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  1. Of course he did! I had a couple kids on my high school team that would intentionally line opponents up and then double leg them into their coaches corners at tournaments. If a high school kid is that aware, someone who wrestled for a world medal is, too.
  2. I thought that was an appropriate term from the start.
  3. I'm struggling to remember either Brands or Desanto ever getting involved in a scuffle during the post-match handshake in which a strike was thrown and a person double legged. Keep in mind that Ferrari also sexually assaulted Yonger during last year's dual.
  4. So you're saying Hall qualified for OTT while still in HS, and won a match? But after four years of Cael, he couldn't even qualify? And now that he is with Slay, he will be back in contention for another cycle or two? Interesting.
  5. And Nolf's health vs. the field his senior year; and Skinny Minny in the post season last year; and Taylor after he was concussed; and Berge after he was concussed... Don't forget that Cael still allows Skinny Minny to wrestle without an ACL. Every match of his PSU career.
  6. So he lost to those two guys while being coached by Cael? So, he was the coach? Mark Hall won a match at OTT while in high school. After four years of Cael, he was unable to qualify for OTT. Doesn't sound like improvement, especially since you are now telling me that he lost to Meyer and Brucki under Cael's tutleage. Sounds like a regression!
  7. ... and a punch IS landed on the grounded Sooner. Amazing the differences in "reporting" from that clown Mineo on the Ferrarri incident as opposed to Brands/DeSanto/ISU. Guy is a fraud.
  8. I'm surprised Russia/Dagestan hasn't started to produce in equestrian events! Those guys love their ponies! Check out any and all of their social media. https://www.rt.com/sport/357183-dagestan-horse-abdulrashid-sadulaev/
  9. BTW I'm pretty sure John E. DuPont was very much into Modern Pentathlon
  10. Pentathlon has always had to deal with traits an idea soldier would have to have. Modern Pentathlon was supposed to test all the skills a soldier would need to escape from behind enemy lines. (pre- WWI 20th century) That's why it seems to be an odd combination of sports. George S. Patton was a US Olympian in Modern Pent.
  11. I would think that ex-Iowa State and PSU wrestler Andrew Long would be a worse mentor than upstanding citizen Terry Brands. But that's just me.
  12. I'm very happy for him and the USA! It is amazing that he can run from a guy with one ACL and end up World Champ. Pretty impressive. I still have no idea what Gilman's behavior during a Minnesota dual has to do with the Iowa State dual. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5848636-furious-cael-sanderson-throws-cube-towel-and-chair-and-is-ejected-from-world-team-trials https://www.tribdem.com/news/local_news/ex-psu-wrestler-pleads-in-sex-assault-case/article_762f5943-9f32-52fd-89eb-2ed7e1fff8d7.html
  13. At no point is there any storming by Terry mentioned. NLWC wrestler Gilman is mentioned in one, and ASU assistant Mark Perry is angry in the other.
  14. Marinelli is 23. Warner is 22. Compare this with Penn State's Max Dean, a 2016 high school graduate, who is at least 23 with another year or two of eligibility after this one. Or 20 year old Beau Bartlett who is on Freshman eligibility currently and has three more seasons and an Olympic redshirt and a regular redshirt left. Maybe he can develop a leg attack!
  15. Really? Also had a close loss to Cenzo. But I would hope he was getting better as time went on... especially with the all star coaching staff.
  16. Add comedian to Ivy League lawyer!
  17. I'm not talking about strength of schedule. I am talking about matches wrestled. It is irrelevant. The NCAAs is tougher than a Cornell dual in front of 900 fans or even the CKLV. Over two years with Borelli, Griffith lost one match. This includes the NCAA tournament, in which Borelli coached him. In less than two weeks, he lost two with Koll. I'm sorry, but Marinelli and Wentzel are a shade tougher than Ramirez.
  18. Really? Are you sure? Like REALLY sure? Looks like Valencia , Wittlake, and Shields were mentioned. Or am I blind? Much better than Ramirez up to this point. Not sure why Marinelli and Wentzel not mentioned in that list, as they are guys he beat under Borelli. The original post btw
  19. I don't think 9-3 Julian Ramirez should be mentioned with that group. Has a loss to the #52 wrestler in the nation.
  20. He's still going, right. (Notice who I was responding too? Our resident Bulgarian)
  21. So he's gotten worse under Cael? Kinda like Mark Hall?
  22. Kinda like holding Kerk out vs. Penn and Lehigh? Did Marinelli ever duck Vincenzo? or anyone? I think Skinny Minny might have more ducks than Bull just last weekend!
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