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  1. It is an unfair, second rate system. It says the US is so desperate for any crumb of success that it compromises the competitive integrity of the process. I say create a more balanced qualification process, the best person wins, and if we do not medal, so what? We are gunning for sixth place as it is.
  2. If the qualifying process was less skewed he would be at 74kg. But I do not blame him at all.
  3. Not sure what the overall value of Cox wrestling the finals is, but then again he could get injured anytime in training. Rio is is August.
  4. A chance has it I will be in Rio for the Olympics. Hopefully I can catch the wrestling competition.
  5. Cox is contender. He is huge for the weight. He just overpowers his opponents. And he has quickness, length and reach.
  6. My understanding is that 86kg is loaded. The 86kg in Mongolia was not the strongest, but when you see Cox standing next to these guys he looks huge for the weight. His height and wingspan are noticeable. So you have a guy who is a very good athlete who is big for the weight who has height and reach. That is potential.
  7. It was 2-1 until the final seconds when the Polish wrestler shot and Cox countered for the takedown, making it 4-1.
  8. The Polish wrestlers was the first guy who was not completely outsized but Cox is just so big and long that it makes offense against him tough. Cox will shoot and then keep steping forward and he has long arms.
  9. He definitely fits the weight perfectly and has the athleticism. Let's see if any of these guys can slow him down.
  10. It was noticeable and Cox towered over him. The eyeball test definitely worked that time.
  11. Cox wins 10-0. I knew the Greek wrestler was finished the moment I saw him.
  12. Cox looks bigger than all these guys. He may get in yet.
  13. Freestyle can drive you crazy. Too much interpretation of the rules.
  14. Well my prediction is that neither Molinaro or Cox will qulaify their weights in Mongolia. Let's see what happens.
  15. Now we are entering the twilight zone. Dake went up to a weight class that was 27 pounds heavier than the one he ideally competes in, and tried to do so in manner of months. He did not do it due to natural growth. He did it because 74kg, his natural weight, was blocked off. Dake is and will remain too small for the 86kg weight. Yet your theory is that going up 27 pounds, the equivalent of three NCAA weight classes, had no bearing on the outcome. I mean, come on. You do not even believe that. And I know you don't because right after the match you wrote that you had picked Cox because the size disadvantage was too great. Does not matter how long Dake "prepared". He was never going to be big enough for the weight, period. Cox is certainly talented, but he won simply because he was considerably bigger and heavier than the guy he was competing with. And before Cox Dake was all in against Perry for the exact same reason, despite the claim that he looked "fantastic." But instead of giving Dake his due for almost pulling off the impossible, you magically decide that Cox had no advantage over a guy he was significantly bigger than, even though every point Cox scored could be attributed to the size difference.(eg, the take down and push out in the 3rd match). Dake went up to weight class with a limit 27 pounds heavier and came within a hair's breath of making the Olympic team. Cox won but that's all.
  16. So are you saying that Cox first started freestyle wrestling two weeks ago? Wow. :) You do not need any preparation to outweigh an opponent by 20 pounds. All the sudden common sense and weight classification means nothing. Of course Cox is talented. He has two NCAA titles already. But at equal weights he loses every time. Cox is not Burroughs. But then again neither is Snyder; maybe he surprises me. Dake left 74kg because the qualification process was a travesty. An athlete has to know when the game is rigged too much to play.
  17. I do not think anything I've said is remote controversial. Dake did something virtually unprecedented. In a few months he moved up to a weight class with a limit 26.5 pounds heavier than the one he had competed in and almost made the Olympic team. It is the equivalent of Imar at 157 moving up to 184; it is almost an identical weight difference (27lbs to 26.5lbs). I'm sorry but if Dean beat Imar a few months after the NCAAs, even by a few points as opposed to one, would anyone say based on that that Dean is therefore the more talented of the two? That is why year after year we debate who is the best pound for pound wrestler, because we realize that all things are not equal, and that a guy moving up substantially suffers a huge disadvantage. Is Cox the better choice for the US at 86kg? Yes. I've said more than once that Dake is simply too small for the weight and that he would have no chance of medaling. But does that make Cox more talented than Dake? Hell no. No even close. We saw a bigger, taller, stronger guy take advantage of it. As to his upside, who knows?
  18. Let's see if he can qualify the weight. 86kg does not have many ranked wrestlers who have not qualified already. As to the rest, the idea that such a size advantage is not a factor is laughable. It is a 26.5 pound difference between the weight limits and Cox was 200+ who cut down. Those are the breaks but those are also the simple facts.
  19. Fantasy word is also flatly ignoring the circumstances. Dake is jumping up from 74kg to 86kg. That is 26 pounds. How many people have done that successfully if anyone? What I saw was Cox holding on for dear life against a guy he was significantly bigger than. Nothing wrong with that, but that is what happened.
  20. Watch the Perry match. He was outsized there too. It is hardly radical that a guy moving up so much in weight would suffer some disadvantages. To argue otherwise seems like nonsense. To be honest I would have been interested to see Taylor vs. Cox because Taylor has the height/length for the weight.
  21. Burroughs did not get a single takedown and was awarded 4 points on a thrown Dake initiated. I thought the call was dubious, but welcome to international wrestling I guess. Nor do I think it is remotely unfair to say that jumping up to a weight with a weight limit 26 pounds higher in six months created a size advantage for Dake's opponents. I'm sorry but Cox (and Perry) were noticeably bigger. And from what I saw the size difference was the difference. Nice accomplishment but I saw nothing to suggest that Cox was ":better".
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