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  1. Do we know if Cael is getting paid in real money or Rokfin coins?
  2. This isn’t a discussion about whether “wrestler A” is better than “wrestler B” where you have your opinion and I have mine. You are making an argument about drug toxicity that makes zero scientific sense-I’m sorry to break it to you. You are using scientific words like “peptides” and “methylation,” but it’s clear you don’t know what you are talking about because neither apply to the question of whether Ostarine has liver toxicity. You say SARMs won’t pass through the liver if taken orally-what are you basing that claim off of? The liver metabolizes the drugs we take, especially if taken orally. Many drugs show liver toxicity-it’s a huge problem in drug development. We already know that steroids are rough on the liver-that’s not in question. The question is whether SARMs are as well. They very well may be less harmful, but it has nothing to do with the points you have made, and to suggest this we need to see a study.
  3. You have a better chance of just about anything than being on the titanic unless you’ve met Doc Brown.
  4. What you have read is probably correct if it is an actual study. The paragraph you quoted about SARMs being less harmful because they are peptides is inaccurate-they are absolutely not peptides. Ok but steroids being methylated has nothing to do with whether SARMs are more or less harmful. The reality is neither you nor I know which is worse and the points you have made don’t make sense and don’t suggest anything either way. If you find a study that shows Ostarine does not cause liver toxicity at the 20-25 dose, that would be the basis for suggesting they may be less harmful. Not incorrectly calling them peptides or randomly pointing out that steroids can be methylated.
  5. It depends the degree to which it is unjust. Disagreeing with a law doesn't justify somebody breaking it. Maybe I think many states have marijuana laws that are unjust, but I wouldn't condone a giant event filled with wrestlers to light up in public in one of these states. I'd like to think our sport isn't filled with people who would act so disrespectfully to a community, and I don't see the value in having a thousand wrestling stream into a town that has enacted laws to protect their public health. Is it that difficult to just hold events in locations that allow these types of gatherings? It really makes the entire sport look bad and selfish. Imagine a bunch of people from outside your community visiting your town for a weekend and breaking your local laws that they find to be unjust-I don't think you'd like it (I sure wouldn't).
  6. No, that's not how it works. The onus is on you to follow the law. If you don't like the town's law, go somewhere else. There are plenty of towns where you can hold wrestling tournaments-I don't see the point is purposefully breaking the local ordinance. It makes wrestlers look bad to be so disrespectful to a community-to think a high school wrestling competition is more important than the law.
  7. Yeah, I didn't say don't have the tournament. Just don't break the law to have a tournament. If it's against the laws of the local township, hold it somewhere else.
  8. Methylation of what functional group? I don't understand what you are talking about there-something being methylated in itself doesn't really mean much. Ostarine and steroids are two completely different types of molecules in terms of structure. These things have to be tested to determine toxicity, and the liver toxicity is going to be separate from their function as drugs. Every drug you take, especially when taken orally, is going to be metabolized by the liver-this is why liver toxicity studies are always such a critical part of drug development. So if you want to say anything about SARM liver toxicity you need to actually find a study on it-you can't just make an assumption.
  9. This isn’t a peaceful protest and even that is not good. These are parents and athletes competing indoors in direct violation of the town’s ordinance meant to protect public health. Imagine a thousand people coming from out of town to where you live putting the lives of you and your neighbors at risk. Extraordinarily selfish behavior by the parents and organizers. If you want to hold the event, do it in a location where it is lawful.
  10. What happened to obeying the law? This township has a clearly defined ordinance banning events such as this and the organizers and parents are willfully disobeying that. Go have the event in a location where it is lawful.
  11. Why would they theoretically cause less liver damage than steroids? As I explained, they are administered orally and metabolized by the liver. They could just as easily cause more liver damage-the fact that they are orally administered means more of the drug may be filtered by the liver compared to injectable steroids, so if anything id be more worried rather than less. Most importantly though, they are not allowed for human consumption, so the safety data is unknown (to my knowledge) in a large trial setting.
  12. Except ostarine isn’t a peptide or a steroid. I think most SARMs aren’t peptides either. These were being administered orally, so should absolutely be subject to liver toxicity. I think injectable drugs are as well, just to a lesser extent. The liver metabolizes most drugs that we take, and liver toxicity is one of the main things that kills many drug candidates. I would be extremely worried taking something like ostarine regularly, since it is not approved for human consumption and has not gone through proper testing. Here is a link that said SARMs can cause liver damage. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7049679/
  13. It says out of competition test on 1/22 and he was home 1/20 or 1/21. I forget exactly-the document is in the other thread.
  14. I don’t think you can even classify SARMs as supplements though. They can’t be sold for human consumption. They’re basically like “bath salts“ in that way. But I definitely admit to not knowing whether they are commonly used in the 50+ crowd.
  15. Personally I’m excited to find out whether the court of appeals decides that Big Boards and Crystal Ball Rankings are considered journalism, blogging, or state of the art proprietary technology/trade secrets.
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