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  1. These schools have had to halt all hiring and cut benefits for staff and faculty. Now with the decreased revenue from football/basketball, what are they supposed to do to cut spending in the athletic department? It's impossible not to cut something-they can't just print money. We need to try to put wrestling programs in a position where universities see value in keeping them. And for the ones like Stanford where the decision has already been made, start a plan to get the sport reinstated as they did at Fresno state. This is going to take organizing from alumni and $$$$$.
  2. The only comparison I can think of to the way the government is speeding up the vaccine/therapeutic process is the Manhattan Project. I think years from now people will look back at the speed with which this vaccine was developed/distributed (looking like 9 to 12 months at this point from beginning operation warpspeed in a world where new vaccines normally take 7 to 10 years) much like the speed with which the first atomic bomb was developed. In many ways, the US is doing a huge service for the entire world (subsidizing R&D and manufacturing costs for 5 companies simultaneously) with these investments and shows what the country is at its best. And that doesn’t even factor in that the technology behind moderna/biontech was actually originally funded years ago through a DARPA project.
  3. Because nobody else is going to compete until January at the earliest-the other schools just haven’t announced it yet. Hopefully the season will run from January through April.
  4. Except people with college degrees make significantly more money than people without degrees. Our labor force is now and will continue to be about technology/being educated moreso than unskilled labor (driven in part by automation)-meaning college is a necessity for these jobs. And it’s not subjective-by any metric a degree from Stanford is worth the tuition and a degree from *insert for profit institution* is not. If you think college is such a ripoff, encourage your kids/grandkids not to go-odds are it won’t be a prudent financial decision.
  5. A school like Stanford is absolutely worth the tuition. The same is true for most of the premier state schools (by this I mean the top 1 to 2 state schools in each state and top like 5 in Texas and 10 in California). In fact, college tuition is generally the best investment you can make if you actually put effort into college. The issue with the student loan crisis is that there are many really bad universities that charge the same price as these good universities-and people pay it/attend because they are told they have to have a college degree.
  6. All we have to do is wear masks and avoid indoor bars/restaurants/crowds in general (like beaches) for the next 6 months. That’s literally all it’s going to take from us. Is that too much to ask? South Korea and Germany seem ok with it. Most businesses will be fine and we can then just subsidize the businesses impacted over this time to prevent economic fallout. The actual heavy lifting of stopping the virus is being done by the people doing contact tracing/running sequencing assays and the scientists developing treatments/vaccines. But maybe 6 months of wearing a mask is asking too much from us and we should let the virus run its natural course and kill 1-2 million people.
  7. The bottom line is that university ADs have every reason to cut wrestling and every other non revenue sport above the minimum required by the NCAA. More than title IX, the reason these programs are being cut is the huge increases in tuition where 9.9 scholarships now cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It’s critical that the alumni at every D1 team left organize and start fundraising to build external trusts/endowments not controlled by the university but that provide guaranteed funding every year to the uni for the sport. The fact that Stanford chose to cut wrestling before many other non revenue sports reflects a failure among their alumni to do this. The key is to demonstrate that wrestling has value to the university and should not be the sport to get axed. We need to stop being reactive to these situations and start taking proactive measures to maintain what we have left.
  8. I think the answer is Taylor, without question. He won a world championship and beat the defending olympic champion in the process. He's also favored to make the upcoming olympic team. Yes, Stieber is a world champion, but as others have said nobody who qualified for the olympics was allowed to compete at the weight. So it was a seriously emptied out bracket and not comparable to Taylor's title.
  9. How do I know that you are not part of the elite? Can I believe you? How do I know whether I am part of the elite? Can I believe myself?
  10. Supposedly they are already manufacturing doses for the US to be ready immediately upon FDA approval. I think December/January as outlined by the government at the moment seems a bit aggressive, but I think definitely by March we will have a vaccine with safety/efficacy that is widely distributed. You're right though that it's important to make sure the entire world's population is vaccinated and that will be a challenge unto itself. It's one that I hope the entire world can come together to fund/distribute and will undoubtedly be slower than vaccination of the U.S., Europe, and Japan.
  11. A single point mutation would not be enough to render a vaccine ineffective. Furthermore, the mutation you are referring to isn’t even in the part of the virus that recognizes the host cell so wouldn’t impact the ability to neutralize an infection.
  12. Don’t be so sure about this. The vaccine is expected now as early as December or January, which should be before the OTT.
  13. The sad thing is that if people just acted responsibly in this country by practicing social distancing and wearing ppe, as they have in Germany and South Korea, we would be able to have an almost normal society/economy as we wait for the vaccine likely in December/January. Could we go to bars or indoor restaurants? No, probably not. But we could do most other things almost normally. Of course, wearing a mask somehow became a political issue and matter of personal “freedom.” Btw I agree that having protests in the middle of a pandemic was an awful idea-although it’s very difficult to stop protests from happening. This virus really emphasizes the whole “two Americas phenomenon” though. Not left vs right but the fact that this country is home to both people who are going to deliver a vaccine and effective treatments in a record time never seen before in human history, but also others who can’t seem to grasp that covering your mouth and avoiding crowds limits the spread of a respiratory virus.
  14. The science isn’t unknown. It’s just that 99% of our population is scientifically illiterate and can’t understand the difference between pseudoscience and double blind controlled trials. That includes some otherwise well educated people.
