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  1. Having somone with inside info about Russian wrestling is pretty valuable.
  2. Good to see Dake losing another fantasy matchup.
  3. There is no way to spin it that Gwiz did not blow this match. Up by two with 30 seconds and you do not back up to the edge and stall it out? He does that he wins. And it was not the only tactical mistake he made. Winning a title is obviously very hard. Once you get to the point where you have the match, you have to take it no matter if you win ugly or not.
  4. Snyder was lucky. He was handed the match by his opponent's horrible tactics when Gwiz had him beat.
  5. Wasn't a takedown but did not affect the outcome. Dean has a strange style.
  6. And another aspiring Penn St. four timer goes down.
  7. Apparently there was a significant controvery in the NYS D1 semifinal match. Mauriello was up 5-2 with 20 seconds left in the 3rd. The ref then called him for stalling four times in that time frame and apparently 3 times in 10 seconds and Klein won 6-5. I hate the stalling call because it has degenerated into a way for a non-offensive wrestler to manipulate points out of the ref. The whole "Iowa style" for years became the Iowa wrestler simply pushing his opponent without taking a shot or making a single offensive move while the crowd yells "stalling!". (The way Missouri's bench mocked this last year was priceless). Anyway, does anyone know what happened. Did Klein even attempt a shot during the 4 stalling calls or was this just very strange officiating? I mean how do you even get 3 stall calls in 10 seconds?
  8. The whole public/private debate always gets slippery. Where I come from high schools have strict residency rules. Schools can be located two miles away and if the athlete does not live within a limited geographical area then no transfer can occur. The team just has to be drawn from residents within its immediate area. So being able to get athletes from a wider area, even county wide, and having transfers and move ins is a huge advantage.
  9. Certainly not. Just watch the Flo behind the scenes video. Dake realized that US wrestling was forcing him into the role of Sisyphus.
  10. Great job by Dake. To move up in weight that much and win is remarkable. But it is also a shame. When people talk about Burroughs they talk out of both sides of their mouths. On the one hand he is the best, the prohibitive favorite, etc. On the other they twist themselves into a pretzel to explain why the system US wrestling came up with that no other competitive nation practices needs to exist to ensure that the prohibitive favorite actually wins. If he is the best (and he certainly has an extremely strong claim to the title) then he should not need the help. But by stacking the deck so needlessly it destroys the integrity of the competition. US wrestling is saying outright that it wants certain guys to win, and that bias corrupts the entire process. Maybe Dake will never beat him. No shame in that. But that last matchup was an athletic disgrace. Dake wrestles the challenge matchs, then outwrestles Burroughs the first match only to be on the receiving end of a call that can most charitably be described as getting hometowned. Dake leaves that match thoroughly dejected and recognized that at that point it was a matter of why even bother? He comes out completely dejected the second match, leaves his leg out there (yes protect yourself at all times but at that point why bang your head against a wall?) and Burroughs jumps on it. Dake realized this was absurd. And so now we have this adventure. Best of luck to him.
  11. So the system is grossly unfair. The system is ineffective. And the bias in the system is so overt that Taylor and Dake have basically ended their international careers. All for a 5th place finish and very limited fan interest. Success.
  12. That is the crux of it. The US has trouble competing at the world level against Russia and Iran so they are going to make sure to favor anyone they think has a chance to medal. If you are not going to compete team wise for the most part you better make sure those few guys who can medal make it. So they stacked the deck. But it is an unfair system and a system that signifies that we cannot compete. So yes I think US wrestling favors Burroughs significantly because he is really their only sure bet, right down to outright bias. I noticed it and I know Taylor and Dake certainly noticed it. Because there is no way they will ever compete at 86. That makes the point succinctly. Calling it whining just reflects the loser mentality of the whole system.
  13. The US trials system is ridiculous. A highly stacked deck. The favoritism is impossible to miss. Stacking the deck sends a message loud and clear that you favor one competitor over another and that message translates across the board, even to how the match is called. After that 4 point call in their first match at the trials you better be paranoid. There is a reason Dake is participating in the farce of going to 86. It became clear to me that US wrestling does not want Burroughs to lose. Burroughs is hard enough to beat in freestyle, the only style I would favor him over Dake. Then you add the rest of it and it is not worth the effort.
