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    JG JB, KD, DT, JC, KS, NG

    My issue with this goes far beyond this topic. 538 has an entire website stretching statistics to create percentages for literally everything related to sports/politics, when these percentages are no more accurate than simply saying something is "likely," "probable," "unlikely," etc.
  2. Billyhoyle

    JG JB, KD, DT, JC, KS, NG

    I will never understand the obsession some people have with quantifying the unquantifiable when words would suffice.
  3. Billyhoyle

    Off Topic: opening day for college football

    I'm not a fan of this thread, but it had to be bumped today. Congrats JB!
  4. Billyhoyle

    If you are Zahid Valencia....

    Is that the only reason you’d like to see him move up? He still has another year at 79 kg before 2020.
  5. Billyhoyle

    If you are Zahid Valencia....

    Zahid beats both. It's just a matter what weight he's more comfortable at.
  6. Billyhoyle

    College Football Pick'em

    This is not a football forum.
  7. Billyhoyle

    Off Topic: opening day for college football

    I like watching college football, but I can't help but be disgusted by the amount coaches now paid to coach unpaid athletes (although we all know the truth that they are paid under the table). This is fueled on by fans who treat colleges they didn't even go to as their favorite sports teams and students who choose their college based on the quality of the football team instead of quality of education (unbelievably this factors into the decision of many people). Places like Michigan, Ohio State, and Texas are less egregious to me since they have outstanding academics and very large athletic programs beyond just football. But it seems that some SEC schools (e.g. Alabama/Auburn/Georgia) are running a football team more than they are an athletic program or academic institution. Of course, I still watch, but the NFL is significantly better partly because of this (and of course the better quality of play).
  8. Billyhoyle

    BC Update

    Is the guy who sent those texts still a coach at BC?
  9. Billyhoyle

    Wow- Breaking News

    At some point again, Cael will get a "big pickup." OP will then be able to declare victory.
  10. Billyhoyle

    BC Update

    Those are some very, very creepy texts.
  11. Billyhoyle

    Richard Perry accident

    We have next to no information about what happened. Everything at this point is speculation, so you are absolutely right. There are a lot of “Ifs” but very few facts. That is the point I am making.
  12. Billyhoyle

    Richard Perry accident

    I understand that it is important to maintain respect and privacy for the Perry family, but has there been any reporting on what caused this? If in fact USAW acted neglegently as some here are suggesting (and seems possibly to be the case) where are the reports from people with sources? Isn’t it possible to report the facts while respecting the family’s privacy (reporting could actually help raise awareness and increase their fundraising).
  13. For those who don't remember, Isaiah Bird is a young wrestler with an amazing story. See the following ESPN story that circulated on the forum a couple years ago. Recently he has been featured in a very high profile Nike commercial. Whether you agree with the message of the commercial or not, it's pretty awesome to see him featured. I have been generally avoiding buying Nike for a number of years now since the Oregon fiasco (with the exception of gear from my college, which is sponsored by Nike), but it's great to see them feature a wrestler in this spot, which will go down as one of the most watched/talked about spots of the year.
  14. Billyhoyle

    Team USA Budapest Betting Odds

    Gwiz to medal is one bet i'd make. Snyder to medal is the other.