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    2020 Dark-Horse?

    Pablo Sanchez, 57 Kg. Kid has got exceptional power and speed.
  2. Billyhoyle

    Wrestling and IQ

    I wish you luck in your quest to infiltrate area 51.
  3. Snyder is 23 and has 2 world titles, an olympic title, and a world silver. His only loss at a world championship event is to Sadulaev. David Taylor is 28 and has 1 world tittle. My bet is that Snyder is still improving, while we are all hoping Taylor will be able to come back from injury and regain his form from 2018. The only reason Snyder's improvement is not visible is scouting from the rest of the world can help keep his matches close, and of course Sadulaev was able to put on weight and win the remeatch. It is very clear me that Snyder is the tougher road to making the team, and going through Sadulaev makes 97 kg the much tougher path to an olympic title. If Cox can make 86, there is no doubt that is where he should go.
  4. It makes more sense for him to go 86. Not only is it an easier path to make the team, but there is no Sadulaev at the weight.
  5. Billyhoyle

    What we learned at Dogu

    Didn’t we learn this two years ago when they beat Russia?
  6. Maybe he’s talking about the Cuban at his weight?
  7. Billyhoyle

    Zain's left knee?

    Who decides whether he is healthy enough to compete at worlds or if the alternate goes-Is it just a decision made by him and the PSU medical staff? Do they have the option to do a Nick Suriano type situation of getting him ready to compete and then pulling him out at the last second, thereby preventing the alternate from getting into the bracket? Do doctors at USAW make their own assessment?
  8. Billyhoyle


    For most fighters in the UFC, yes, but with the amount of $$$ Askren gets paid he is going to only get high ranking fights. If he wins 2 fights in a row he will probably get a title shot....If he loses another fight or two, he will probably get cut from the UFC.
  9. This should be SOP. In fact, it would be really cool if there were a spoiler free section of flo just for this (and even events like the US Open/WTT for those of us who may be in different timezones).
  10. Billyhoyle


    The problem is that he got knocked out in 3 seconds, so I can see his point. Nobody who has ever been knocked out as fast as he was ended up with a winning record in the UFC.
  11. Yianni is the evolution of American freestyle wrestling. A technical wizard with great instincts-truly amazing to watch.
  12. Zain's folkstyle top game is not quite as effective in freestyle. https://twitter.com/FloWrestling/status/1149603452495941632
  13. Wow. That was absolute destruction.
  14. Why challenge him on twitter? He just needs to enter one of the tournaments that Snyder competes at and boom he can get his matchup.
  15. Billyhoyle

    Wrestlers in business

    You’re at a trade show? Shouldn’t you be in surgery?
  16. Billyhoyle

    Yasar Dogu

    This is great. Excited to see who wins with competent officiating.
  17. Billyhoyle


    On themat.com message boards, the posters are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the trolls who instigate and the elderly who take the bait. These are their stories.....DUN DUN
  18. Billyhoyle

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    Cornell intensive wrestling and farming camp.
  19. Billyhoyle

    Askren Knocked Out!

    For a second I thought the other thread about this had been knocked out too.
  20. Billyhoyle


    And lighter gloves do more damage per punch even if fewer punches are thrown. I don’t know of that study, which is why AHamilton’s claim is not backed by evidence. I’m not claiming one is worse than the other-just that we don’t know which is worse and it’s very possible MMA is in fact much more dangerous than boxing (but to reiterate, we don’t know).
  21. Billyhoyle


    I never said more sub-concussive impacts aren’t worse than fewer sub-concussive impacts. I said there is no evidence that many sub-concussive impacts (like jabs from boxing gloves) are worse than fewer concussive impacts (getting KOed by MMA gloves). You haven’t produced a shred of evidence suggesting they are.
  22. Billyhoyle


    That is not a study demonstrating that sub-concussive impacts are a greater cause of CTE than more impactful concussive impacts, which is the claim you are making. I don't doubt that both can lead to CTE. If you want to make the claim that the weaker impacts are worse, you have to provide evidence for it. We don't know whether MMA is more dangerous than boxing over an extended period of time because MMA is too new of a sport. At some point, there will be a study examining the long term effects of each sport, but until then, we can't make a conclusion either way. Undoubtedly, both sports are extremely damaging to the brain.
  23. Billyhoyle


    Please show me one study that shows smaller hits over time are worse than getting knocked out. Not some PR claim produced by UFC, but an actual medical study. If such a study does not exist, how can anybody make the claim that smaller repetitive hits are worse? Also, it's not as if UFC guys aren't also taking these small hits as well. You are arguing a point that has no evidence and is moot anyway since UFC fighters take both massive and mild head trauma throughout their training/career.
  24. Billyhoyle


    Newton was around before the late 18th century, so you don't have an excuse for this ahamilton. There is much more force impacted on a brain from a 4oz glove than a 16 oz glove. The weight may be less, but 1/2mv^2 is the kinetic energy, and most importantly the material of the 4oz glove is less soft than the 16 oz glove (less of the energy from the collision is absorbed by the glove). Lastly, pressure= force/area so the force impacted on the brain from the smaller glove is greater because it is centered over a smaller area rather than spread across the larger 16 oz glove. In terms of repetitive trauma, you are correct. But there is no evidence that repetitive sub-concussive impact trauma is worse than a single devastating concussion. While both can lead to CTE, it can take months to recover from a serious concussion.
  25. Billyhoyle


    I don’t doubt that subconcussive blows also lead to CTE. There’s no evidence though that these are worse than concussive blows.