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  1. Our Social will be held between rounds on Saturday beginning at 2 PM. A bunch of great speakers, plenty of food and drink. And networking with the best from our wrestling community. Downtown Cleveland will be a logistical challenge finding spots to socialize. Come join us at our event. Pre register today at www.wrestlersinbusiness.org
  2. We really should be charging JMU and West Chester guys more to compensate for the extra security that required. Not to mention that we have already asked the speaker to talk slowly and in one syllable words so they can understand the conversation. Who ever this is? Hope you can make it. Its a fun and first class event.
  3. I think we could be charging more for West Chester and James Madison guys, just due to the extra security we need at the door. Additionally, all the speakers have been instructed to talk slow and in one syllable words to help them comprehend what's being said. Who ever this is? Hope you can make it. Its always an excellent function for all.
  4. Next Saturday between rounds 2-4:30 PM we are hosting a Social Mixer & Networking event at the Peabody Opera House. Its adjacent to the Arena. MIKE DOUGHTY of the Gable Museum is the MC. Iowa Wrestling Legend and Successful Banker LOU BANACH is the Featured Speaker. Loads of fun, great people, mixer food and adult beverages all for $25 pre registered. $30 at Door is the best deal in town. Go to www.wrestlersinbusiness.org for details and register. Learn why the WIBN is such an outstanding group.
  5. Holding out competitors to protect Seeds? We wonder why wrestling doesn't gave much of a fan base. Fans are asked to pay to attend events where they get a reduced product. What other sport does this?
  6. The WIBN pays the NWCA for the rights to manage the All Star Classic. It was the WIBN's decision to give Track the rights to do so. The NWCA was not involved in the decision to do so. I do accept the feedback and going forward will allow for some changes. But recognize that commercials offset the cost of producing the production. The Mat was also a WIBN decision. Resilite worked with us on the design. It was done in the spirit of adding fun to the program. The feed back has been very positive. In fact, have heard from several coaches across the country interested in purchasing one for their program. The competitors enjoyed it. These competitors and coaches don't have to participate in the Classic. They are volunteers just like everyone else. Its an event to promote the sport for the sport. Its all about giving back. No one individual profits! That said, we work hard to give the kids a great and unique experience. We included scholastic, youth, women and all divisions to demonstrate the quality of wrestling across the country and the diversity of the competitors. I absolutely applaud all the supporters, and am thankful to the NWCA for giving WIBN the opportunity to use this event as a vehicle for us to give back to the sport.
  7. I guess it would take a 30mil gift. With an influential donor.
  8. I like the idea for the NWCA's Classic that our WIBN manages. It's in Cleveland next year. The obstacle I see from the supplier is timing. It surely could be reproduced with today's modern fabric. However, it takes time to produce. Not all competitors commit early. And there are always changes. Worth a discussion though.
  9. There are many challenges that wrestling and Olympic type sports face. None more a threat then the probability of the BCS schools effort to lower the number of men's sports required to keep is D1 designation. Think of Football, Basketball advent sacred. Where would wrestling fall? If that occurs, what remains are most Big 10, Ivy's and a few schools with out football. This is not an unimaginable possibility. The future will tell.
  10. AKHunter, NYAC alone will be worth the visit. We will have a great time.
  11. I posted earlier about our WIBNe event at the NYAC. It's open to anyone, but certainly attractive for those who desire to connect with our professional community. The NYAC has great history. We already have 200+ registered. Great people, good food and drink all for $20.
  12. The Wrestlers in Business Network and Nwca Retired Coaches groups are having a Mixer at the Historic NYAC on Saturday 2-5 PM. Food and Drink (beer and wine) all for $20. All are invited. Pre Register at www.wrestlersinbusiness.org
  13. I assure it will be all of that and some. The AC is a special place. Spread the word and bring a friend. But please do pre register.
  14. yes it is adjacent to Central Park. The view of the park from the event will be memorable
  15. Former Wisconsin Wrestler and Global Business Professional John Bardis is the Keynote Speaker at the event at the NYAC. Edinboro Athletic Director and Olympic Great Bruce Baumgartner and NWCA Executive Director Mike Moyer are also speakers. Former Brockport Wrestler and NYAC Member Dave Foxen is the Event MC. About 100 people have already pre registered. We do have limited capacity at the historic venue. Please pre register! Go to www.wrestlersinbusiness.org for details and to register. Food and Drink (beer and wine) all for $20.
  16. From what I understand, the the NCAA will have no formal managed Fan Fest as we've come to experience and enjoy in the past. I guess the cost is prohibitive in Manhattan? I do know that WIN is putting together something that is sync with what they have done in the past. I do know the NWCA plans to have their Clinic and recognition program somewhere in close proximity. The WIBN (Wrestlers in Business Network) and the NWCA's Retired Coaches Group has a Social, Networking and Speaker program planned at the Historic NYAC on Saturday between rounds 2-5 PM. A strong speaker is being finalized. There will be food and drink (wine and beer). Cost of $20 to register you can't beat. Anyone can go to www.wrestlersinbusiness.org to register and get details. NYC will be a unique and special experience. However, it won't come without challenges and expense. We'd welcome the community at the NYAC.
  17. Yes, One OW per team. No slight at all to Waltz. He easily could have been selected given a different process. The Gladiator Head Dress award is Sponsored and purchased by Knightpoint and company led by former Clarion Wrestler Jason Kuzemka. An award like no other!!
  18. ESPN U is broadcasting the NWCA's All Star Classic LIVE beginning at 5 PM eastern. It is the only other time Wrestling is LIVE on TV. Please watch it and tell your friends to do so too.
  19. The WIBN NY Metro Chapter brings Ohio State's Tom Ryan and Wall Streets John Dougherty as featured speakers at the Networking Mixer in Manhattan. A strong crowd in a great city. Rich Applebaum, his WIBN Metro Board and BTS have a special evening planned. If you desire to come by you can pre register and get further info at www.wrestlersinbusiness.org No doubt these speakers will send you home with something that you can use personally and professionally. Also, grow your Network with a great community! Come learn why thousands of professionals with ties to the wrestling community are involved with the WIBN.
  20. Coach Ryan comes to the WIBN's DC Chapter GWWBN for a luncheon on July 7th. Come hear from a Championship Coach, learn about the WIBN Mission, and grow your professional Network!
  21. Dan Gable is in Cleveland tonite speaking at the WIBN Chapter function. Plenty of excitement for sure. When you consider what the WIBN and community accomplished relative to the Cleveland State situation it's truly remarkable. Come join us tonite, and grow your professional network with this great group. Www.wrestlersinbusiness.org for details.
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