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  1. What am i deflecting? I scolded my old pal, Zeke. But Cael won't even put a backup out. Meanwhile, Kerk can't hold his mud.
  2. Kerk wants no part of wrestling right now.
  3. I'm not happy with Zeke. But Cael is a coward who refused to present anyone at heavy more than once this year, Facts.
  4. Not happy with my old buddy, Zeke. However, unlike Cael, he at least put a second stringer out to give the Skinny Minny a match.
  5. Not at all! I want to see him wrestle! I paid twenty dollars to watch the best wrestle.
  6. Or terrified because of what your opponent did to you last year. Plus, Kerk is rapidly winning lots of fantasy matchups. His fantasy ranking must be very high, because there were people on this BBS picking him to win nationals last year.
  7. Starocci with the push into the bench. Only a problem if its ADS, I guess.
  8. The problem is that Desanto would try to wrestle Lee, and that could lead to problems for AD. But no idea the state of Lee's health at the moment, so you may be right.
  9. Interesting. But I have worked ten duals in a day... never did I say "Sorry I suck, coach. It is my tenth dual today" That would not go over well, nor should it. Unprofessional and inexcusable.
  10. Certified at Ohio State maybe? Etch certified at 125!!!!
  11. Oh I agree. "Kaleb" and the one word "AbeAssad" didn't exactly reek of professionalism. But then again this 'wrestling expert' ' "Corby" was repeatedly complaining of having to commentate five duals today. (while trashing officials also working their fifth dual)
  12. First name basis with many Iowa wrestlers
  13. Wow. "This "Corby" character announcing on mat #1 is tired from announcing five duals. Should probably work his conditioning a bit. Has he ever tried to wrestle, coach, or ref five duals in a day?
  14. JB just had Covid for the second time. My guess? Not vaccinated. Not sure why people keep bringing up Dake, and I have been as critical about Dake's beliefs about human physiology as anyone.
  15. Again, I think that is who Yianni was replying to. Hell, the head coaches wife responded to him on twitter. He was irresponsible at the very least, but it is also probably a lack of comprehension skills. Add in a touch of sensationalism.
  16. Meanwhile, Kerk has only one torn ACL and still ducked the Penn heavy. Warmed up and everything, didn't want to risk a loss
  17. https://twitter.com/jarrettdegen/status/1355964722932289544?s=20
  18. Most of the best powerlifters never train to failure on the main lifts. If you miss a rep, you generally did something wrong.
  19. Or he thinks he knows. Wrestlers don't always make the best decisions for themselves regarding weight classes.
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