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  1. You can't take too much vitamin E.
  2. Yes. I would say that a two time champ, who won a stacked weight as a true freshman, is very mentally tough. Shows the ability to rise to the occasion at the most important time of year. He is on his way to being an all-time great if the pattern holds.
  3. So JT Realmuto is part of the Seay/Smith coaching tree if he ever runs a youth practice at a club in Philadelphia?
  4. In an official capacity? Not that I'm aware of. Did they run workouts? Absolutely. Kyle Shanahan communicates with Bill Bellichick occasionally on X's and O's, I would not consider Shanahan to be part of the Bellichick coaching tree, but I do consider Bellichick to be part of the Parcells tree.
  5. Gable would be part of the Nichols tree, yes. But there is a Gable tree too. And that tree would include Ramos, Perry, etc.
  6. Full disclosure: I actually heard that Nolf's leg was an issue earlier in the day. He was seen limping around at precisely the moment that IMAR entered the NYAC. Apparently, even looking at IMAR causes his leg to hurt. Instant limp.
  7. Amazing how every time Nolf wrestles IMAR in freestyle his "leg is hurt." This is twice in about six months.
  8. I'd say that he is pretty mentally tough. Wrestled with a torn ACL for weeks a few years ago.
  9. Wait until DT takes the mat again. If he ever does.
  10. Dude... I gave up on it yesterday... I gave in... I was wrong... read the thread... why are you keeping at it? What is your deal?
  11. Come on man...I had heard it more than once from multiple sources. Also, I have seen Jordan miss free throws and seen clips of Johnny U being sacked.
  12. I'm pretty sure this is satire. Well done, sir!
  13. OK. Guess you win. I had heard this before. Apparent urban myth, which I considered possible due the the freak size and athletic ability of Brown.
  14. Interesting. Wonder if not counted in stats because it was a playoff?
  15. I believe it is true about Jim Brown. Keep in mind that the average all-pro DT/DE weighed in the low 250s, while Brown was over 230 and faster and more athletic than almost anyone on the field. He is going to win a lot of collisions, especially since he lined up pretty close to the LOS as a FB. Brown was a specimen. My understanding is they had to change the rules of lacrosse because of him, as he may be one of the most dominant college lax players of all time while at SU.
  16. Well, I do know that one particular 133 in the lineup causes RBY to badly stall and attempt to wrestle with one arm. Embarrassing performance, and I hope the officials address that behavior this season.
  17. And we won a senior level world title this century!!!
  18. LOL. I mentioned DT injury because I knew it would get you "off the rails" and expose your hypocrisy.
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