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  1. Yes, but I think Bo is one of the few elite wrestlers set up to succeed. He has the lanky/unorthodox style that leads to highlight fiights/finishes (and therefore he is set up to be popular). Guys like Pico/Askren and even Cejudo use their wrestling in a much more traditional way than I think Bo will be, so they get labelled as boring fighters. Even If you are a great fighter like Cejudo, without being exciting, you don't make the same amount of money as far inferior fighters. It's one of the reasons UFC is a borderline sport-it's more important to be entertaining than good.
  2. Don’t you get that the year of community college is actually better for the students? Cornell knows better than the other ivies about redshirting. It’s actually a good thing because you can take classes at community college instead of those taught by Ivy League profs.
  3. How do you know this conversation wasn't about academics? Maybe Koll had seen his latest test scores? Everyone assumes Cornell is blatantly abusing the ivy league redshirt rule, but there is absolutely no evidence of that. Sure, their athletes are mainly 7th year seniors, but that is just a coincidence.
  4. Nick Heflin, Brock Lesnar, JD Bergman, Chad Mendes.
  5. IMO, he is the best 165 lb wrestler (including the -7 lb allowance years) in NCAA history in terms of peak performance. He proved that by winning a world title against the 2X world champ immediately after the folkstyle season.
  6. If you are going to include JB on this list, who was as dominant a wrestler as i've seen in his junior and senior seasons, John Smith and Kyle Snyder were also better internationally than they were in college.
  7. Right, but do you see how it is viewed as extremely disrespectful, both to the athletes and to the sport itself? If Iranian fans value respectful competition, why don't they push back against this policy that is more disrespectful than anything Taylor or Dake have ever done? And if the argument is that it is not safe to push back against it and they would rather remain silent, then maybe criticisms of Dake/Taylor should be withheld as well.
  8. What about Kyle Snyder? What do Iranian fans think about him? I get that Taylor and Dake are poor sports on the mat, but Snyder (like Cox and JB) has been nothing but class. The athlete with the most class i've seen on the mat may be Reza Yazdani though-he was clearly respected by all his opponents and as a fan he was awesome to watch. Also, there is no worse behavior than refusing to even compete against an athlete because of the country he represents. Wait, the guy who gave himself the nickname "magic man" likes to showboat? At least he backs it up on the mat though and is awesome to watch compete. I can live with his antics.
  9. Who will win in the practice room?
  10. Remember that before he moved to NLWC, Gilman was also a much more passive wrestler. He has made huge strides since. Dake has a great offense (see any of his matches against Taylor), he just doesn't always use it. I'm excited to see what happens under Sanderson's tutelage.
  11. How is it selfish? Koll and the Deans all left Cornell. The situation there changed, so he made a decision that was best for his training. That is better for team USA, not just for Dake.
  12. One big problem is that he's moving further away from the lattitude at which he'll be competing in Paris, which may make him less prepared. Maybe it's closer to the lattitude of his cavemen ancestors though, which would make for a better training environment. Regardless, as long as he continues to eat only fermented food, I think he'll be ok.
  13. PSU consistently recruits the best guys for their NCAA teams and NLWC. That’s a good thing. Then their backups go elsewhere… That’s how you maintain this level of dominance. Nolf is very good, but Dake is better. Hall is very good, but Nolf/Taylor were better. Same for Nickal and Snyder or Nico and Gilman.
  14. Will Nolf really stay? I think it may end up being a Bo Nickal/Mark Hall situation where he goes somewhere else.
  15. I have no idea what you are talking about, but I'm assuming it has to do with scholarship limits? You need to spread it across four years.
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