  14. If he is our best then there is absolutely no reason he should be protected. That makes very little sense and it destroys the integrity of the system. Was John Smith protected like this? I hope not. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but very few people care about freestyle in the US. Bad rules. Bad system. Irrelevancy. That is the way it goes. Sports kill themselves all the time. Look what happened to Olympic boxing, once an Olympic highlight. Your sport almost offed itself. And I am simply pointing out how badly it is still mismanaged. Let's see. We can protect wrestlers unlike we did in the past and unlike any of our competitors do for the sake of a medal. Or we can recognize the damage this does in the eyes of wider fans. Who cares who wins? You give fans an honest competition. You don't make them feel that the system is a cheat. Your virtually dead sport managed to screw up the transition of two of the most celebrated wrestlers ever to come out of college to the point where they are engaging in a farce. Congratulations. Now you and the 50 people that still care can tell yourselves that any criticism is from a crackpot.
  15. Dake has no business at 86 but it is indicative of how skewed our current system is. Someone mentioned "data" regarding the challenge matches, but how many challengers have won? Someone also asked if US wrestling got in the ear of the officials. They don't have to. The bias in the system is so clear that what else remains to be said. I think we are having a cultural misunderstanding. I am a fan of most sports and college wrestling in particular. I am not a freestyle fan and why would I be? The sport had to be rescued from a well earned extinction. it was unwatchable and with its arcane rules turned an athletic competition into the equivalent of consulting the Delphic oracle. The system has improved, but the rot is still there perpetuated by the same people that came thisclose to killing what is a niche sport. Why should I give a damn? I see a still moribund sport with a very small fan base trying to justify absurd unfairness and pretending that I don't get it. What don't I get? The powers that be took something that should have made the more general wrestling fans excited and killed it. Now I am not simply indifferent, I am hostile. If you cannot run an already struggling sport better than this then you don't deserve to have one. All I care about as a fan is a rational, fair system. Instead we have garbage. And general fans care even less.
  16. Makes sense. The US system is so staked in favor of a returning champion that takes all the integrity out of the competition. He never truly wrestled Burroughs in a square match, which is tough enough, because the system is so surreally stupid. But it is more than that. Much worse. I got the distinct impression that US wrestling simply doesn't want anyone to beat Burroughs. The 4 point call in the first challenge match was absurd. At some point you clearly realize that US wrestling doesn't want you to win. They sent the message loud and clear to such an extent that Dake said to hell with it. That is about as clear an indictment as anything. Good luck to him.
  17. The assumption here is that college wrestling is only valuable if it serves as preparation for international wrestling. I disagree. It is valuable as a sport in itself. It is substantially more important to US fans who don't really care about freestyle. It is much better suited to something like MMA. International freestyle is a bastardized form of wrestling that has no significance to the majority of US fans and rightly so. It is just not that important. It deserved to be thrown out of the Olympics because it was unwatchable. It has had to improve just to survive, but it is still too often mired in challenges and technical interpretations and questionable rules where matches are decided by judges. It leaves the viewer and the athletes shortchanged. Every style can be improved of course, folkstyle included. But while a gold medal still has a nice cachet, competing with Russia and Iran in international freestyle is not that big a deal. At least not to me. And we still manage to have success.
  18. Green who never made an NCAA final won a bronze medal. Different styles requiring different strengths and abilities. If I was looking to improve freestyle I would try to get rid of the cheap points. Exposure should be exposure and control should be control.
  19. It is improving at least considering it was thisclose to being banished from the Olympics. Folkstyle is more complete, and requires a greater degree of skills.
  20. How do you put the word unfair in quotations. The US qualifying system is a disgrace. You might as well tie weights to the challenger's ankles. There is no way to defend or excuse any system that confers a physical advantage on the incumbent wrestler. So is it that I am bitter about Dake or that the people who defend the current system are just not willing to admit that the qualifying procedures are seriously tainted because that would diminish from their favorite's accompliahments? No other contending nation does this. Of course had they then maybe Tsargush would be wrestling.
  21. He lost? You mean even after not having to wrestle until the finals while his opponents had to wrestle all day just to get to wrestle him?
  22. If I recall Yianni is 2-1 against Fix.
  23. Beat Humphreys as a true treshman, a returning finalist. Beat Marion, a two time finalist. Beat Molinaro, an NCAA champion. Beat St. John, an NCAA champion. Beat Taylor, a two time Hodge winner. Burroughs beat Poeta. Freestyle emphasizes just one aspect of wrestling while eliminating all the mat wrestling.
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