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  1. And most turn 18 their senior year. He was 1 year older than most. A-Ech turned either 20 or 21. Not ideal, but I don't see posts questioning Stieber's or Hall's morals.
  2. Why do you feel the need to attack this guy personally in every thread that’s about him? He wasn’t 22 2 years ago. What value do you get from constantly bashing somebody personally when he immigrated from a communist dictatorship for a better life? Who are you to judge him on a personal level like that for a a decision to compete in HS 2 years ago at an age not much older than Stieber or Mark Hall?
  3. You have to admit though that spartan combat races are probably one of the dumbest forms of exercise ever invented. I agree though that it’s great they spend money to sponsor wrestling.
  4. The U.S. women's team is more popular than the U.S. Men's team in the U.S. The men make more money because of the popularity of men's soccer internationally, but domestically the women drive more market value. In reality though, the men's and women's soccer team are not in opposition. The success of women's soccer has led to a huge number of female soccer fans, who also follow the men's game. The same could be true for wresting. Although the market isn't currently large for women's wrestling, if it is fostered, it could prove highly beneficial for men's wrestling by expanding the potential number of wrestling fans. The value to men's wrestling is not just gender balancing for title IX-it has the potential to be one of the only areas of growth for the sport of wrestling both in terms of participation, D1 programs, and fanbase. That's why USAW and now flow supporting it is great for the long-term heath of the sport. Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with not liking women's wresting as much as men's. I definitely am in that boat. But I think I would like women's wrestling more than I do now if it were marketed more to me and if it gained a foothold in D1 whereby there were women representing Iowa, PSU, Ohio state, etc.
  5. Great, you've listed an example of a sport where male athletes are significantly more popular. Others include football, baseball, and hockey-the sports with professional leagues with huge built up brands. Sports where women are more or equally as popular in the united states as the male counterparts: Tennis, Figure Skating, volleyball, swimming, Soccer, gymnastics. All of those women's sports are more popular than men's wrestling (except volleyball, which I know nothing about but probably gets more olympic air time). If you want an example that's most similar to wrestling, why don't we just use MMA? In MMA, the women fighters sell a significant number of PPVs, and Ronda Rousey was as big of a star as anybody other than Conor and Lesnar. If women's wrestling is supported through marketing by outlets like flo and financially by USAW, it could prove to be a great way to draw new fans to the sport.
  6. Agree with those who say pay should be equal for prize money/stipends and market-based for PPV events. I also think USAW should consider subsidizing women's wrestling at RTCs to account for the fact that there is less demand for them to train with NCAA athletes. With that said though, I think it's important for organizations like Flo to invest in and market women's wrestling. It's necessary for the survival of the sport long term, and I think it's a long term good financial decision for them. There wasn't a market for women's MMA until UFC invested in it and promoted it-and then Ronda Rousey became the second biggest star in the sport behind Brock Lesnar (she is still prob about #4 all time). Likewise, I think flo could build/market the top women's athletes-they could drive storylines that lead to fan interest. This could add new fans who may not have been interested in wrestling otherwise. As a fan, while I prefer men's wrestling, women's matches are way better than those weird submission wrestling crossover matches they were pushing for a while, and I think it's awesome that they are now supporting the women. Long term, the growth of women's NCAA wrestling is a huge net positive for the survival of men's NCAA wrestling. The same is true for women's olympic style wrestling.
  7. Neither of which were boxing. In fact, he spent his entire career avoiding throwing or taking a punch. Nate Robinson was a world class basketball player, which also isn't boxing.
  8. Much has changed in our universities since the 1700s when you attended. He is not at any disadvantage.
  9. Why is him being married to a rich girl a cause for concern? Unless i'm missing something (which I may be??), the only thing concerning is how much you seem to care about the relationship of somebody in college.
  10. Maybe somebody wouldn't want to become a roided up joke like Lesnar, Angle, and the other WWE guys? Yes, he will make a lot of $$$ in WWE, but he goes from being professional athlete to dancing around in tights. If it's his dream, then sure he might as well pursue it, but it would be a huge waste of his talent, and disappointing to fans of wrestling/sports. Like Cejudo or Sanderson walking away way too early.
  11. Seeing as you chose to post in this thread in such a combative way, it seems like you care.
  12. Bump. Guess none of them made the 2020 olympic team. There's still a chance for 2021 though.
  13. Unless you are JB, the real money in wrestling is being an NCAA coach. Credentials in folk are helpful for that.
  14. Mekhi is also a junior world champ so he had the credentials to be an emerging star after his run at NCAAs. Not everyone is always able to continue steep upward trajectories the way Snyder and Burroughs did though. That’s why when it does happen, those guys are special.
  15. The back and forth between NJDan and AHamilton reminds me of this:
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