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  1. Can you really blame anyone for not wanting to overpay for a school in Winfield, Kansas? Attending the university of Iowa is a different story-they aren’t desperate for enrollment.
  2. The thing that sets visionary companies apart is that they see what isn't wanted or popular and create the market for it. See: Apple, Amazon, and Tesla. Flowrestling did this a decade ago, before there was a market for wrestling. And then rather than continue to focus on and build wrestling, they switched to applying the model that built flowrestling to as many niche verticals as possible: flomarching, floBJJ, floracing, etc. How can they get as many subscribers as fast as possible, regardless of the sustainability of the enterprise? The result, IMO, is a noticeable drop in the quality of wrestling content offered outside of their considerable number of HS events.
  3. I think in 7 years, Cael will have clearly passed him. As of now, I think it’s basically 50/50 between them depending on how you value worlds vs Olympics and 10 weight class era vs present. I don’t fault anyone who thinks Gable has the better record, but personally I give a slight edge to Cael. Even so, you’re right that Cael will coach longer than age 49 and eventually it won’t be debatable, so debating it now is a bit pointless. It’s kind of crazy/scary for those of us who would like to see more parity to think Cael could be coaching another three decades.
  4. Being the world team coach is very different than directly coaching guys at HWC or NLWC. I definitely give Cael credit for Gilman, although Snyder is more questionable. As I said, the Gable vs Cael question comes down to how you view 1984. Personally, I don't think they are legitimate (to no fault of the athletes-just politics ruined 8 years of the olympics). So right now it's 6 world level gold for Gable vs 4 for Cael. With 1 vs 2 Olympic golds. Wasn't Zalesky the coach for Zadick? If so it's 5 vs 4 world level gold with there being fewer weightclasses now.
  5. Snyder can't do any better than he has since joining NLWC. We are talking about Sadulaev. The fact is Cael has taken Gilman and Taylor to incredible heights. He also trained Varner to gold. So from the past 3 olympcs, Cael is responsible for 2 gold medals at the Olympics and a WC/olympic bronze from Gilman. Feel free to discount Snyder's medals, but I'm sure the training environment and financial incentives there have helped keep him in the sport, which is half the battle. The bottom line is that Cael will very soon surpass Gable in terms of international coaching record, if he hasn't already. When he does just depends on to what degree you consider the 1984 medal haul legitimate.
  6. Some people come back from getting caught, fix their rep, and win world medals. Bolt disappeared overnight. He was a flash in the pan. Sad will probably overtake Saitiev, but let’s just let him do it first before crowning him. Saitiev was just as feared/dominant in his prime. Here’s a question though: what is the overall Mount Rushmore of freestyle wrestling? Who joins Sad and Saitiev?
  7. I root against PSU every year at NCAAs. Yet I have to recognize the greatness of what they are doing. Cael as a coach has taken USA wrestling to heights we have rarely seen. The question of coach vs student is an interesting one in terms of career success given that these are two of the greatest U.S. wrestlers ever.
  8. I'm simply providing feedback in a discussion topic, agreeing with other posters here. I should be a customer of flowrestling-I was for a number of years. I'm not cheap-I subscribe to multiple streaming services including sports streaming packages. Wrestling is my favorite sport, yet I don't subscribe to flo. Why is that? $150 for about 3 events that I think are worth watching just doesn't cut it for me. I don't expect their content for free, but I have no interest in the HS or BJJ event streaming that they offer. The guy is dismissing our feedback-that's fine. Even though VPNs are legal, I'd rather just give flo my money and not use one. That makes me a troll I guess. Here are hundreds of other "trolls", who are actually angry about it, also providing exactly the same feedback to Flo about monthly vs yearly subscription: https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/austin/profile/digital-media/flosports-inc-0825-1000108975/complaints
  9. Exactly-it's a terrible slur, but because he hasn't made a similar comment in the years since, I think it was more an indication of ignorance than any type of hatred for the Japanese. Realistically, for somebody born in 1994, he is long removed from the period in which there was pervasive anti Japanese sentiment. In terms of his growth since the move to NLWC, it has been impressive. I don't think there is an example of a finer coaching performance in Cael's career than the turn around of Gilman. Obviously coaching two olympic champs is more impressive, but seeing Gilman transform over the course of a year (at the age of 26) from seemingly replaced on the ladder (people such as myself had Fix and Lee both surpassing him), to now an olympic medalist and world champion has been insane.
  10. And if you compare all U.S. wrestlers up to their age 20 season, Cejudo and Snyder are the two greatest ever. That's why you compare their entire careers, and Taylor's has been better. Cael chose not to continue competing to focus on coaching, and his record as a coach is outstanding. His record as an athlete is incredible as well, but he has been surpassed by his protoge DT.
  11. Cael would have had the better career, but you don’t get credit for not competing. We can only judge on accomplishments. That’s why I say Cael was the better wrestler, but Taylor had the better career.
