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  1. Perry must be the first wrestler to never score a point and have gotten taken down twice, put to his back, then flat on his back getting pinned.... And still won?! Lol I wasn't too surprised that the ref called two then reversed the call the first time when Smith got upset. But my mind was blown when they called a takedown and 2 backs, then reversed that! Then howe gets in again, and has Perry flat on both shoulder blades for a solid 4-5 seconds and no pin or backs? I feel bad for Perry Most because you could tell in the post match he knew he didn't win that match. But that sucks for Howe because he wrestled aggressive and tough and the refs gave it away to the weaker man.
  2. Im an Okie State fan... But Howe got screwed on that one. I wouldn't have wanted to be Perry getting his hand raised on that one. They reversed Howes 2, then his 4, and then Perry was flat on his back and no pin was called.... Horrible
  3. Howe got screwed. That was horrible
  4. Refs are more involved in international wrestling than I've ever seen before. Its unfortunate because the athletes are incredibly talented but very seldomly get to showcase much of it. It almost seems like the refs do whatever they want, when they want... very little of the calls makes much sense at all, and at times seem to almost just award points for really no reason. Ide have to assume they're either that bad at reading and interpretting them or They're just deciding the winner and doing all they can in there power to help who they want to. what do you think? http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... dem-Turkey
  5. If I were Dake Ide probably go up or down a Wt. Gavin is weak IMO, and Dake is still young enough to fill the weight out. If JB ever had to sit out Dake could go back down anyway. Once a guy switches over to Greco at that level, its extremely tough to transition back and be competitive nationally. No offense to Dake and anything is possible, but he has about as good of shot as beating Burroughs as Dake does getting a job at Penn State LOL!
  6. Wow that's right! If I remember correctly he had his neck broke by Jay Loukidas. How long was the wait time before at that point between trials and Olympics? I would have to say the severity of the neck injury would have been worse, but the time period with JBs ankle was so close... But both freaks of nature.
  7. The russians were still on the floor when Keri vaulted, and it was extremely close as USA came from a come behind victory. So if you're not sure why, now you know. If you don't know much about MJ, maybe try searching for "greatest athlete of all time", that might help you a bit. It's clear that USA going home without a Gold would not have been pleasing, and is an enormous accomplishment. Not only does it give the USA a sense of pride but it is representative to the USA in the World Championships. The way he carries himself as a role model is unbelievable to then turn around a win a GOLD with a broken ankle to support it. Incredible!
  8. None of the responses appear to have been tuned in to the WATCH ESPN app program as I had. Herbert nor Jason commentated.
  9. Has this ever been done before? I know you hear of guys going out there with injuries and giving it there all, but were talking a broken ankle with 5 screws... None the less actually winning the Gold?!?? Jordan Burroughs is a real American Hero. In doing so wins the ONLY GOLD for the USA, in a tough time where we as a country are on the ropes. I dont know if the enormity of this has actually sunk in with most. The only thing I can say even begins to compare to me would be the great moment that Keri Strug stuck her last vault with a hurt leg at the Olympics to win GOLD. Or MJ playing with the FLU and having to get carried off the court. Even then were talking a WORLD TITLE in the sport of wrestling. Thoughts?
  10. pinning is a means to winning. Just like every other way. this is a dumb post
  11. Where is this confirmed? If this is true, than this Gold is one for the record books
  12. exactly, they wouldve been champions before with more... but now theyre bronze medalists etc
  13. I just read that he broke his anke a month ago and had a next day surgery... That would explain a bit lol
  14. Acadia is right. With less weight classes, there jam packed with competition. And before with more weights you had more CHAMPIONS alot which wouldn't be now with less. Not too mention a ton of wrestlers competed in this worlds unknowing if there Olympic dream would be hopeful. Nevertheless... People will always say "your lucky", or it was "easy". When it comes to World titles none of the two are relevant in any shape or matter. Jordan makes solid international wrestlers look horrible. The weight isnt weak, the wrestler is strong. Thats why hes 65-0 with three World titles..
  15. He looked a little tight, but it doesnt help when the guy is that defensive the whole match.
  16. Agreed. Competition will likely continue to face him this way. Although not proven better, JB im sure is having to evolve to keep a good cushion between guys keeping it close with him through this strategy. The officials want to see the upset and USA lose and probably wont help JB as much as they should...
  17. Thats because hes that much better. He makes solid international wrestler look like theyre horrible. That is also why hes 65-0. The weight class is not weak... the wrestler is strong
  18. The shot clock is not bad. The reffing in the Burroughs match though was just weird.
  19. Based off your assumptions you have to go with Ruth. NCAA titles superseeds undefeated seasons etc.. Taylor doesnt do as well on a big stage. But seems to love the sport more IMO.
  20. Download the App for Ipad. On ESPN 3 in the App you can watch the replays of both days.
  21. where would you rank Cael? An olympic Gold and World level Gold, and undefeated in college...
  22. I almost had to turn the sound off when I just watched the Burroughs match, because all the announcer with the foreign accent kept doing was bashing burroughs and the USA. Its too bad they hired such a bum for the announcing. "The Americans match was not as good as the bronze match" "This match was not spectacular" "The american is passive the whole match" "All he is doing is slapping at his opponents head" "The Iranian is more aggressive" Correct me if Im wrong but the Iranian sat in a defensive stance the whole match hoping it would be closer than it was while JB attacked the entire match. What a joke, someone needs to inform his not too insert his obviously biased opinion into the commentating. Never the less I was blown away once again with Burroughs, teching his first three guys through to the semis and once again winning GOLD. Hes incredible, and great win for the USA!
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