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  1. This is true. Because NLWC is a nonprofit, they have certain filing requirements. I wonder if athlete salaries meet the threshold to be reported in those?
  2. Great idea. It works already for Rutgers/Princeton.
  3. The reason this weight was singled out I think had to do with Bunch winning some high profile international tournaments. USAW had implemented a rule that beyond just beating a proven wrestler in a best of three (after that wrestler was given a bye to the finals), you also had to outplace him at an international tournament to show you can compete international. At the time we had no medalists from USA returning, so they really wanted to encourage ppl to compete at international events.
  4. I've never/rarely seen kids running around screaming at nice restaurants on a friday/sat night, where you'd generally go on a date. But obviously many restaurants are kid-friendly and it's perfectly ok for them to be there making noise.
  5. Along with making sense in terms of change of scenery, I wonder how the $$$ compares at NLWC vs Ohio RTC. If this was driven by a better financial offer, I see that as a very good thing for the sport in terms of athletes being able to support themselves through RTCs.
  6. The rich get richer. That’s the law of the land.
  7. Snyder training with Taylor is good for both of them.
  8. As a speech pathologist, he likely wasn’t paying enough in taxes to have the whole “I pay for your welfare” mentality. Definitely wasn’t a 1 percenter as you imply. And donating Penn State doesn’t give him the right to send harassing letters to the athletes.
  9. A lot of empty seats in this highlight for one of the "largest jiu-jitsu events of all time." I get that this sport has some fans, but I doubt it's enough that a crossover event with a random grappler vs Downey matters at all for the sport of wrestling. I will, of course, change my mind if presented with numbers that indicate big-time viewership.
  10. I’m not an expert. I have an opinion, and that opinion will change if presented with numbers. If you can’t post these for a flo event, then maybe attendance numbers for the largest domestic grappling event of the year (I don’t know what event this is) and how it compares to NCAAs. Or how many people in the country participate in submission grappling and how that compares to taekwondo or wrestling. I’m a subscriber to flo, so I give you guys money and like the content I get. I’m simply expressing my opinion that I think your wrestling coverage is bigger for wrestling than this type of crossover event.
  11. Ban this guy from campus for harassing the student athletes and don’t accept money from him anymore. Problem solved.
  12. I’m sorry, but I’d like some actual viewership numbers. You continue to refuse to post them, but claim I am wrong with 0 evidence. I see a stadium sold out for NCAA wrestling and decent television ratings for that event. I see zero numbers that you’ve posted for grappling. I’m very willing to admit I’m wrong if you would just post the numbers for the WNO event that you claimed was big for the sport of wrestling (and the comparative numbers for the year before). Millions of people participate in taekwondo and it’s a sport that the mainstream has actually heard of. The only people I know who have heard of grappling are ex wrestlers who do it for exercise. That is my opinion-and if you have viewership numbers that discredit my opinion, I’m receptive to changing it.
  13. Yes, I'm saying I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. Without the numbers I don't think we can say which of us is right, but still you are entitled to your opinion just like I am mine. I do have a problem with people complaining about me/others like me posting my opinion (this was not you).
  14. Feel free to disagree with my opinion on anything I post, but don't complain about the fact that I have one. Can't you distinguish between somebody like Haslov disagreeing with what I am saying and "lost" complaining about negativity of those who may not have an opinion that matches his.
  15. It is good for the athletes, but bad for the entire purpose of international competition. It gets around the rule that one country gets one wrestler and turns worlds into a dual between Russia and USA. In terms of immigration: if an athlete immigrates and switches countries that’s great and I have no problem with that. If your mother or father or grandparent immigrated to the US and you want to represent the former country despite having no other ties, you’re gaming the system (in my opinion). It’s one thing to be proud of your heritage, but it’s another to think you should represent that country in international competition.
  16. What is worse: posting an opinion on a message board or complaining about people posting their opinions on a message board? If you don’t like what’s posted, feel free to disagree.
  17. This is awesome, great job for doing this. The fee structure seems a bit high (60 dollars per league), given that we are accustomed to free fantasy in traditional sports and a small fee for money leagues, but I’m sure it was a ton of work getting this off the ground. Your site is awesome and only getting better.
  18. If your only tie to the country is that your mother was born there, you should not be eligible to compete for the country. If he were to move/live there, then that would be another story and perfectly reasonable. If he himself were born there, that would also be fine. I’m also opposed to the way the Russian wrestlers also do this. All this is just my opinion though-I get that some would prefer if an athlete can compete for whomever since it is best for the athletes to be able to compete. Not me though, since I think that goes against the entire purpose of international competition and the Olympics.
  19. The fact that they have people wrestling for countries despite very minimal connections. That’s how the Abounader situation happened, which was an embarrassment. A representative from the university of Michigan boycotted a match against Israel. That is a stain on the program and USAW. Yes, Abounader handled the situation as best as he could, but the Michigan coaches should not have put him in that situation and USAW should not enable this. Bormet called this a “unique situation,” which I don’t buy. Unique situations are guys like Franklin Gomes or Triggas who actually have dual nationality. Not when your entire RTC starts shopping for eligibility based on a grandparent or distant heritage.
  20. The difference is that Michigan RTC seems to be encouraging their athletes to defect if they have any ancestry from another country in the past 100 years. Penn State RTC brings in foreign athletes to make their American athletes better. One is in the best interest of USAW and the other directly goes against it.
  21. I’m surprised Quinn Kinner isn’t projected to start. I feel like highly ranked recruits who are exceptional from the top position generally transition well to college. Guess that may not be the case here.
  22. I don’t mind being wrong at all. I just pointed out that a bjj grappler vs wrestler in a wrestling match probably doesn’t matter for the sport of wrestling given how small a fanbase grappling has. That statement triggered you for some reason, and you seem super intent on proving me wrong without providing the numbers for how many ppl watched it live.
  23. I called it less relevant because Taekwondo is actually an olympic sport while i've never seen a grappling event covered. In terms of popularity, do you really think there are more people participating in submission grappling than Taekwondo and related karate disciplines? I have no idea which sport between the two draws more viewership, but I doubt either really draw many eyeballs. You claimed that this is a win for the sport, while I contend that it is a very minor event that really doesn't matter at all for the sport. I'm sure a couple people watched it and enjoyed the event, which is a good thing, but it is outrageously hyperbolic to think this has any impact whatsoever on the sport of wrestling. Why are viewership numbers for flowrestling events secret? Just post the number of viewers for PD3 vs the grappler compared to whatever the marquee matchup was for last year's WNO event. I'll be happy to admit that this was a huge gain for the sport if the numbers support your claim. So because a couple of former wrestlers make money in MMA (while also likely receiving significant brain damage), grappling is good for college/international wrestling? I'm sorry, but I don't follow this logic.
  24. Ok I will concede that you may be right. There are people here who work for flo: what were the live viewership numbers for this match at WNO? How do they compare to last year’s event? I suspect that very few people watched because there aren’t many grappling fans, but I may be wrong. Also, how many subscribers are there who signed up for flograppling vs flowrestling flotrack? Once again I think there are not many for grappling, but if somebody posts the numbers I’m happy to be proven wrong. Based on the twitter accounts, grappling is dwarfed by the other two (20K vs 150K followers).
  25. What was my false statement? Sorry to break it to you, but even CrossFit is probably more popular than grappling.
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