and they are fair game for criticism. I try to be fair. I think having more weights at the WC is terrific. More chances for the athletes. Now let's see if US wrestling can fix their second rate selection process. But for Snyder Rio would have been a debacle. I mean, what exactly is US wrestling clinging to? And since we are dreaming, how about having the Olympic competition before the last day of the games?
  2. I'm just glad Dake is back on the mat and at his proper weight. Hopefully the injury bug is behind him.
  3. On a more positive note, I would be happy if Dake could just stay healthy.
  4. It is just a matter of basic athletic integrity. The idea that JB was not given a competitive advantage is absurd. In my life I never saw another sport impose a physical disadvantage on a competitor like this. You might as well have one athlete wear ankle weights The system is a total cheat.It is not a question of who would win if everything was square, just fundamental fairness. It was glorious to watch JB collapse at the Olympics. It was karma. I relished every tear. And I had called it on this site. No self-respecting athlete would willingly engage in a cheat like this, but JB loved it. Definitely not someone I will ever root for. And beyond that why does it matter? Well watching the US wrestling golden boy crash and burn is as compelling a reason as any to think that the system is not benefiting the competitors. Did he honestly earn his spot with all his flaws exposed? Nope. He was coddled. Now maybe if you are a guy like Snyder is does not matter. But it mattered for JB.
  5. The return? Sounds vaguely familiar.
  6. Maybe. But I'm not wrong and I have been pretty spot on. I'll make another prediction: Burroughs will never win another major title. Risky sure, but call it intuition. There is a cheap shot here about Burroughs and crying, but forget it.
  7. I'll be happy if Dake can get back on the mat and leave this string of injuries behind. It is not a matter if going after Burroughs. It is a matter of not getting pummeled trying to wrestle bigger guys cutting to get down to 86kg. US Wrestling did him no favors. Either wrestle Burroughs where US Wrestling has absurdly stacked the deck and every benefit of the doubt will go to Burroughs or get physically beaten up going against guys that outweigh you by 20 pounds. Terrific. I do think Burroughs lost something. The issue is has Dake? I knew the writing was on the wall for Burroughs when Dake outwrestled him in the first match of their challenge match and Burroughs could not score against him even with the physical advantage. If he could not score against a dead-legged opponent who might as well have had lead weights strapped to his ankles, what would happen against Russia or Iran on an even playing field? That is why I said he would lose. The guy who knocked him out did not even win gold. I can almost gurantee that the Russians studied that Dake match closely. The difference was US Wrestling was not around to bail him out. That said, as long as Burroughs is around Dake is setting himself up to be screwed. Snyder could win the next 2 gold medals but Burroughs will still be the poster child, Rio implosion and all. If I am Dake I would not try to wrestle Burroughs on US soil in any US wrestlng sanctioned event. Because if he thinks after that type of blatant favoritism he will ever catch a break against Burroughs, forget it. A sanctioning body cannot stack the deck that badly and then claim it is a even playing field. Find an international event and take your shot.
  8. US Wrestling pretty much ruined Dake's international career. Still relatively young but an absurd amount of injuries. And just the mental drain of having to step on the mat where your nation's entire sports federation is giving you the collective middle finger.
  9. I never liked him as a wrestler and never will. But he clearly has had a great career despite the "No Mas" at the Olympics. His lose was an easy call though.
  10. One of the things that sticks out about freestyle is how subjective the scoring can be. There is subjectivity in folkstyle too, especially with the stalling call, but freestyle takes it to the next level. You do not need outright match fixing to influence the outcome, which destroyed Olympic boxing. You just need bare favoritism. Give one side the benefit of the 50/50 or even 55/45 calls. This seems to go beyond that. But it is fertile ground for corruption.
  11. Yawn. It was not steroids and these were cases where medical waivers were properly obtained. Sorry but all the state sponsored hacking in the world won't erase Russia's disgrace these last games.
  12. Then Iran should have been kicked out of the entire event. Inexcusable.
  13. I thought Diakomihalis has defeated Fix 3 out of 4 times, and the one Fix won was a stall fest.
  14. My view of Cox changed after the tournament to qualify the weight. I kept waiting for someone to match up with his size, length and athleticism but it never happened. I think I wrote that he might be in the running for a bronze, and if not that is my story. At 86kg he will be a contender to medal. I do not see him being a gold medalist because I'm not sure he has as much room for improvement as people think, but who knows.
  15. I prefer option A. However I think option B is the one that has a better chance of being implemented and is the one I have advocated in the past. Both are a clear improvement over the status quo.
