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  1. Range! Sorry about that mistake! I preferred The Sports Gene, personally. I think that combining the arguments in Range and The Talent Code has led Ben to his theories. Ben thinks that the person you mentioned above would be likely to make up for those issues in the remainder of his 17 wrestling categories. I think this is the deal, and I am sure that you get this too: Ben looks unathletic. He has little muscle mass. He is not explosive. He has asthma. No one considered him talented when he was younger and then he started winning. He worked very hard to achieve greatness. At that point, people were all saying he was a talent and that diminished all of his hard work. He didn't like his work being diminished. (And yes, he considers work ethic as one of his 17 innate categories)
  2. They also agreed not to block any transfer and were men of their words when he transferred to Oklahoma State.
  3. However Ben thinks that working ethic is also a talent. I think he may define talent differently than you do. Have you read "Reach" which is a more recent work by Epstein? A lot of his arguments come from "Reach" and "The Talent Code" by Coyle. His thing is that wrestling is such a complex sport that someone lacking fast twitch fibers can make it up with conditioning, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, etc. Wrestling is definitely more complex than a 100m dash and definitely more complex than marathon. There are many more factors that come into play. (I loved "The Sports Gene" but Askren is using that authors more recent, updated theories to make his argument. The female chess prodigies for instance.)
  4. ... but also salty that Slay retired and he never got a rematch!
  5. This is not influenza. Most fatalities from La Grippe reportedly were from bacterial pneumonia and other secondary infections. We have antibiotics now. What happened to SARS-1?
  6. 2. I think he was a multiple time age group medalist? Also had a good game plan and style to beat Satiev. Satiev was the best ever, but if he was vulnerable to anything it was blast doubles and gut wrenches. Slay was great at both techniques.
  7. It makes sense. I would imagine Portland state is fairly close to Nike HQ. Also, I'm pretty sure there is a similar, but less popular Nike ad showing Portland State great Dan Russell executing a throw.
  8. Yes. My understanding is that Chas was cut from basketball and Buxton needed to fill a spot on the team and he was talked into going out for the sport as a freshman. With all the great coaching, athletic ability, and workout partners, he was able to get really good really quick.
  9. Ah... the interview at Weehauken! Now you know why I have these thoughts on NJ. But no reason to resort to violence. Facts already decided this minor dispute.
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