  12. Cael had the more notable career because he is the only ncaa wrestler to go 4X undefeated, so yeah he’d make that swap. But NCAA wrestling is meaningless compared to international. The US is not the major wrestling power in the world, and this was even more true when Cael was beating up on college athletes. So in terms of career success, I value the accomplishments done in a professional setting rather than age-group. Same reason I don’t care about Tim Tebow’s NCAA greatness when judging him as a QB.
  13. Taylor had the better career. NCAA titles are meaningless compared to international medals, and you don’t get credit for “I would have medaled if I showed up.” Cael was the better wrestler though.
  14. How about instead of antagonizing your customers/potential customers with name calling, you consider their feedback. I don't think I said anything negative towards you personally. Everyone here is either a subscriber to flo or once was at one point, and dismissing our feedback as trolling is unfortunately indicative of what you as an organization have become. We aren't asking for the event to be free-we want to give you our money. We are simply questioning the price point for those who don't care for HS wrestling/exhibition matches/BJJ, and don't value the content provided 9 months out of the year. Why is there so much antipathy between flo and so many fans of the sport (going in both directions)? It's not a sustainable strategy to respond to feedback with personal attacks.
  15. If somebody wants to watch the world championships this year, how much would that cost? You have to just accept that not everyone wants to see HS wrestling, flo exhibition matches, flo docs, or get access to flo BJJ. Some people are only interested in international wrestling. Those fans pay $150/year for only a couple of events. It's a price that is way out of whack compared to any comparable service like netflix, Hulu, MLB TV, Rokfin, etc, especially since Flo isn't even producing that stream (or any UWW stream). Nobody would object to paying a reasonable price to watch, but you bought the rights from UWW and are price gouging U.S. fans of international wrestling. Why not offer a package type deal for fans who don't care about HS wrestling?
  16. Don't they have the rights to key events like WTT and worlds for a number of years moving forward? From an investment standpoint, I could definitely see the company crashing and getting acquired, but I think the company itself will be around (even if the investors lose their money).
  17. I disagree. Flo, or a company that acquires flo, will be part of the future of the sport. They are too entrenched. The question is whether a competitor can come along. I agree that Rokfin isn't the answer though. The entire problem with Flo (IMO) is they went from a wrestling focused platform to focusing more on expanding all their other verticals. The result was weaker content for wrestling and alienating their best employees like Willie. Rokfin has now created that same issue with pushing political crap and being obsessed with crypto. I would love to see another wrestling-focused platform come along to compete with Flo, but Flo is here to stay.
  18. We don't want access to Fargo or middle school mat madness. You can buy MLB.TV without having to buy NFL gameday and NBA league pass. Cable companies offer different levels of membership-consider one for those who only care about international wrestling events. People want to pay, just not $150 for 3 events.
  19. We live in a different world now than a decade ago in terms of internet connectivity and streaming capabilities. The ability to stream today is not just because it's profitable-it's also much easier to produce a stream. Anyone in the venue with a smartphone can livestream a bad quality version of the event. I think there's a happy medium between people expecting it to be free (nobody here expects it to be free) and not wanting to pay $150 to get worlds, the WTT, world cup, and a bunch of HS wrestling. What is a fair price for wrestling fans who care about worlds/olympics, but not the HS content, access to flomarching, access to flotrack, access to flow bjj? I pay for bundles like netflix, amazon prime, hbo max, etc, but I have the option to cancel month to month. I also pay for MLB.tv, but that doesn't require me to also pay for college baseball, high school baseball, middle school baseball, softball. It's just as important to grow the sport's fanbase in the U.S. as it is in Russia and Europe. So even though it shouldn't be free because we do have the means to pay, there should be options for viewing less than $150.
  20. Rokfin seems to be have less wrestling content (NLWC hasn't had a video for 3 months) and more political (covid/vaxine/etc) content now. It also seems to be Martin's primary interest based on his twitter and makes subscribing impossible for those of us who want to support the sport without supporting his wacko politics. I wish Willie, whose content is outstanding, could get backing to just start his own platform to directly compete with Flo and keep it wrestling only. Maybe Intermat could move into streaming events.
  21. An interesting question will be what the vaccine requirements will be in Detroit for indoor events in March. These requirements can change on a dime and some fans might be out of luck. Obviously there’s no way of knowing now what those will be.
  22. Many vaccines are more effective than natural immunity due to having multiple booster shots, which drive affinity maturation and IgM to IgG isotype switching. All vaccines are bettrer than natural immunity because you get the protection without the risk of death and bodily harm. If you get infected after the fact, then you get the natural immunity anyway, and are more likely to survive it.
  23. This guys is great, and the bolded is so important. John Smith's meandering stories were pretty distracting. This guy sounds professional-like the announcing you'd get in the NBA, NFL, or MLB. Then the opposite end of the spectrum is the flo tendency to detail every single thing that's happening in the match and freak out over anything sightly interesting.
  24. Funeral homes from everyone who gets infected and dies before developing immunity.
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