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  1. Knockout mutation in the gene responsible for detecting flying knees.
  2. Given that you admittedly do not understand, please see the very simple and clear explanation below. You claim that these people are well informed, yet they ignore the advice of virtually every medical professional and immunologist in existence, not to mention the medical/scientific literature itself. It's one thing to refuse medical care for a disease (e.g. electing not to receive chemotherapy), which is a personal choice and of no harm to others. But subjecting others to unnecessary risk, especially young children and those with immunodeficiency, is despicable. I think what many don't understand is that vaccines themselves are nothing more than attenuated versions of the viruses themselves (this attenuation can now be done in a number of complex/complementary ways, many of which involve no live viral particles being introduced and rather just a presentation of the proteins from the virus). Without vaccination, all they are accomplishing is exposing themselves (and spreading to others) a live and actually harmful version of the vaccine that they were trying to avoid. So yes, I expect many places (doctors offices, schools, etc) to require covid19 vaccination for service, but I don't think sporting events will.
  3. Once it is widely available, even if people are idiots and chose not to be vaccinated-or if they can't because of a medical reason, then we should still be able to achieve herd immunity and this won't be necessary. I'm pretty sure universities will require it, much like they do MMR, and possibly some workplaces (not sure if the latter is legal), but overall things will likely return practically to normality once the vaccine is out. I don't get why 12 to 24 months of caution/inconvenience while we wait for scientists to develop the vaccine is such a horror to so many people and they'd rather see millions die. With proper caution, all estimates are that we can have a relatively well functioning economy (outside of a couple sectors) and limit total deaths between 100 and 200 K. At this point somewhere between 10 and 30 million have likely been infected in the US. While that is definitely a lot of people, it still leaves the vast majority of people in the country vulnerable. So the best situation is for everyone to keep proceeding with extreme caution until we can distribute the vaccine.
  4. I don't think policy should be based on what ifs like you describe. All indications are that a vaccine is almost guaranteed to be successful, and likely it will be ready in record time. And before you compare COVID-19 to HIV, know that they are nothing alike and I could explain to you all the details of why a COVID-19 vaccine is very likely to work, but I don't want to bore you-so just know that it comes down to effective viral clearance/immune memory in those who have already been infected and a slow mutation rate of the virus.
  5. There's also a difference between having most businesses reopen at reduced density with mandatory PPE and allowing crowded beaches, stadiums, churches, etc. I agree places should start to reopen now, but dual meets and other crowded sporting events cannot be part of that discussion until there is a vaccine. It's not just a matter of people knowing the risks and acting accordingly, because those who know the risks and choose to ignore them are putting the lives of other people at risk.
  6. What makes the truly elite guys special is where talent and competitive drive/hard work meet. Being an elite athlete wouldn’t be anything special if all it took was any random person trying hard. No, the guys like Burroughs, Gretzky, Woods, Federer, Jordan-they are different than the rest of the world. They have a rare combination of physical/mental gifts combined with incredible drive/work ethic. That’s what makes them special and separates them. And yes, Askren has a ton of talent as well-at least for wrestling. Thats why nobody else has been able to replicate his style despite the technique being available. In MMA, yeah, probably not that much talent.
  7. The only camp that can abide by these restrictions is the Wes Wesley “stall camp.” DF’s camp could as well, but he’d have to skip the cheap tilt session.
  8. Kyle Snyder. He might have been good wrestling from bottom, but he never really used it.
  9. Attending this type of event is extremely selfish. Even though you are young/healthy and likely to survive, increasing the spread of the virus will expose people who are vulnerable and likely to be harmed (and can’t stay inside, locked up because of their jobs). Or if you are at risk as well and just want to take the risk, it’s like saying, “I’m fine to drive when drunk/high. I’m willing to take the risk.” This isn’t just about you. I think most businesses should now start to open up again, but need to do so with extreme caution/limits on density. Holding crowded sporting events would be absolutely irresponsible prior to the vaccine being released/widely available (likely early to mid 2021) and would only lead to another lockdown. We’re past the worst of this thing if we all just act responsibly and like adults.
  10. You are correct. For some reason I remember thinking he did. When I watched the match back in the day I guess I didn’t realize time was out.
  11. I’m still waiting for Hendricks vs Askren.
  12. JB is my favorite wrestling ever, but Saitiev is the greatest freestyle wrestler ever. And the way he won was awesome-not pure strength/power like Sadulaev, but a combination of explosiveness, length, technique. He could attack every level with success against the best in the world, and his leg lace was brutal (see the 04 finals).
  13. I was responding to Willy’s post about Nebraska, but I doubt any in the Mac are...but these schools rely heavily on alumni donations and enrollment, which are driven by football. As the P5 conferences continue to make the smaller schools less relevant though, I agree the football teams in conferences like the mac (and maybe their entire existence in D1) may possibly go away.
  14. And so do rowers. And football supports the existence of both sports in P5 conferences. That’s why doing everything necessary to field a competitive football team is important. I’d like to see that recent report-maybe it doesn’t account for the recent TV deals or maybe things like facilities construction are counted as an expense? Kentucky makes more money from football than it does basketball. I’m pretty sure most of the P5 schools are revenue positive in the football programs (prior to covid). But the importance goes beyond just revenue. A successful football program drives alumni donations to a large extent (the schools that have net negative revenue in football likely run that way because of big donations from alumni to subsidize the programs), and also ridiculously drives student enrollment. I wish wrestling brought in the revenue that football does..I really do. Let’s keep supporting our favorite programs to try to make this happen. But I also understand why universities do what they can to field a competitive football team because most of society doesn’t care about wrestling as much as we all here do.
  15. Don’t you remember Friday nights in college? It’s not an environment conducive to sleep. These guys probably have to wake up at 8 for a noon kickoff. It costs a lot of money, but I completely understand why these teams stay at hotels for home games.
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