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  1. Excited to see what he can do. He’s got all the boxes checked in terms of coaching experience and competitive credentials.
  2. It should definitely help some, but I hope people won’t be dumb enough to let their guards down because of it. Otherwise it will be back with a fury in September.
  3. In my opinion the most promising drugs currently in trial are remdesivir to be broadly used and anti IL-6 mAbs to be used in the subset of patients suffering from cytokine release syndrome (aka cytokine storm). I think the drug that will eventually prove most effective is the mAb pair in development by Regeneron that specifically targets the virus (will enter clinical trials in June). The entire pandemic will end completely though with the introduction of a vaccine in 12 to 24 months. The people hoarding hydroxychloroquine are in my opinion absolutely idiotic and cruel, since some people rely on it for indications for which it has shown efficacy. And the risks of taking the drug at this point probably aren’t worth it until efficacy is proven given the low mortality rate of covid. In other words, if you expect 5 deaths per 1000 patients with covid, I’d be very hesitant to take a drug with the side effects of hydroxychloroquine prior to seeing the clinical data. It is probably worth administering to those who are almost out of options though, which is how I think it is presently being applied. Definitely not first line yet though, that’s for sure.
  4. They’re running a clinical trial on hydroxychloroquine, just like they are on a number of other repurposed drugs. There isn’t any reliable clinical data yet that supports the use of any of these compounds, but there are a number that have the potential to have some efficacy-which is why they are running the trials. It’s pointless to speculate about what may or may not work until we see the results from the trials.
  5. This belongs in the international section, not college.
  6. The Dr. he sourced was Dr. drew. It’s like looking to Judge Judy for legal precedent.
  7. What about the overrun hospitals in Italy, lack of ventilators, and hundreds of deaths per day. The bottom line is that holding this tournament was an irresponsible decision.
  8. You get your medical advice from Dr. Drew? When you need a second opinion do you go to Dr. Phil?
  9. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/03/college-wrestling-tournament-coronavirus https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/college-sports/2020/03/14/faith-over-fear-while-the-ncaa-closed-shop-for-coronavirus-these-collegiate-wrestlers-were-grappling-in-allen/ Now the waiting game begins to see if anyone from the event tests positive.
  10. Great trivia question in the future. Only wrestler to win the hodge in a year he didn’t win NCAAs.
  11. The heat should slow it down, but if it does, it is expected to have a second season starting in the fall. That's assuming these measures can effectively stop the spread before then and we aren't left with a fully infected population with herd immunity.
  12. Who in their right mind thinks this virus is going away in the next month? Is everyone busy hoarding toilet paper and groceries and ignoring the projections? March 2021 is going to be the next NCAA tournament, and if everything goes well, there is a decent chance fans will be able to attend.
  13. Obviously the flu shot makes the flu less severe. You can get infected with a homologous strain where you retain partial immunity. Why does this person think that has anything to do with ncov?
  14. You are only displaying your own ignorance here. A flu vaccine provides absolutely no protection against covid-19. Why would it? They are different viruses. I’m glad you were able to recover, but maybe consider thinking about others rather than yourself. Your type of attitude is what causes people to not quarantine themselves after infection for the necessary and therefore expose others to the disease.
  15. In a month or two, you will be able to see some sporting events start up again without fans. So wrestling events can be possible. What won't be possible for many months are packed gymnasiums with fans/competitors. The only way to return to complete normalcy prior to the development of a vaccine are the following: 1. most people get infected-thereby resulting in herd immunity, which will result in hundreds of thousand or possibly millions dying. 2. There is a huge increase in the amount of testing and almost everyone gets tested and then quarantined, thereby completely eliminating the virus from circulation-I don't think there is the capacity to carry out testing at the scale I'm describing here. For the forseeable future, large events just won't be possible. And even though we are likely to see a decrease in cases in the coming months because of the measures presently in place and warming temperature, that will just lead to people returning to work while maintaining distance. The entire point of the next year is to limit the rate of spread of this virus while maintaining some type functioning economy/medical system. After the situation improves over the next couple months, nobody is going to risk going back to where we are today and will be in the next 14 days. The UFC will be able to hold their events with fans in other countries with less responsible leadership and without fans in the U.S.
