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  1. Some people are going to be so excited if the college season is cancelled. They love this stuff. It is seemingly all they care about.
  2. Don't blame him. Glory has less than spectacular results against Iowa backups. Here he is again against the immortal Aaron Cashman (Ybarra's backup.)
  3. My buddy was working a camp with Sergei Belaglazov at the time. Sergei thought it was crazy to not just give Monday the spot.
  4. Northwestern University cancelled it. The same school that fired coaches that refused to vaccinate.
  5. Why is Steveson better? Because he blew a lead and then regained it. Loved Gable, but TMS was more dominant and a way better interview.
  6. The old gray lady hath spoken! Unimpeachable source!
  7. Spartan Combat vs. NUWAY
  8. Who is the fifth finals contender? I'm hoping you mean Max Dean?
  9. Good info. I believe there are plenty of posters on these boards who are hoping for gloom and doom.
  10. I would like to see nationals moved to Florida or Texas at this point.
  11. Hold on... you are out of line! There are rules on this board! It is ok to question the handling of an Iowa wrestlers injury or illness. It is NOT ok to question how The Cael handles injuries and illnesses.
  12. Hold on... are you intimating that The Cael would put an unwell wrestler on the mat, someone who was not capable of defending himself? You're questioning The Cael's ethics and how he prioritizes the well-being of his athletes? Now Kerk is recovering from The Flu. Allegedly. How long does he get for that. Because on BWI, they are acting as if it is still a thing. P.S. I'm sorry that you felt the need to get personal, because I pointed out that a wrestler was terrible on bottom. You are still a top 3 favorite poster for me.
  13. Objection, your honor. Hearsay.
  14. Funny... but when has he shown that he liked tough wrestling. Tummy time all post season last year.
  15. Yes. I know the rules. That is what I was referring to.
  16. I was talking blood, which is also unlimited in NCAA , I think.
  17. Maybe read the criticism. The complaining was a bad look.
  18. After a lengthy timeout. How much time does he need? That's a DQ in high school.
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