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  1. Not good for the USA, if true. Kid is a talent, but has the serious knee issues...
  2. Just saying : Not a lot of honor or integrity on his part. I wish him the best though. It is interesting to see his results against grown men, however.
  3. How do you feel about someone 22+ years old pretending to be of high school age in order to showcase his wrestling skills against kids who are mostly 15-18 years old. Do you find integrity and honor in that?
  4. True... but imagine if the US only sent one guy at those weights? Not nearly as tough. The US domestic athletes made those weights much more competitive.
  5. This was not that tough a tourney, and it usually isn't. And a friend of mine, a zero time national qualifier, medalled in Pan Ams and wrestled in the Olympics. Most of these tournaments aren't that tough after the first two or three guys in a weight.
  6. I hope no one is turning on the Red Sox after the abomination of a team they fielded this year.
  7. Take a look at his Pellicone scores! Not a lot of scoring until the finals. He was fantastic in the finals however.
  8. Have you seen Dake at 74kg for several hours after weigh ins?
  9. It happened a bunch with football. But this is non-revenue. Hopefully it is just a blip. Is it super surprising that this happened considering there was a DT contact trace?
  10. I trained with guys WAY above my level. Lower level guys still managed to give me fits. Aaron Burr for one.
  11. Also, it has been hinted that for this Flo expose, that the UWW would not deal with Flo regarding broadcasting rights for the last four years. (Yes, they have them once again) P.S. I have been told by someone very knowledgeable (but not a Flo employee), that this was not the case regarding broadcasting rights.
  12. Captain Kerk still has a torn ACL. Marinelli maybe, too?
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