  16. It is not trolling to be critical. Every Olympian has the same pressure. This is it for four long years. JB was even being considered to bear the flag during the opening ceremony. Well that kind of acclaim comes with responsibilities. In the repechage match he lost 11-1. Maybe it was explainable due to the disappointment, but distraught or not it clearly was what it was. Having rewatched the Geduev match it is clear that the Russians studied the Dake match. In their first match during the qualifying tournament JB never got to Dake's legs at all. Dake was able to neutralize JB's offense by staying in contact and being physical. That is exactly what Geduev did. Only this time the game was not completely rigged. If Dake could do that immediately after the challenge tournament when JB had much fresher legs than someone else could too when the playing field was equal. And remember that Geduev did not even win the gold medal, so it is not like JB lost to a world beater. I predicted on this board that JB would not win the gold because the vulnerability was there and US wrestling would not be able to bail JB out. I just did not predict he would crash right out of the tournament. And if we are being honest did the US qualifiers help JB or hurt him? If he was losing a step it may have been nice to find out under pressure as opposed to during the Olympics when it was too late to adjust. Real competition does not care about past results. I do not criticize JB for our stupid system. I criticize him for not using his status to try to change it. It did him no favors this time around. All you can ask for is a fair competition. When the entire system is weighted to protect a spot based on past results so blatantly that challengers are being subject to physical disadvantage, overwhelming favoritism is being built in. Given how subjective freestyle rules can be, that creates an natural impulse for bias. Everyone knows who the system wants to win and who is supposed to win. Maybe a guy is so good (Snyder) that it does not matter. But in JB's case I think it did.
  17. First of all I do not hate JB. It is not personal. But I do not have to like him as an athlete. And I certainly do not have to like the absurd US qulaification system. So for you to dislike an athlete because of something posted by a stranger on a message board is very silly. So tell me where I am wrong. JB lost 11-1. I get he was disappointed, but he quit. Period. He suffer adversity and lacked the character to suck it up and medal for the team. I'm not villfying him, but I also do not have to give him a pass for it, especally not when he is the poster child for the whole sport in the US. He lost a close match and then gave up and went home. Call it what you want. Nor do I hold JB responsible for the US qualification system. But he has gone so far as to defend it on the merits, which is incredibly self-serving and something no athlete with any competitive integrity would do. And did I mischaracterize the Leen match? Or shooting before the whistle in the second Dake match? So I'm not a fan. JB will survive.
  18. On the merits yes, but US wrestling is too invested in JB's success. He is their golden boy, and he has been protected and coddled. I have always seen JB as a classic frontrunner. He is also a guy who bends the rules to win. (Go look up his match with Jordan Leen). It got exposed in this Olympics. Losing to Geduev was one thing. But should we then overlook how badly he crumbled in losing his next match? Any other athlete would be called out for giving up. Not JB. Something didn't go his way and he imploded, the poster child of US wrestling crapping out, and he is still somehow a hero. Look I saw Dake go through the challenge tournament and the absurd physical disadvantage it creates not seen in any other sport, then outwrestle and beat JB in their first match and he still got screwed. Then to top it off JB did his vintage Leen match whistle jump. It was so ridiculous that Dake went off on an adventure wrestling at 86 against guys like Cox that outweigh him by 20-25 pounds and probable got reinjured because of it. Not that JB has ever had the integrity to call out the process that shielded him. That was never in his DNA as a competitor. The only consolation is that the Russians were paying attention and had a roadmap to dethroning him.
  19. @billyhoyle-the point is that Dake showed that there was clearly a viable formula to beat Burroughs. You needed talent, but it was doable. Now remove the protections from the US qualification system. Look this Olympics is on the verge of being a US wrestling debacle. I know I'm a broken record, but they cannot even get the qualification system right. Third rate systems produce third rate results.
  20. Well he has accomplished much more than most. That said, a few months back I predicted that he would not win the gold. He just seemed vulnerable. Dake beat him in the first match of their most recent challenge match regardless of the score, and he showed that you could slow down Burrough"s offense and counter him. Take that recipe out of the ridiculous US qualification system which is so squarely weighted on the incumbents favor and it could really tell. It did. I predicted the men's national team would get a single medal. We will see.
  21. Well he has accomplished much more than most. That said, a few months back I predicted that he would not win the gold. He just seemed vulnerable. Dake beat him in the first match of their most recent challenge match regardless of the score, and he showed that you could slow down Burrough"s offense and counter him. Take that recipe out of the ridiculous US qualification system which is so squarely weighted on the incumbents favor and it could really tell. It did. I predicted the men's national team would get a single medal. We will see.
  22. This is making it tough to figure out who to root against. On the one hand you have Russia's systematic cheating. On the other you got the USA's second-rate approach to the sport. So I'll root for Iran I guess.
  23. Well this is distressing. I am actually planning to be in Rio for the Olympics. Someone's idea of a family trip. But you only live twice.
  24. Under the current format he could sneak in for a bronze. The thing is that the field in Mongolia was very weak. Cox has some tools, particularly size and athleticism. But I keep expecting him to run into an experienced, full sized 86kg opponent and he hasn't seen one yet.
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