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  1. 1 hour ago, TripNSweep said:

    I question whether he will struggle at a university because as bright and intelligent as he may be, his English is terrible.  Aside from some foreign language classes, most classes are taught in English. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that unlike other college students who come here as foreigners, a lot of them either can speak it reasonably well or are geared towards specific studies that don't require that much like engineering or math.  Going to guess he's not an engineering prodigy or math whiz, though maybe he is.  He got through high school, but that was with considerable help due to his language skills, and the fact that Sunnyside has a lot of people who speak Spanish and he could very easily communicate.  I would question this a lot less if he was playing football, but it's kind of surprising to think that he, somebody who is probably on a partial scholarship, in a non revenue sport is going to be herded through like so many football players in college are.  College is a lot different from high school, and I do think he will have some struggles academically.  Academics were what kept another foreigner who was great at freestyle from Arizona out of college in the first place.  

    I'm not bitter, but it would be dumb not to question that he arrives here and his birthday just happens to be a within a week of the cutoff to be eligible for sports in high school.  Also that he wouldn't be the first or last Cuban to lie about his age or claim he didn't know what it is.  My problem is that he was straight up recruited and told how to game the system and he did it.  I don't fault him for leaving a crappy situation and wanting a better life.  Any of us would do it, and hey if it means fudging a few years off your age, then so be it.  If he came here and started wrestling unattached or whatever, do you think he would have gotten as much attention?  Probably not.  I just don't like how it went down, because it obviously benefited some people to bring him here.  That's the part that pissed off some coaches and other people.  Because what's to stop you from going to Dagestan and finding guys who can fudge their age by a few years and do the same thing?  All that really prevents stuff like that is wrestlers getting paid and they don't really care about coming to college and doing this for free.  

    As long as he shows up to class and puts in some effort, he will pass.  There are some classes that are intense where you can fail even if you do try, but there are others (at every school) that just want to see some effort. I believe he has access to the same tutors as the other athletes...If you were an athlete in college you would understand that the university has tracks designed to keep these guys academically eligible unless they really refuse to cooperate. At the end of the day, a college degree these days doesn't mean very much and these places are practically diploma mills.  And yes, that includes even Harvard where they have this thing called the extension school where you basically purchase a degree. And because English isn't his first language, I think profs would be willing to cut him some slack if he puts in effort, since a number of students at universities are international (mainly from China) and also struggle with English.

    You're leveling accusations at him about his age, but can you please provide some evidence?   How would you feel if somebody made accusations against you without providing any evidence? What you are accusing him of is actually a crime  (depending on what forms he has filled out with his age), so you should have some type of document that supports your claim if you are going to libel him on a public forum.  It's one thing to say he looks old for his age and the situation is a bit suspicious-it's another to claim as you are doing that your accusations are true.  You might want to ask yourself why this kid in particular has triggered this reaction from you-what about him is different than the other kids?

  2. 53 minutes ago, ConnorsDad said:


    I don't think his post sounds bitter I think it sounds realistic in fact more realistic than the "he's a favorite to win the NCAA this year" crowd, lol. Obviously the seven years older was a little tongue-in-cheek but Trip is right on. I saw him wrestling @ who's number one, I saw him wrestling in high school and while he is certainly a talent nobody who wrestled in college only deals with wrestling. Their are girls, life on your own, school work regardless of what that schoolwork is and a million other things. That's why so many people who were can't miss prospects miss. You add in the fact that this is a guy who doesn't speak the language that well and is just here from Cuba it's going to make it even harder on him. I wish him the best but he wasn't exactly smoking Arizona high school kids in folkstyle. Freestyle may be another matter I don't know. Let's pump the brakes once or twice here, root for him to do well but be realistic in our expectations.

    He sounds bitter because he says this guy is 7 years older and is questioning whether he will struggle in school, not because he's suggesting the transition to folkstyle might be difficult.  

  3. 4 minutes ago, TripNSweep said:

    He's really going to struggle.  I don't know why everybody is hyping him up so much.  He has potential to be good, but keep in mind he was having very close matches with Arizona high school kids.  If it were PA or some other powerhouse state that would be different, but let's face it, AZ is maybe a top 20 state and that's being pretty generous IMO.  He's going to find college wrestling a lot tougher than blowing out high school kids he's 7 years older than.  His best win in high school was against a D2 commit who as much as I liked him as a wrestler, is a pretty median D2 recruit.  Also it's going to be a challenge for him academically.  So I wouldn't bank on Ohio State, or wherever he does end up, counting on him to produce anything right away or maybe ever.  

    I thought he was 19?  Essentially no different than Mark Hall/Logan Stieber age wise at that level. In terms of academics, there are many classes at every big school like tOSU/OSU/PSU/Alabama for athletes to stay eligible, as long as he shows up to class.  Your post seems very bitter for some unknown reason.  