  15. CNN doesn’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to science. They saw a BS study that was not double blinded and believed it or posted it because they thought it would get clicks. Do yourself a favor though and if you get covid, don’t try to get HCQ. China violating US pharma patents is par for the course with them. And yeah, my answer to number 1 is that we don’t know an exact number, but that’s not really important or surprising and all we can go off of for now is the best estimate. In the coming years, there will be retrospective studies that analyze expected vs observed deaths and more accurately pinpoint the true total. So not saying you’re wrong, just that the best we can do for now is this current method of tallying deaths. That’s why I keep saying CFR is between 0.5 and 1 percent and don’t try to give an exact number.
  16. Even if the number isn’t exactly correct, a ton of people have died from it. There definitely isn’t a conspiracy to change the numbers though and accounting for an exact cause of death isn’t always trivial. Whether the number is 110K, 130K, or 150K is of less consequence than the trend of whether these deaths are increasing/decreasing. The bottom line is that we know that approximately somewhere between 0.5 and 1% of those infected die due to the disease-this is a very high CFR for a disease that has the potential to infect 300 million people in the US. It doesn’t work. It showed zero efficacy in the double blind trial that was carried out. The studies that claim efficacy were poorly constructed and highly biased. Anyone claiming otherwise is nuts. The only two drugs that have shown efficacy thus far are Remdesivir and dexamethasone, but neither has demonstrated a dramatic benefit. Why anybody thought a repurposed drug would show a dramatic benefit is beyond me, but there are some more promising monoclonal antibodies in clinical trials targeted directly at the virus. Expect results in the next couple of months.
  17. Would this impact qualification for the 2021 Olympics?
  18. It’s amazing to me how many people with little more than a background in high school science suddenly think they know more than the leading experts on disease in the country. They justify these opinions with discredited “studies” and comments from conspiracists/snake oil salesmen, when the truth of the matter isn’t up for debate and has been known for months.
  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_professional_sports_leagues_by_revenue MLB is the second leading sports league in the world in terms of revenue. These revenues have tripled in the past 20 years. https://www.statista.com/statistics/193466/total-league-revenue-of-the-mlb-since-2005/ People talk about MLB as if it's a dying sport, but the truth is that it's just not growing at the same rate as the NBA and NFL, and that's largely due to the product being better as an in-person experience than for broadcast, meaning that fans tend to be regional based on their ability to get to games. NFL/NBA fans are national because even if you live hundreds of miles from the closest team, you still can become a "fan" of Lebron or the patriots from watching on television. Could some changes make baseball more exciting? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean MLB has a serious problem on its hands or deserves to be compared to Greco. In terms of the X games...I think the X games hasn't caught as much as people had hoped. Turns out you can't just put "X" in front of a bad sport and have it be popular. Still, your point is very true that skateboarding would get better ratings than Greco....But greco is really a bad product at this point. It was actually fairly exciting during the days where they had minimal amount of time from neutral and then had 30/30 forced par terre with the reverse lift. Are these still the rules? I actually haven't really paid too much attention since.
  20. Exceptionally positive results out today from the phase 2 vaccine trial from biontech/Pfizer. The phase 3 will take a number of months, but I’m more confident today about the 2021 Olympics happening than I was yesterday..And I was fairly confident before.
  21. Billyhoyle


    Didn't a ton of resident athletes just leave? Hire him as an assistant coach at HWC instead of replacing all of the athletes. Iowa has one chance, they might as well go all in on him rather than get the #5 guy from a middle weight.
  22. There is too much uncertainty at the moment to know whether this is too much of a cut or not enough.
  23. Billyhoyle


    Iowa makes sense. They have one chance at an Olympian and this would be a great training partner.
  24. Flowrestling is about promoting flowrestling, not the sport of wrestling. When it was Martin and Zeb hustling to events with a camera, getting interviews, asking athletes and coaches, “what % of the sport is mental vs physical”, that’s when it was about the sport of wrestling. Now they are a streaming service and promoter of their own events. They would rather promote a BJJ event on Flo than a wrestling event from a competing service. They tried to sideline a reporter from putting out rankings and covering the sport for a year (turns out covid has done that anyway). There’s nothing wrong with this type of attitude-they are a business and have a responsibility to make money. The reason to sign up for flo is that you think their service is worth the cost, not because you think they are some type of supporter of wrestling. Personally, I think they offer a great product for fans of HS wrestling, but as a college and international fan, I have recently stopped subscribing. Maybe I will again in a non Olympic year for WTT-not sure.
  25. I could definitely see changes happening with the interpretation of title IX in terms of how equality is counted, how sexual assault allegations are adjudicated, or questions about trans athletes competing on women‘s teams. However, there is no chance the court makes a decision to eliminate title IX and especially one that eliminateS women‘s athletics. If you’ve paid attention over the past couple weeks, Roberts and/or Gorsuch appear to tend toward socially liberal decisions, especially those upheld in past cases. With Bostock, it seems like gorsuch found a way using the law to make what he felt was a just decision regardless of the original intent of the law-much like how the 14th amendment is often applied in ways not originally intended by the amendment. I don’t see a similar logic being applied to limit opportunity for women.
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