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  1. Out of all the American world or Olympic champions in freestyle over the past 50 years, how many have never won an NCAA title?
  2. Didn't Cejudo win the US Open as a senior in HS? I recall him being considered the clear cut best wrestler in the country for his year when he graduated. Didn't he also get silver at JR worlds as a senior in HS, only losing to Kudukhov, who was world champion a year later? In terms of the best US wrestlers to never wrestle in college, I don't see how he can be anything other than #1. If wrestler A is undefeated in HS, he isn't better than wrestler B who takes a few losses early on but near the end of his HS career is one of the best in the world. This debate is kind of like how some insisted on ranking Marsteller above Snyder their senior years. Yes, Marsteller had a more impressive overall track record (being a 4X PA state champ beats being a great Maryland prep wrestler), but by their senior year it was clear that Snyder was better.
  3. With the amount of work people put in to reinstate the program, that was terrible news. Why was it costing more? When it came time to drop a program, why are we surprised they would go with wrestling?
  4. Koll listed Cornell’s vaccine mandate as one of the contributing factors for Dean leaving. The other was the potential for the ivies to cancel the season next year, but ironically vaccine mandates throughout the Ivy League will be the exact reason the seasons will not be canceled. It doesn’t. And I don’t recall Koll ever being dishonest. There are questions as to whether he was throwing Dean under the bus by making him appear to be an anti- vaxxer, but I personally have zero problem with it. Some think vaccine choice is a personal decision that a coach shouldn’t share, but I don’t take any issue with Koll defending the reputation of his program by revealing this contributing factor for the transfer.
  5. If the reason he is transferring is because Cornell is requiring vaccines (as Koll suggested), then those circumstances are worth discussing. Like I said, it’s very easy to avoid certain threads. I’m not sure why that discussion bothers you.
  6. It’s very easy to just not click on the thread. This transfer is big news and deserves discussion.
  7. Or maybe Sadulaev is just the better wrestler. Synder is one of the most mentally strong athletes there is-Sadulaev is simply awesome though.
  8. Or to get your name on a building.
  9. Oh yikes-I somehow missed the significant injury part of your post. My bad.
  10. But can’t you still medical redshirt or Olympic redshirt for a 6th year of eligibility even after taking a grayshirt and redshirt (7 years post graduation)?
  11. Right-I think we are on the same page. I’m suggesting they implement a hard 5 year cutoff post what would be your first semester. So if you grayshirt, you can no longer redshirt, medical RS, or Olympic redshirt.
  12. If you grayshirt, can’t you still redshirt? Isn’t it currently possible to go grayshirt, then redshirt, then medical redshirt/6th year waiver?
  13. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/0940ea8e-87e6-4f7d-a748-01edc8d953c3
  14. I wasn’t even aware that they made this change-I thought it was still 5 years post enrollment. Maybe the new rule should just be that your eligibility ends 5 years after your first possible semester. This way everyone will have the option for a single traditional redshirt, medical redshirt, Olympic redshirt, or grayshirt.
  15. Wasn’t Fresno involved in a huge recruiting scandal under his watch that contributed to the program getting cut?
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