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  1. Ooops... You just lost all credibility.
  2. Handfighting goes a long way in most heavyweight bouts. Ironside influence? Huh? Ironside was pretty good from neutral, but not world class. Why would he be an influence?
  3. And looked to be dancing behind Stoll as Stoll started walking off the mat. No need. Hard fought, clean match.
  4. I don't think he is in it for the money. Also- I think his style keeps standup specialists off balance. Did he get tagged by by Lawler at all in standup? Or was it all ground and pound?
  5. And I'm done. People come to this board to read about Dan Kolov results... not to read Treek trashing an Olympic champ and his training methods. Good day, Sir!
  6. Strength training is GPP. (General Physical Preparation) You can never be too strong. If you think, he needs better offense, the key is to drill different techniques or put different wrinkle in those techniques. That would be SPP (Specific Physical Preparation). If he wants to keep things fresh, Parkour (lol) as a warmup from time to time would be fine as GPP... but don't expect rock climbing and jumping off of walls and doing the limbo to improve his offense. Wrestling will do that. And you miss my point about basketball. Parkour will not improve a highly trained athlete's agility on a wrestling mat any more than basketball will increase someone's height. Neither of these things is causal.
  7. "By Snyder training differently, using different Agility-based methods, I predict that he would become more 'well-rounded', and begin to execute his shots differently, which modifies his look... which lessens the impact of all the film study. Change isn't always bad... now go back to the Brawndo." Yes, Parkour will teach him how to shoot while jumping off a wall or running up a slide lol. That stuff might be good for warm-ups and change of pace... but if you want to have a better offense, you should practice wrestling. Not parkour.
  8. Sorry. I don't have the time to do mental Parkour to increase my agility. I am too busy playing basketball to increase my height. I am only 5'11" and have noticed a lot of tall people playing high level basketball. Thus, I am hoping by playing basketball that I will grow. Amazing that some Limbo dancers from Caribbean islands don't get recruited to D1 wrestling programs. Those videos seem to indicate a correlation between doing the limbo and being a good wrestler. lol Here's my argument:: Parkour (lol) an activity best performed by smaller men, DEMONSTRATES agility rather than build it. Also some of that stuff is just plain stupid. Snyder should rock climb? He has good agility... he hits low singles.He is just also a bull.I think if he actually needed to change his offense, the way to do it is with drilling... not jumping on stability balls.
  9. Maybe those guys are good at Parkour because of their builds, weights, and DNA? How about this: you Mr. Treek, take up basketball because people who are good at basketball are really tall. Maybe if you keep playing basketball you will get tall like them? That's how it works, right? Lets jump off some walls and balance on some ledges! That'll make us better wrestlers! Not a lot of walls to jump off on a mat. Parkour builds agility about as well as basketball builds height. Both are fun, but they display agility and height, rather than build those to things. Again, I'm more for developing better technique so as not to be rolled by Saduleev next time. That will help him more than running up a slide in the wrong direction and jumping off of walls. Finally: I'm pretty sure Snyder stretches and does box jumps. He just doesn't post it on Insta.
  10. He is a different build of person with different DNA than those other guys. We all bring something different to the table. I have another idea other than "Parkour": How about he not stay wrapped around Saduleev's waist the next time Abdulrashid is in on a shot. Maybe we are not suggesting one of our best athletes ever stop working on what won him championships if he did that!
  11. I honestly knew what he meant. It was just ludicrous. As if parkour is the secret to being a great wrestler. Maybe Snyder does agility drills and yoga but doesn't post on insta?
  12. "general strength"? What does that mean? I'f say that squats, deadlifts, and presses all build a lot of whole body strength. Flexibility? Any idea how much he stretches? Parkour? lol Very cool to watch, but not sure how it improves wrestling. Not sure I want a 225 lb guy doing that stuff. Parkour type strength? What even is that?
  13. I am a former high school coach and current ref. I have noticed that Lee almost always starts on the left in the advantage position. It seemed as if Picc as leaning away a little before the whistle. I am sure that is fine. However, when Lee started to get on top, Picc would lean even harder away from him, giving him the ability to avoid a breakdown and more easily sit. It seems as if this would be a caution (and I know Lee had a tight waist at times ). Why isn't it called?
  14. I saw him get in at least once. Not bad for someone who played football for one year of his life.
  15. I think Robinson grew something like 6+" in college. I also believe he was supposed to be a submariner. Just not happening,,,
  16. So, yeah, it was obvious to me that Stoll did not have a lot of experience against heavyweight leggers. It was made that much more difficult by the fact that his knee brace was giving the kid better traction too. Stoll was trying to slide his leg out and it kept getting stopped by the brace.
  17. I also included another example from the casebook.Check back a couple pages. It wasn't good enough for him.
  18. Johnson and Wales (D3 in RI) awards the winner of their annual tournament with haircare products.
  19. Mikey- I found a reference to loss of control in the casebook. Now you want something else? How about this: Mikey starts the period on top. Alex on bottom. After a wild scramble, Alex has Mikey in a front headlock and is spinning behind. No points have been awarded for an escape. Time expires. The ref correctly gives Alex 1 point, because mikey has lost control, and is on all fours. Alex hasn't established control, nor has he met the criteria for escape, but Mikey no longer has restraining power (nor does he know the rulebook) so Alex earns 1 point because Mikey lost control.
  20. I only watched video once and not closely, so I am not sure I personally would have made the 1 point call in the situation, in fact I probably would not have.... BUT it IS a thing.
  21. 5.10 Situation D: Wrestler B attempts to reverse wrestler A with a switch, however, just before Wrestler B comes on top for a reversal, both wrestlers go out of bounds. It was imminent that Wrestler A would have been reversed and that Wrestler A LOST CONTROL of Wrestler B. Should a reversal, escape, or nothing be awarded? Ruling: Because CONTROL was LOST and no reversal occurred before going out of bounds, the referee should award an escape to Wrestler B. In the face! (taunt)
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