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  1. Cinnabon doesn't bother me, but this should be a bannable offense.
  2. Heaven forbid anyone say that he was too old to wrestle last year! Didn't someone uncover evidence of him winning a cadet title in Cuba 6+ years ago?
  3. Well, I had a real full time job and my "volunteer coaching money" enabled me to take extra vacations etc. It was something I did mostly because I enjoyed it, but made a couple extra bucks and even got to go to a national tourney on the school.
  4. Didn't Ricky Dellagatta pin Sergei Belaglazov with a headlock or something in a dual meet?
  5. Great that he's doing better and great for Robie and the University for honoring his scholarship regardless of the outcome.
  6. I did it at a smaller school. I got paid decently for running club practices and for being an assistant director at camp. * by decently, I mean the hourly rate was good. Nowhere near enough to live on...not even close.
  7. Have not been effective for scoring 2 points... but have played well for pushouts (especially the Iranians with underhooks without head position.) Great for slowing pace down too and securing a lead late in the match. But currently are not being used to directly score a lot of technical points in world freestyle.
  8. Askren has done the last two world championships and the US Open from quarterfinals on and all medal matches. He has done a very comprehensive study. The graphics may be available on Rudis social media and he takes a fairly deep dive into it on probably 4+ hours of podcasts over the last year. Hundreds of matches analyzed.
  9. And the actual number of offensive scores from control ties are non-existent. They seem to be more commonly used to score pushouts.
  10. It is not one move. It is a control tie and series. Control ties just are not working anymore. People try them, but loose ties and open have scored more.
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