  4. 40 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    Yeah but Dernlan actually seemed more mad about it.  

    I haven’t listened to the whole thing and paraphrasing here but I think the gist of Dernlan’s rant was that he didn’t really mind HS kids changing their minds but wasn’t a fan of seniors doing it, since the school has already invested a lot in them.  He basically said Eierman wasn’t an elite (top 10-15) recruit and Smith helped him become a 3x AA, so his question was “what did Smith do wrong” for Eierman to essentially leave him high and dry.  

    Askren also threw a tiny jab at Eierman by saying he heard he didn’t really show up to Mizzou’s summer workouts.

    They also discussed the fact that this was more of an RTC, post-school decision (which makes it a little different than Conel for example IMO) so that is once again entering a gray area with RTC’s and their affiliation with the schools.  Then talked about how some coaches want to get rid of RTC’s.


    Did Eierman graduate already?  If so, I don't think he's obligated to stay for a 5th year. If not, I agree that the ease of transfer is a negative on the sport.  But we are in a new age where everything is now about what the athletes want and not what is best for parity. 

  5. On 11/3/2019 at 4:54 PM, de4856 said:

    Well I think that Bo, has a ton of potential, and if he can ever break into the Senior team line up, I think he could very well be a World or Olympic Champ. 

    Although I have nothing to base this on, I kind of feel that if J'den wins a Gold medal in Tokyo, I think he might call it a career, especially if he has to drop to 86 to do it. If that happens, that would open up 92 for Bo. 


    I agree with the first sentiment because I think if he makes a senior world team, he will have to beat either Taylor, Cox, or Snyder.  I don't think Cox will step away from competition after 2020 with the RTC system in its present form.  He is still very young and he will be paid really well by an RTC simply to just train on site full time (Tom Ryan expressed interest in recruiting Cox in an interview posted on Flo this week). Also, the best way to monetize an olympic gold medal is to compete in the olympics in the following cycle. I'm not saying it's impossible because Cox is a super unique guy and might just do something else, but I find it unlikely given how talented/driven he is.

  6. Count me in on the Quinn Kinner bandwagon.  I know he was a big time recruit, so it's not really going on much of a limb to say he's going to be good, but guys with exceptional top wrestling generally seem to surpass their recruiting rankings (mainly because recruiting rankings are based on HS  and FS results and there is no RT in HS and freestyle techniques are completely different).  Gross will probably destroy him at this point, but they seem to be reflections of each other body type/style wise (albeit the two of them prefer different top techniques).  

  7. 34 minutes ago, Cptafw164 said:

    You sound like someone who doesn't know anything about the military AND someone who cant read.  I never said unemployed.  I was referring to the FACT that upon graduation, even if they have a job, they havent found their career within the field of study they specialized in and don't have a high enough salary to pay their "student mortgage" plus the expenses of living on their own.    And, if you want to talk about suicides, how many non-veterans commit suicide every day?  I would wager its more than 22.  Seems like the upper middle class white collar types are more succeptible to that than a veteran.  

    But you seem to know everything.  I'm glad you have your life all figured out and know so much about the dangers of warfare.  I am also assuming that you have an APA certification and know exactly how "crippling" PTSD is.  It isn't so bad with treatment.  Technically, half of america got PTSD in November of 2016. 

    There was a time to make the, "military pays better than the private sector" argument (directly after the GFC), but now is not the time.  College grads are in high demand at the moment because of low unemployment.  Telling a prospective student athlete that he has required military service making 3K a month for 4 years with challenging work/life balance isn't enticing at all. However, there is no better place to go for people looking to serve in the military, and especially those who want to make a long term career in it.  It's not an insult to say that state and private colleges are better suited for those looking to work civilian jobs, while the academies are better suited for those looking to serve in the military..It's just reality-and a good thing because the point of the military academies is to train people looking to serve in the military. These universities serve a purpose far more important than NCAA wrestling, and for most top recruits, that's not what they are looking for.  

  8. The point of army and navy is to train officers. Wrestling (and the rest of the athletic programs) can be a part of that through the benefits gained in the sport, but the point of these teams is not to produce world/Olympic wrestlers. Yes, I know army has the elite athlete program, but that’s a bit different than a spot in West Point. The required military service also makes recruiting very difficult. 

    And no, Cornell has virtually no issues with recruiting standards thanks to FLWC and the community college there/ag school. So it’s not comparable to the academies. 

  9. 48 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:

    I get the impression that some in the news media doesn't give a crap about Strauss and his sexual proclivities, they only care about that low level asst wrestling coach who heard who knows what, if anything. This is all about that guy. 

    I will give the WAPO some degree of credit for writing one recent article that does not mention Jordan, but just focuses on Strauss and his alleged crimes. They typically can't resist, so props for one time doing so. 

