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  1. Of course they are lucrative. Each individual one isn't making THAT much money, but there's a reason Stieber, Askren, and Taylor are getting into this business. As long as they make money at all, they can just franchise them out across the country. Right now AWA has 3 location..What's stopping them from continuing to expand?
  2. Askren is a very good technician, so any university would want him as an assistant, but I'm not sure he has the mentality to be a head coach. It doesn't fit with his, "I have an opinion on everything" persona. I bet he tries to expand his media content and high school wrestling academy business.
  3. Enough to pay for the tuition reimbursement that was promised.
  4. I would absolutely watch it, but probably wouldn't follow as closely as I do men's NCAA wrestling/international wrestling. I think for me it would be a lot like NCAA basketball, where I don't really pay too much attention to it, but when the NCAA tournament comes around I watch. Your point about women's international wrestling is a good one though. I think the direct comparison is Greco, and I think I have watched more women's international wrestling than Greco in the past couple of years because of Gray, Maroulis, etc.
  5. Please go back to watching "WWF" from the 1980s on VHS. NCAA wrestling in 2019 doesn't want you.
  6. Hmmm, ok I will admit that this is very suspicious. I looked some statistics up online and approximately 1/12th of people are also born into the month of September. That makes me wonder what these other people are also hiding. Why are so many people born in September? I think this necessitates further investigation.
  7. As long as he shows up to class and puts in some effort, he will pass. There are some classes that are intense where you can fail even if you do try, but there are others (at every school) that just want to see some effort. I believe he has access to the same tutors as the other athletes...If you were an athlete in college you would understand that the university has tracks designed to keep these guys academically eligible unless they really refuse to cooperate. At the end of the day, a college degree these days doesn't mean very much and these places are practically diploma mills. And yes, that includes even Harvard where they have this thing called the extension school where you basically purchase a degree. And because English isn't his first language, I think profs would be willing to cut him some slack if he puts in effort, since a number of students at universities are international (mainly from China) and also struggle with English. You're leveling accusations at him about his age, but can you please provide some evidence? How would you feel if somebody made accusations against you without providing any evidence? What you are accusing him of is actually a crime (depending on what forms he has filled out with his age), so you should have some type of document that supports your claim if you are going to libel him on a public forum. It's one thing to say he looks old for his age and the situation is a bit suspicious-it's another to claim as you are doing that your accusations are true. You might want to ask yourself why this kid in particular has triggered this reaction from you-what about him is different than the other kids?
  8. He has nothing to do now that Tebow's minor league season is over.
  9. He sounds bitter because he says this guy is 7 years older and is questioning whether he will struggle in school, not because he's suggesting the transition to folkstyle might be difficult.
  10. I thought he was 19? Essentially no different than Mark Hall/Logan Stieber age wise at that level. In terms of academics, there are many classes at every big school like tOSU/OSU/PSU/Alabama for athletes to stay eligible, as long as he shows up to class. Your post seems very bitter for some unknown reason.
  11. Did Eierman graduate already? If so, I don't think he's obligated to stay for a 5th year. If not, I agree that the ease of transfer is a negative on the sport. But we are in a new age where everything is now about what the athletes want and not what is best for parity.
  12. Could somebody summarize for those of us who don't want to take the time to listen?
  13. I agree with the first sentiment because I think if he makes a senior world team, he will have to beat either Taylor, Cox, or Snyder. I don't think Cox will step away from competition after 2020 with the RTC system in its present form. He is still very young and he will be paid really well by an RTC simply to just train on site full time (Tom Ryan expressed interest in recruiting Cox in an interview posted on Flo this week). Also, the best way to monetize an olympic gold medal is to compete in the olympics in the following cycle. I'm not saying it's impossible because Cox is a super unique guy and might just do something else, but I find it unlikely given how talented/driven he is.
  14. Count me in on the Quinn Kinner bandwagon. I know he was a big time recruit, so it's not really going on much of a limb to say he's going to be good, but guys with exceptional top wrestling generally seem to surpass their recruiting rankings (mainly because recruiting rankings are based on HS and FS results and there is no RT in HS and freestyle techniques are completely different). Gross will probably destroy him at this point, but they seem to be reflections of each other body type/style wise (albeit the two of them prefer different top techniques).
  15. There was a time to make the, "military pays better than the private sector" argument (directly after the GFC), but now is not the time. College grads are in high demand at the moment because of low unemployment. Telling a prospective student athlete that he has required military service making 3K a month for 4 years with challenging work/life balance isn't enticing at all. However, there is no better place to go for people looking to serve in the military, and especially those who want to make a long term career in it. It's not an insult to say that state and private colleges are better suited for those looking to work civilian jobs, while the academies are better suited for those looking to serve in the military..It's just reality-and a good thing because the point of the military academies is to train people looking to serve in the military. These universities serve a purpose far more important than NCAA wrestling, and for most top recruits, that's not what they are looking for.
  16. The point of army and navy is to train officers. Wrestling (and the rest of the athletic programs) can be a part of that through the benefits gained in the sport, but the point of these teams is not to produce world/Olympic wrestlers. Yes, I know army has the elite athlete program, but that’s a bit different than a spot in West Point. The required military service also makes recruiting very difficult. And no, Cornell has virtually no issues with recruiting standards thanks to FLWC and the community college there/ag school. So it’s not comparable to the academies.
  17. It must be tough to want to condemn Ohio State but also absolve Jordan. There’s not some big conspiracy against Jordan-he’s the most notable person involved in this story and his statements of denial since the scandal broke are more incriminating than his actions at the time.
  18. I agree that Hellickson passing the message up the chain removes culpability from him, but in retrospect it obviously wasn’t enough. This really reflects poorly mainly on the Ohio state administration at the time. For Jordan, the issue is that he presently denied having known anything. It seems clear he knew what was going on (as everyone seemed to know), but was powerless to do anything due to being an assistant coach. His denial of any knowledge whatsoever is reprehensible as it removes credibility from the victims.
  19. It’s also a great way to get injured right before the season.
  20. This situation just gets worse and worse. I never thought I’d see something as bad as the Sandusky PSU thing, but this comes close.
  21. The value of RTCs isn’t to create parity, it’s so that these wrestlers can get paid to pursue international competition. I really don’t care if Missouri wrestling takes a hit for these athletes to have a livelihood.
  22. I don’t have a problem with it. I was just pointing out that flo has to use that business model bc they have a few marquee events. Not all subscription services do.
  23. Actually, you are only partially correct. Netflix and Hulu both offer monthly subscriptions at the yearly rate-they are not violating any business rules. What makes flo different? The reason is that it's likely that they sell many of their new subscriptions prior to a couple main events (world team trials and some NCAA duals). If they allowed month to month subscriptions at the yearly rate, people would just sign up and then cancel. The content on Netflix and Hulu is equally good for basically the entire year, so this is not an issue for them.
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