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  1. Hahn should be on line one for this AD.
  2. Kid is wrestling his a** off! Love to see a guy like this make noise
  3. I didn't think that would be appropriate at all, merely trying to understand what exactly Koll should do. I agree its not his fault, no one has any clue what would have happened if both wrestlers knew the correct score (case in point - storely's last second win last year).
  4. WHAT DO YOU WANT HIM TO DO? Please be clear. Take buto out of the tournament? He can't tell the ncaa what to do.
  5. What's with the low blows? As far as breal knew he was going to OT, don't you think he would have been going for backs if he knew he was going to lose? Can't turn back the clock.
  6. Never happen. Unless Bo's snaps and heavy hands are snappier and heavier than Gabe Dean's
  7. Intelligent, classy response phish. While PSU is not my team, they do win and lose with integrity and stay out of the tough guy crap. The majority wrestle hard and offensively and respect the idea that sportsmanship is important.
  8. Absolutely no difference, gilman was trying to injure him - not escape. Come on Vak, take off the black and gold goggles.
  9. I can't stand watching him win, everyone not from Illinois knows garret deserved that one. Tough as hell to score on though, can't take that away from him
  10. Agreed on all points. I'm surprised his sweet Mohawk didn't pull him through! Cox seems like a great kid, hope he gets 3 more
  11. Being a PA guy, I read a post early in the season predicting 9 PA AA's. I knew it wouldn't hold true! Great year and many props to Timmy Flynn representing the psac so well.
  12. Comes through and AA's in this brutal weight, what a competitor. Congrats to him - he is one tough wrestler.
  13. Congrats to him, but don't cry like that while a guy is turning you just because it hurts. End it with some dignity even in a loss. How is that even legal? You can just yell, not take inj time, and restart on bottom? Bs IMHO. I do like the fact he wrestled tough this tourney, but c'mon man.
  14. Agreed. Dropping to one leg while on top should result in one stale-mate, then stalling immediately. It's horrible. Some of the guys I root for do it and it makes me wince. That combined with the no reaction time rule need to change.
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