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  1. Billyhoyle

    Ohio state vs Wisconsin

    This is a very different program from the one Russ Hellickson left. He didn't run the program into the ground, but he didn't have near the level of success that Tom Ryan has had, and especially has had recently. Couple that to the fact that Ohio has been the second best state for high school wrestling behind PA for many years and you could say Hellickson underperformed during his tenure. Given Tom Ryan's success at Hofstra, I think he would have still reached this level of success even if the team had started from a worse place-it just would have taken more time. There was also the whole sexual harassment/abuse of wrestlers that is being investigated. Hellickson has admitted to confronting Strauss/complaining to the admin about the showering situation, so it can easily be asked whether it was his responsibility to do more to end the issue, and we will not know whether he should have until the investigation is complete.
  2. This is the placebo effect in action. Please nobody explain science to him because the results have been great recently.
  3. Billyhoyle

    Howard commits to . . .

    Taking an average of the compiled recruiting rankings is a misleading way to judge quality of recruits. Much better is to take the starting lineup of each team and look at the wrestler's overall recruit rank. Also, look at the number of cadet/world medals won by a recruit prior to joining the team.
  4. Billyhoyle

    Should I quit?

    If you don't like the sport then quit. What's the point of putting in all that work if you don't actually like it? Alternatively, consider skipping the 5 mile run and weight lifting and instead just go to practice. I think that would free up a lot of time and make it more enjoyable.
  5. Billyhoyle

    Final Thoughts AWL

  6. Billyhoyle

    Bobby Knight

    You're right that he represents an era of coaching that has thankfully ended, but he was in a class of his own in terms of being a despicable coach. See the following. the https://www.chron.com/sports/college-basketball-men/article/List-of-incidents-involving-Bob-Knight-1849372.php I'm also highly skeptical of graduation rates for D1 athletes, given that we have seen reports from multiple schools that athletes have been given passing grades without having to go to class. Some highlights: 1979 — Knight is charged and later tried and convicted in absentia for hitting a policeman before practice at the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico 1994 — Head-butts Sherron Wilkerson while screaming at him on the bench but says it was unintentional. 1999 — Is investigated for possible battery after allegedly choking a man at a restaurant. The man reportedly confronted Knight as he was leaving, contending he heard Knight make a racist remark. Prosecutor refuses to file charges. Assistant Ron Felling is fired after Knight allegedly throws him out of a chair after hearing him criticize the program. March 2000 — Is investigated by university after former player Neil Reed says Knight choked him at a practice in 1997. A videotape of the practice appears to support Reed. Reports surface of other confrontations. In one, Knight throws a vase at a university secretary. In another, Knight's son Tim suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken nose during a scuffle with his father during a hunting trip. In another, Knight attacked and knocked out an Indiana sports information director in the '70s. Sept. 7, 2000 — Is accused of grabbing a student by the arm, cursing and lecturing him about manners after the coach was addressed "Hey, Knight, what's up?"
  7. Billyhoyle

    Howard commits to . . .

    I think his style will translate very well to college from the clips i've seen of him. On tape he looks like a superstar prospect. Who is ranked above him on the 2020 list?
  8. Billyhoyle


    This video was clearly doctored.
  9. Billyhoyle

    What is going on with Princeton

    It wasn't Cornell. Was your experience in the past couple decades? Grade inflation has been a huge issue, but from what I hear even back in the 60s/70s/80s there were plenty of "gut" classes/degrees that the athletes and legacy kids would take. I only knew one person who actually failed out of school, and it was caused by a serious drug problem. Plenty of people struggled academically, but it was because they showed up as premeds/engineers. After a semester of awful grades (Cs), they switched to easy areas of study. You're right though that overall the student body is getting much better.. My point is that while the admission standards may be higher compared to a couple decades ago on average, the schools still need to be able to admit athletes and legacy kids who are decently smart but not exceptional. The more $$$ provided by donors, the more leeway is provided for a particular sport or student. It's not a coincidence that the rise of Princeton (and Cornell) wrestling correlate to particular ultra-successful alumni giving back. I guess it's a question of what the role of a university should be. In my opinion, the endowments at these places are now high enough that they should stop selling admission spots to the highest bidder. In its current form, the ivy league universities (and every other top school) enable a system where academic pedigree can be purchased instead of earned. It is like having your parents buy a state title for you without anyone finding out about it. To be clear, I have much more of an issue with the legacy admits than athletics admits (it would be hypocritical to some extent for me to criticize the latter), but I do find certain tactics to be over the line (e.g. I don't think anyone in the ivies should redshirt).
  10. Billyhoyle