  16. There won’t be sporting events with fans in this country for many months. They could hold it without fans and sell ppv, but that’s it. It might actually sell a lot of ppvs though Bc every public event is canceled..but they will lose a lot of the bar ppv revenue.
  17. I guarantee you that the UFC will not have any events in the US for the foreseeable future.
  18. They really didn’t cover the difference between viral recombination and genetic drift? Well, maybe you just forgot. Or possibly you took the class long enough ago that there was less focus on these types of events. Unlike calculus, the curriculum in immunology has likely been changing, so that could be a possibility.
  19. Postponing to summer of 2021 makes perfect sense. There should be a vaccine and therapeutics by then and the olympics would be a great “we are back to business as usual” moment for the world. Trying to hold a version without fans this summer would just be depressing.
  20. So the season has ended in an unprecedented manner, and I think it's clear at this point that this was the only option. Unfortunately, failures on many levels of our government, as well as governments from other countries, have caused this. It's infuriating for anybody who has a basic understanding of science to see things get this point almost in slow motion. I won't go into those details and keep this about NCAA wrestling and the specific question: what might next season look like. 1. Athletes should be given an additional semester of eligibility, and I believe prior precedent suggests this will happen. The key prior incident that relates is the Duke Lacrosse case, where Duke had their season cancelled due to false accusations. The result is that an extra year of eligibility was granted to 33 Duke players. I think the same policy will be applied to those who qualified for nationals, as well as athletes from the other sports impacted. For an organization that seems to get nothing but bad press, granting an additional semester of eligibility is a no brainer. 2. Whether or not the 2021 wrestling tournament happens is still in question, but I expect that it will. For the foreseeable future, large group gatherings simply aren't feasible. I believe that the extraordinary measures that are now finally ongoing will slow the spread of the virus, as we have seen happen in China and South Korea. The weather warming up in the coming months should also slow down the spread a bit in some parts of the country. In addition, as we get the necessary testing available (it is a very simple test technically, so I think this will happen sooner rather than later) we will get an idea of just how many people are infected and we will have the ability to more quickly identify and quarantine those who are. However, if suddenly sporting events and other group gatherings start up again and put thousands of people in the same room, it will quickly start to spread again. So what needs to happen in order for the 2021 season to happen in its typical form-with fans in attendance? Either the country needs to be able to identify every single case of the virus (unlikely given that some are asymptomatic), so many people will need to get infected between now and then that herd immunity occurs (this would be tragic and many would die), or an effective vaccine needs to be developed (the timeline for this is said to be 12-18 months, but there is a chance it is accelerated given the extaordinary circumstances). The reason that I think the season will happen though is that I think there are some promising therapeutics that may be online prior to vaccines being available (possibly as soon as the end of the year). I think as the mortality rate decreases from these interventions and preventative measures, competition will be allowed to commence again and we will get to enjoy the 2020-2021 season and NCAAs (potentially without fans in attendance at first). I wish you all the best, and I'm more optimistic today than I have been in the past couple weeks, as strange as that may seem.
  21. It’s not surprising that Harvard would do this. They don’t want their employees traveling and they’re not going to make an exception for the wrestling coaches. Athletics is a very small part of what Harvard is about.
  22. Well it depends how old you are and what your underlying medical conditions are. Just generally try to avoid crowds, work from home if you can, and don't leave your house if you start to feel sick. Also, if you are young and have elderly parents/relatives, talk to them and check up on them. Make sure they have what they need (e.g. offer to buy their groceries, pick up items for them, etc). The most important thing is to protect the people you care about while limiting the potential to spread this throughout the general public. The next 2 weeks are really going to be the critical thing that can either make this something that is just a minor change in the way we live our lives (like not being able to attend NCAAs for a year) or something that brings the entire medical system to its knees and sees an unimaginable death toll. As slow and infuriating as the initial response/lack of testing has been from the government, I am hopeful that the tide is finally turning and people will start to take the necessary precautions.
  23. Do you understand how exponential growth works?
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