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  1. That is oversimplified. The qualification process at 74kg made staying there frankly stupid. (Even when Dake outwrestled Burroughs, such as in the first match last year, he got shafted). That forced Dake and Taylor to move up to a weight with a weight limit of 86kg, 26lbs higher than 74kg. Cox is an excellent athlete but he got beat by the weight jump more than anything.
  2. It is just another area where international wrestling cannot get its act together. In 2012 the weights were 74kg and 84 kg (163 and 185). There was no logical reason to go from a 22 pound gap to a 26 pound gap. By moving to 86kg this limited the range of choices the athletes have and allows 200+ pound athletes to make the cut to 189. But the 2012 weights weren't that smart to begin with. I thought the weights up to the 1996 Olympics (68kg, 74 kg, 82kg, 90kg) were much better. It gave more opportunities to the athletes.
  3. I thought the Perry match told the story. Perry was bigger and was able to push Dake around and control the ties. Dake won the match but if Perry is clubbing him what would the top international guys do to him at this weight. That is not to diminish from the fact that he made the finals against an impressive field and came excruciatingly close to making the team. It was absolutely the right decision under the circumstances. But moving up from a weight with a 163 limit to a weight with a 189 pound limit is tremendous. Size matters as much as speed. That means he is competing against opponents cutting from 200+. It would be great if the weights were readjusted to have less of a weight difference (I could see Dake being very competitive at 83kg), but the facts of life.
  4. I find that rationale about needing to wrestle 4-5 matchs the weakest of all. Because all the competitors have to do the same.
  5. Interested to see if Cox can qualify the weight.
  6. Can I at least be a loser with a lowercase "l"? Am I salty? Guilty as charged. But honestly I do not care who wins or loses so long as there is competitive fairness. It is a very modest request. The selection process has so little competitive fairness given the challenge system that Dake and Taylor embarked on an adventure rather than waste their time in a fool's errand. I thought they were throwing away their careers trying to go up 26 pounds and even if Dake had made it he would get horsed against the elite at the weight. And how does Varner feel about the system? Varner is a former medalist. At the end of the day I am not asking for too much. Clearer scoring rules. A fairer selection process. More realistic weight categories. (Anyone remember the 68 and 82 kg categories that magically disappeared or even the 84kg weight?). Pretty humble stuff.
  7. Good for Russia. Why would anyone be a serious fan of international wrestling? It was unwatchable for years to the point that it almost committed Olympic suicide. The way the sport is run is a joke. And even with the welcome improvements scoring is often about as transparent as consulting the Delphic oracle. I admit I am a fan of certain wrestlers. If they lose fair and square, fine. As long as its fair and the process has integrity, so be it. But let me know what is fair about this? The US will win a Gold, maybe a couple of Bronze, finish in 5th place. The usual.
  8. Why? Don't blame Dake because I notice that things are downright rotten with the sport. And the sport came thisclose to not even being in the Olympics, so it is not like this is a newsflash. The sport has spent the last few years changing to survive. Well as a casual fan of international wrestling I am frankly appalled, and you are free to ignore that or realize that the system is still broken. The fact that Dake is the lightening rod for all this is unfortunate. But he is the most naturally talented prospect to come out of our system in years and he is getting screwed on an epic level. And it is not like we are doing so well. As a fan I am going to point this out. So we have a great freestyle champ in Burroughs at 163. Maybe he cannot be defeated. But unlike every other nation in the sport US wrestling has created a system so wantonly unfair and irrational that you would have to be a sap to even make the effort. They have announced loud and clear that they want Borroughs to win, and anyone who challenges is persona non grata. Even if you overcome the physical disadvantage of the challenge system good luck getting any calls. The system is so unfair that wrestlers such as Dake and Taylor would make the massive leap to 189 from 163 rather than play Charlie Brown kicking the proverbial football that isn't there. But make no mistake that US wrestling created this. Dake and Taylor are far better at 74kg and Dake as you have said could actually make noise internationally at the weight. Dake outwrestled Burroughs that first match last year. But US wrestling's absurd policies and favoritism drove them away. And am I wrong to point out the ridiculous lack of weight categories? The difference between 163 and 189 in infinite. Anyone ever make that jump successfully on the senior circuit before? Dake is 185 in a 189lb classification and he just had to wrestle a guy that outweighed him by at least 20 lbs in the final. Shoud I not be appalled by that? He just lost by 1 point to a much bigger guy. Could Burroughs even do that? But if he had beaten Cox, what then? There is no way he can compete against the weight division's best not due to talent but size. If the system was not such a travesty both Dake and Taylor would take their chances at 74kg. Maybe they would lose, but at least it would be fair. Instead we get a circus where a 74kg wrestler wrestles a 97kg wrestler at 86 kgs.
