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  1. Tuition at BU for 2012-13 is not $59,100: it's $42,994. The $59,100 figure includes books and supplies ($1000), room and board ($13,190) and $1916 "other" expenses. About 65 percent of students there receive financial aid, and the rough estimate of the 2012-13 net price is around $31,000. BU's endowment in 2011 was $1.16 billion. On a per capita basis (only counting undergrads), that's around $64,000 per student -- roughly one-twentieth the size of Harvard's per capita endowment.
  2. No love for Uetake? Makes me feel old for bringing him into the mix. Dake, Cael, John and Pat Smith, all incredible wrestlers. I've had the distinct pleasure of seeing all of the aforementioned wrestle at the NCAAs. Uetake was a 3x NCAA champion (when freshmen weren't eligible), 2x outstanding wrestler of NCAA Chamionships, and undefeated in college. 2x Olympic champion as well. As Bum Phillips once said of Earl Campbell, "I don't know if he is in a class by himself, but it doesn't take long to call the roll." If you are one of the handful of elite college wrestlers to be included in this discussion, that is quite a distinction in and of itself.
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