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  1. Billyhoyle

    Battle of the Italians

    Are we talking about pizza or are we talking about a casserole?
  2. Billyhoyle

    National Prep Wrestling...?? Blair,Wyoming,Malvern

    Pretty much all of the traditional prep schools are on the east coast. It must be a New England thing to ship your kids out of the house in 9th grade. There are some urban prep schools as well that are meant to keep the kids of the rich away from a subpar public school system. I guess in most other places they just accomplish this through school districts, so prep schools aren't really needed... this isn't an option in some cities though. People are also confusing catholic schools and public schools named after saints with prep schools...There is a huge difference (thousands of dollars in tuition-many of these prep schools are now charging 50K and up).
  3. Billyhoyle

    Battle of the Italians

    This is Blasphemy on this forum. JORDAN BURROUGHS. Also..Bruce Springsteen.
  4. Billyhoyle

    Battle of the Italians

    Any thoughts on Columbus day?
  5. The present women’s teams are at obscure universities. Wrestling camps are about more than just the college team-the facilities and location are important too. I used them as a way to visit colleges. Hopefully these universities are hiring women technicians and counselors for these camps though (are they?).
  6. Billyhoyle

    Dislocated Patellar / knee pads

    You want the giant turtle shell-looking knee pads. Don't get the sleek sleeve-like ones. The more padding, the better.
  7. Billyhoyle

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    Vito made glory an offer he couldn’t refuse.
  8. Billyhoyle

    Bey with a right hook

    Wonder how long the suspension for that will be.
  9. Billyhoyle


    I too always used to say that life is not a game of pong.
  10. Billyhoyle

    Cox vs Nickal

  11. Billyhoyle

    High School Wrestler Attacks Coach...Brawl Ensues...

    What a lawless society-things are going downhill. Can’t believe somebody would post HS wrestling news in the college section. What is the world coming to.
  12. Billyhoyle

    Headgear 2019-20

    Do you also think that the earth is flat and "Big NASA" perpetuates the lie about us landing on the moon to keep their budget fat? Headgear is mandatory because it prevents cauliflower ear.
  13. Billyhoyle

    Headgear 2019-20

    Headgear is mandatory in practice in the NCAA. It should be in HS as well.
  14. Billyhoyle

    Headgear 2019-20

    I see very few wrestlers with broken teeth from wrestling, but many with messed up ears. You claiming that there should be more protective equipment is not an argument to remove ear protection.
  15. Billyhoyle

    Headgear 2019-20

    If wearing headgear is the reason you hurt year ears, then you did not put them on properly or you bought a defective pair. Headgear should not be optional. If it were optional, there will be pressure on people not to wear it. You don't make safety equipment optional in high school/college sports.