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  1. I think you mean Todd Bridges, as opposed to Jeff Bridges.
  2. How dare you put "sgallan" and "holy" in the same paragraph! Sgallan would be highly offended.
  3. The Hawks had a moment with the trophy in Kinnick Stadium over the weekend. Did anyone notice if DeSanto was in any of the pictures?
  4. I used to look at myself and wondered the same thing.
  5. I was at a USA coaches clinic in conjunction with the 1995 Freestyle Worlds. For our Greco techniques portion, a Greco World Team member showed a few things and hung around and answered questions and made small talk. Somehow Ghaffari and heavyweight came up. This athlete mentioned Rulon and talked about him as a potential threat to Ghaffari. I don't know if it was a widely held belief at the time, but this guy thought Rulon was legit. I hadn't even thought about that moment for 20 years until your question.
  6. When I was coaching, I had a word document that I kept with a lot of "copy and pastes" of wisdom and coaching points courtesy of Big Apple.
  7. Rusty will be missed along with other greats such as Jay, Don Godell, and the great Morris Johnson.
  8. NUWAY, last I checked. Now expanding into BJJ tournaments, too.
  9. Was he associated with their current RTC?
  10. I used to be very into Greco. I followed it pretty closely up until a few rules changes ago. Based on the way things have been going, I'm absolutely amazed that we won a team world championship in it during my lifetime and not long after my competitive career. What happened?
  11. Well, he is definitely not a genius. He tried wrestling into Kyle Dake's seatbelt.
  12. LOL. I think after the second one in a year I would remember. But that is just me.
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