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  1. Cael is Belichick. Both are supposedly engaging, funny guys... until the camera turns on. Neither wants to give anyone too much info. I would imagine that Cael has studied BB, maybe even given him a call. In do appreciate the Cael/Walsh comparison, but keep in mind that Bill is an innovator as well. Also isn't tied to any one system, will change it up depending on personnel.
  2. Yep. 2013 Lost 9-8 in quarters to Iranian who took bronze
  3. Humphrey was actually a World Team member, and I do not see that in the cards for Henderson or Eierman. I do not think that he can beat Zain, unless Zain does something stupid and/or gets thrown. However, lets not talk about Zain as "top 10" in the world, when it looks very unlikely that our rep will participate in Tokyo.
  4. It was a good post. I started following him after that. I personally was reacting to people who make it seem as if Zain is nearly untouchable in freestyle.
  5. Didn't Zain get pinned by Argentina? And as a result, have we qualified that weight for the Olympics yet?
  6. How does he fit in with Coach Pop's strict no-partying policy?
  7. Randy Smith? Is that a country-western singer?
  8. I agree with the benefits of the college grind.
  9. I agree with much of what you say. But why was Kyle Snyder better at freestyle when he was wrestling in college?
  10. Cass is a really, really good 4th place contender. He would be in the mix to be a national champ, perhaps multiple time national champ in several eras. Not this one.
  11. I think people have determined that Echemendia is indeed a bit older than 21 based on his the timing of his six Cuban national championships. It was very interesting to see how he did against an older more experienced opponent. He had a lot of fun beating younger less experienced opponents during his year of American high school. His future success may also depend on his relationship with his 17 year old fiancee/insta model who was hovering over him during warmups and is all over his social media. She does appear to have a really, really nice house though.
  12. I'm sure Klehner thanks you for your support. Why didn't Rupp wear won in 2020 if they are so helpful?
  13. Longer race, more aerosols being spread. Also more recent than the 2011 masked photo the Troll Klehner used. lol
  14. Hey Troll: https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a31057445/galen-rupp-olympic-marathon-trials-results-2020/
  15. Seriously. Just give me my $300.00 ticket. If I can't trail run, away from humans, without being fined for being maskless... just fine me. Are you one of the virtue signalers who drives solo wearing a mask? Don't you follow the science?
  16. Galen Rupp was near other runners, all wearing masks, all close to each other. My point is I was nowhere near anyone! For two hours!!! If I was near anyone, I would have worn one. I had one around my neck just in case! Do you think all laws are just? Do you follow all laws unconditionally? Do you understand that I ran more than twice as far as Galen Rupp? I ran on a trail with virtually zero human contact. Do you have below average reading comprehension skills? Are you just a troll?
  17. I'm only 51. I would rather they wear out from overuse than rust out from inactivity. I'll take up cycling or swimming when that happens! Thanks for your concern, though!
  18. LOLOLOL I think you're kidding, but I probably breathe less when my HR is 125 than most adults do when sitting.
  19. I agree with you on the main issue. I have people in my extended family who probably don't wear them enough. In my case this weekend, it wasn't a race, it was just me going for a long run. Technically, I was violating the dictate and could have been given a $300 ticket. I haven't had a race since last October, but have done 7 virtual races to challenge myself and still make sure my money helped keep the race organizations (mostly charitable) financially stable.
  20. I think threats are an interesting thing. I feel that I am pretty courteous regarding mask wearing. I also live in a community where I can be fined $300 for not wearing a mask outside at all times. I will admit to not always abiding by this mandate. For instance, I run marathons. I had a 13.1 mile run planned for last Saturday. I am required to wear a mask during this entire run, or I can be fined. I chose to risk the fine. I passed within 50 ft of another human a grand total of twice during the run. When this was the case, I moved to the other side of the street the first time and moved probably 15 ft away from the oncoming (and unmasked) individual. I am following the science, getting exercise, getting sun and vitamin D. Do I really need to wear a mask for almost two hours when I barely saw another human and never came within 10 feet? Absurd dictate.
  21. Are you suggesting that we learn Japanese to prevent further spread of the virus, TBar-san?
  22. Twenty states aren't primary enforcement. You generally don't stop someone because their seatbelt is off. You stop them for speeding and then nail them for the seatbelt. How would this work with a mask? Cops are highly scrutinized now more than ever. You are not being honest with yourself if you think they are going to go out of their way to have a negative interaction with an otherwise law abiding citizen. Just not realistic.
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