  9. When Dake said he was moving up to 86 kg I said he was throwing away his career. We are talking about the difference between 163 and 189. Even now Dake comes in about five pounds below the 189 weight. Starting with the first match against Perry you could see the physical disadvantage. Cox is a very big, athletic 86kg coming down from 97. And Dake just missed. But realistically I do not see him faring well against the top 86kg wresters. He should be at 74kg but US wrestling saw to that. Just snake bitten.
  10. Does not change the fact that Cox is walking around at 205 while Dake 185 or so when they wrestled. That's why wrestlers cut.
  11. Well he has been on the receiving end of pretty bad officiating. At this point he is probabaly paranoid about US wrestling. Plus it does not help that he had to wrestle a 97 in the 86 finals.
  12. Athletes will accept a challenge. They will not willingly engage in a farce, and that is what the selection process in the US is. No other nations do it, the hallmark of second rate. Heck you could have the bye but delay the finals one day. That is at least the semblance of competitive fairness. I'm not making excuses. I am condemning a disgrace. And the kicker is the the system is so stupid that Dake ends up wrestling a guy in the finals that outweighs him by 25 pounds. What does that say? People say he was whining, well hell yes.
  13. Do not think he whines nearly enough.
  14. I'll make my prediction. Neither Cox or Molinaro will qualify the weights.
  15. Cox and Molinaro have to qualify their weights. Still dicey.
  16. Burroughs is the best in this style and would be the favorite in any match. But the system is such a complete cheat that it would be pointless to even try. That is what Dake and Taylor recognized, that they would never even get a square chance. When you create system that protects the incumbent so completely that you impose a physical disadvantage on the challengers, there is not even the pretense that the powers that be want a fair match. And that trickles all the way through. I think Dake decided to stop wasting his time after the first match last year where he outwrestled Burroughs despite going through the challenge matches and got screwed. That would happen every single time. The problem is as you say with the weight classes that means a guy walking around at 185 has to beat a talented guy walking around at 205. And he lost by one point. Dake is just going to have to keep growing into the weight, but there are natural limits. I think if the challenge system were fairer he would still be at 74kg.
  17. He won't be able to muscle the competition. Unfortunately Dake was always too small.
  18. If he is so great he should not need to be protected. The attempts to rationalize the way the system has been set up unique to US wrestling are absurd. Manifestly unfair. So taylor and Dake end up wrestling guys 20 pounds heavier than they are. Great system.
  19. For terrible for Dake. First US wrestling stacks the deck so much in Burroughs favor that any challenger with half as brain realized that it was a waste of time. Then he has to go up a ridiculous amount of weight, gets to the finals, but has to wrestle a guy just much bigger than he is and still comes thisclose. But the whole situation for both Dake and Taylor was caused by the way US wrestling conducted its trials. Neither of them should be at 86kg. Congratulations to Cox but if he qualifies the weight he wont medal anyway.
  20. Dake loses yet another fantasy match-up.
  21. So is that it for Pico or is he going to continue for a few more years?
  22. I know I am waaayyy late to this issue, but I frankly do not like the path Pico chose. So he makes an Olympic team. It will be an outright miracle if he medals (maybe bronze) and for that he foregoes college. I understand the Cejudo example but Snyder won a world title and I saw him featured at the Ncaa's on espn a few weeks back. If Synder does not win here it is not the end of the world. But I get the sense that Pico gave a lot up, lilkely won't medal, won't come close to gold, and this is it before he goes mma. His life but he could have done all this and kicked butt in college too.
  23. Not hating but neither of these guys are going to medal at the Olympics.
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