    What is going on with Princeton

    It is almost impossible to fail out of an ivy league school, and professors there are pressured to pass even the worst students. The athletes that they are accepting are good enough to graduate, but any average student at a state school could graduate from an ivy with the right major. Classes at Princeton are not difficult in all majors-only certain ones. In terms of qualifying for a scholarship..Maybe they all could if you go low enough on the rankings, but definitely not at the top state schools (UCB, UCLA, Michigan, UNC, UVA, etc). Some would, some wouldn't. Nothing that you are saying contradicts the fact that the uni has loosened up admission standards now vs a decade plus ago for the wrestling team. Yes, they are still smart. Yes, they are good people. But they can get in people now that they couldn't before, which was a necessary change for the team to be as competitive as it is now. Lastly, going to an ivy league school is definitely not "the hard way." It is a privilege. The students are treated exceptionally well and are set up to get great jobs afterwards. Look into the Harvard lawsuit-admission into these places is absolutely not a meritocracy and is largely designed for the children of rich donors to be rubber stamped into positions of power.
  11. Billyhoyle

    CKLV Discussion

    Singletary isn't beating Gable, but he looks like a legitimate heavyweight. Is he really only weighing 220? Wonder if he or Kirkvliet will be able to make 197-otherwise one of the two will be an outstanding transfer.
  12. Billyhoyle

    CKLV Discussion

    Ohio State doesn't have a chance at the team race, so it makes sense to let Micah wrestle at his best weight.
  13. Billyhoyle

    Aaron Brooks to Wrestle Midlands

    I don’t think Askren shows now that he’s in the UFC.
  14. Billyhoyle

    tOSU Signees

    Bojo/Nato and Snyder were two different recruiting classes.
  15. Billyhoyle

    Foxcatcher Movie

    Movies that are "based off of a true story" do not need to follow that story exactly. They use aspects of the true event for the purpose of telling the director's story. I believe the movie was inspired/based off of Mark Schultz's book, which is why it focused on him, and the majority of events depicted in the movie were based on real events. I agree that the story could have been told better, but it really wasn't as bad as what you are saying. There was very outstanding acting in it (especially Mark Ruffalo). Channing Tatum was an exception, but he isn't exactly a great actor..so what can you really expect. I don't think his performance was terrible either. Overall I thought it was one of the better movies that year. I don't agree that it made wrestlers look terrible. It depicted the situation at the time for those athletes, which was people chasing a dream with essentially no financial support. The lengths to which they had to go (appeasing a crazy millionaire) to train were not fake and made for a good story. There were some really interesting aspects of the movie including: 1. DuPont as a character: his relationship with his mother-the strangeness of these very rich almost aristocratic families who sponsor athletes as hobbies and then collect the trophies. Just think about the strangeness of having these wrestlers/families of wrestling living on this guy's property....And of course his descent into madness. Carrel did an excellent job. 2. Mark Schultz being in the "shadow" of his brother. Despite having more success (at NCAAs on the world level, etc), the movie depicts the challenges of having an ultra successful older sibling and the rivalry that can arise from that. Then Dupont comes along...But even with the rivalry, the love between Mark/Dave is clear. 3. The power/influence of money/wealth. How it makes people do things that seem irrational to those outside the situation. How people turn a blind eye to this irrational behavior. In terms of the physical relationship thing....Be honest with yoruself...Why did Dupont want these wrestlers around him? Why did he want to train with them? Are we really going to kid ourselves with this? The movie doesn't imply that he and Mark had a relationship, but rather that Dupont preyed on him/the other wrestlers. Seems very similar to the Ohio State scandal/investigation. Given the revelations there, that aspect of the movie is clearly important. People in power abuse those without it, and that includes sexually. I also disagree completely that it makes Mark Schultz look bad. I think it makes him look human, which he is. He's not depicted as a marvel superhero, and he's not depicted as a villain. He has flaws like everyone else and has lived and continues to live a very interesting life (with absolutely incredible moments and absolutely heartbreaking moments). In terms of his reaction to the movie-at times he has said he loves it and at times he has said he hates it-a very normal response to seeing the best and worst moments of your life play out on screen.