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  1. If the logic for Dake over Taylor is H2H as many here seem to think, I think your choice of Cox over Dake makes a ton of sense. Cox has the H2H record and the additional world medal over Dake. Otherwise very similar resumes.
  2. Great to see PSU there this time. National duals is one of the best events there is if the best teams show up. The Minn/OSU event that saw Konrad pinning Mocco in the finals is still probably the best dual meet I can ever remember seeing and that dual rivaled any NCAA tournament in my memory.
  3. As much as I admire Tom Ryan's commitment to freestyle by refusing to train his athletes in the bottom position, if Ohio State doesn't improve, they may need to start thinking about a coaching change.
  4. Enough discussion, let's vote. As a second exercise: Rank from 1-5, 1 being best and 5 being worst, the wrestling careers to date of the following five wrestlers. (This is not my ranking) 1. Taylor 2. Dake 3. Cox 4. Varner 5. Cejudo
  5. Who had the better career: Terry or Tom Brands?
  6. There is a clip of Terry Brands saying the exact same thing when describing his career in regards to his world titles vs Olympic medals. You can feel differently if you want- I'm not going to call you dumb for it, just wrong. We aren't getting anywhere with the insults and name calling. Let's just have a vote and see where popular opinion stands. I'm sure i'm not the only idiot out there.
  7. That's kind of how individual sports work. Nothing is more important than winning on the biggest stage. I called Dake one of the best USA wrestlers in history in my post. Yet somehow because he's not at the level of an olympic champion, you're triggered to the point of calling me an idiot and a liar. Don't get mad at me for it-3 years from now he will have another opportunity to prove that he is at the level of Taylor, Varner, Gable, Burroughs, etc. Right now he can be compared to Cox, Terry Brands, Logan Stieber, Zeke Jones, etc. There's no shame in that-wrestling is an unforgiving sport, and he did a great job representing the USA this year.
  8. Clearly you take this personally. What part of this post is a lie? I would be saying this same thing if Dake had won and Taylor took bronze. I was rooting for both.
  9. The only talking point that matters. Outside of a situation like Lee Kemp or somebody who couldn't compete due to injury, there's no comparing an olympic champion to non olympic champion. It doesn't matter how many state titles, ncaa titles, or midland championships Dake has. Their H2H record from 5-10 years ago doesn't matter. Taylor, Steveson, Burroughs, Snyder, and Varner are in a class above Dake. Yes, Dake is still one of the top U.S. wrestlers ever (maybe top 25-50), which is an incredible achievement, I'd even put him over some of the 1984 olympic champions, but he will need to perform the way we all thought he would in Tokyo 3 years from now to be compared to Taylor, Cael, etc.
  10. My assumption is that if he had gone up earlier, he may have built his body up earlier and would have beaten Cox in 2017. That’s why I’m saying one max, but not guaranteed. DT from 2018 or 2020 beats 2017 Cox and Yaz.
  11. His waiting only cost him one WC max and may have saved him from getting fireman's carried and some broken ribs. He could have gotten some silver and bronze medals though.
  12. Dake has of course improved some over the past cycle (albeit with the letdown at the Olympics), but I think he would have been a world medal contender like he is now in the years he lost to JB. Moving up a weight for DT has been a transformation-he physically looks like a different athlete. Because of his frame, I don't think Dake would be Yaz or Taylor at 86 kg. Dake is still a very good wrestler, he just has never reached the heights of JB and Taylor in terms of being one of the top P4P in the world. I think so with strength, yeah. Most of his points against DT are pushouts. I think that's partly why he wears down, since he's so reliant on being overpowering.
  13. About what? The first women's wrestling HC at Iowa won't be somebody with multiple title IX violations against him. You can't get employed at a university as a wrestling coach with that. For the names I threw out there as possibilities, I have no idea, so you're probably right. I'm just throwing out guesses. Something that makes a lot of sense: Terry Steiner as HC to help get the program off the ground with a bigger name like TMS/Gray/Maroulis as the head assistant to take over in ~5-10 years.
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