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  1. It is going to happen a bunch over the next 4 years. The free Covid year is the primary cause of it. Iowa is old this year, but PSU, maybe Cornell, and probably some others will be ancient in the future.
  2. Troy Steiner. Iowa alum Needs a job. Head coaching experience Knows the guy in charge of the women's national program The others have the resumes to be great assistants and then branch off after a few years if head jobs open up. Being an NCAA head coach is about a lot more than having accolades.
  3. Didn't Osstendorp do both at Iowa?
  4. Did you see the woman get a performance bonus of $75,000 (I think() a month or so ago? She collapsed like she won Powerball. This is a "professional athlete" with a 6-2 record who said the money would be life altering.
  5. He was not. Also not extremely physically active.
  6. I am supposed to apologize for saying that the dog is good looking?
  7. No apologies needed... I mentioned it in my original post, found conflicting literature and edited out most of the post (including that part)
  8. I know that you didn't call me that. You were calling someone else that, felch. I don't like cheapshots. Great looking dog though.
  9. I don't know. I have co-workers who have said the same thing. It doesn't mean you're a troll. You just might be uneducated and/or listen to certain talking points. A friend of mine is very educated. Has a JD. Also says the m-RNA vaccines are not vaccines. Apparently some people think you need dead (or living) virus to officially make it a vaccine? I'm pretty sure that isn't a qualification. Meanwhile as I am wasting time on this site over the past couple hours, my daughter has informed me that her boyfriends father has succumbed to covid after a couple months of hospitalization. An otherwise healthy 52 year old man. (and no, I'm not making this up)
  10. Sorry Felcher. I'm not a huge fan of seeing people called racists without a good reason. I apologize!
  11. I had mentioned the Tuskegee experiment in my original post... And as I think you are hinting, higher hospitalization and death rates than other races.
  12. It wasn't my idea to bring race into this, but I used Fletcher's term. I'm not sure what an anti-vaxxer could be defined as, but there is a real issue with vax hesitancy among BlPOC + populations. Also: often not mentioned, because many of us would rather trash each other politically.
  13. What percentage of African-Americans are antivaxxers?
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