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  1. ... and their mascot is TIM the Beaver
  2. lol. great sources! So unbiased! ... and you can do whatever web searches you want, but until you provide some documatation of being a "tenured professor at a major university," you are no different than an internet tough guy. Pics or it didn't happen!
  3. Sniffed at 3rd place? Didn't we get third? And its makeup is not that different from our championship team.
  4. Really? Then why is our world team a bunch of guys with English and Germanic names, three African Americans and one Irish-American? There is one guy with an Eastern Euro name and Gwiz is from Duanesburg, NY not a rust-belter. So much for that theory.
  5. I wouldn't say that. I have him at #2 after the other becloaked individual.
  6. Really? Where is the right wing authoritarian government in the US? Half of the legislative branch is trying to remove the chief executive and the fact that you were able to post that message on the internet and not receive a visit from the secret police is proof that there is no totalitarian regime here.
  7. I understand all that, but it is kind of an embarrassing and odd situation.
  8. I'm saying they made the logo and color change earlier in the week but EVERYTHING at Who's#1 was the old scheme. That is pretty embarrassing from a marketing/branding perspective. You would think the uniforms and mats at the event would be the new colors/logo OR they would wait a week to roll out the new. Bad communication/timing at the corporate level.
  9. I may be mistaken on this: many moons ago, I taught at a school with a lot of international students. I was told that these kids would take the SAT, but only the math portion would really count. They could substitute TOEFL for their verbal score.
  10. Like the lime green in the "Who's #1?" mat and uniforms? (Displayed after the logo and color change)
  11. I don't think that's close minded at all. I'm two generations removed and my grandfather came to the US for a reason.
  12. It wasn't raining... just like 93% humidity. Moisture just collected on mats.
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