    It must be tough to want to condemn Ohio State but also absolve Jordan. There’s not some big conspiracy against Jordan-he’s the most notable person involved in this story and his statements of denial since the scandal broke are more incriminating than his actions at the time. 

  10. 1 minute ago, TBar1977 said:

    Hellickson said he talked to higher ups. Nothing happened. I think back then they didn't have a line in the sand for guys like Strauss. Probably everyone knew it was creepy as all get out, but bringing it up didn't solve the issue so it just ended up being dropped. 

    I agree that Hellickson passing the message up the chain removes culpability from him, but in retrospect it obviously wasn’t enough. This really reflects poorly mainly on the Ohio state administration at the time.

    For Jordan, the issue is that he presently denied having known anything. It seems clear he knew what was going on (as everyone seemed to know), but was powerless to do anything due to being an assistant coach. His denial of any knowledge whatsoever is reprehensible as it removes credibility from the victims. 

  11. 31 minutes ago, klehner said:

    Flo is giving you a huge discount on their monthly price if you get a yearly subscription.  What's not to like about that?

    I don’t have a problem with it. I was just pointing out that flo has to use that business model bc they have a few marquee events. Not all subscription services do. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Cary by the Lake said:

    **** That is an easy one.  First, they want guaranteed revenue of a yearly commitment.  Second, is an unwritten rule in business, that if you are not going to commit to an extended relationship at a reduced rate, then you are going to pay a premium for the flexibility of a shorter commitment. A Basic business principle.

    Actually, you are only partially correct. Netflix and Hulu both offer monthly subscriptions at the yearly rate-they are not violating any business rules.  What makes flo different?  The reason is that it's likely that they sell many of their new subscriptions prior to a couple main events (world team trials and some NCAA duals).  If they allowed month to month subscriptions at the yearly rate, people would just sign up and then cancel.  The content on Netflix and Hulu is equally good for basically the entire year, so this is not an issue for them.  

  13. 34 minutes ago, wrestlingnerd said:

    Mizzou is in the same boat that every school that doesn't have a top RTC is in. Elite HS recruits and college wrestlers who want to make a living off the sport (at least for a while) are going to make programs with top RTCs as a priority. Given what the payouts from top RTCs are these days, coaching is not the only career option for top wrestlers anymore. Eierman said it himself: a strong RTC was a key (if not the key) consideration for his departure. This isn't really a bad reflection on Mizzou as much as a reality check for all programs that aspire to be in contention for NCAA trophies every year.

    To me, he's obviously going to Iowa.

    Why do you think Iowa? 

  14. 24 minutes ago, Fishbane said:

    It’s not a scam if the made up thing has value.  The US government pays its employees in things it made up and that has worked out just fine. It isn’t not uncommon for start up businesses will pay early employees in stock/equity.  That is kind of the same thing.  Those shares are just made up by the company and could be worth somewhere from nothing to a lot more than nothing in the future.  I have no idea if RAE Tokens will be worth closer to nothing in the future or not, but other crypto currencies started with values close to nothing and have increased to a lot more than nothing so the upside for someone like willie could be substantial.

    Did you really just compare equity, which provides ownership in a company, to a made up token that provides nothing and nobody has a reason to buy? If they are analogous, why doesn’t Rokfin just pay the content creators in equity? That would be a fair arrangement. 


    And yes Nerd, obviously the people who accept that arrangement can’t complain unless they were misled somehow. I’m just pointing out how ludicrous this website is. 

  15. On 11/4/2019 at 1:51 PM, grappler111 said:
    On 11/2/2019 at 9:56 PM, Billyhoyle said:
    Tonight was just another example of the sport being a joke.  


    The biggest fight of the year was a non title fight that included a guy who failed a doping test earlier that week. UFC is without question a clown show like the WWE and The Rock presenting the "BAMF" belt was just further example. 

  16. The fact that Missouri has been so good for so long is amazing.  Obviously this isn't good news, but as long as Brian Smith is there the program will be in decent shape (at least better shape than without him).  But yeah, Askren getting his dignity taken away by Masvidal was also a bad look for the program. 

  17. 10 minutes ago, hammerlockthree said:

    Is martin scamming willy?

    Willy's video mentioned martin getting squeezed out of flo...

    Accepting cash from customers and then paying people in a made up form of currency that you print yourself, while claiming this is better than just paying them directly in cash, is not a legitimate way to conduct business.  Maybe he is also paying Willy a salary to drive subscribers, in which case it's absolutely fair for Willy.  I don't know the details of their arrangement, but the concept listed in that FAQ is nonsense.  I'd like somebody to read the FAQ that I posted and then explain to me how that system makes any sense at all and how content creators are going to sell the made up currency for real money when the supply is inflated every day and there isn't any demand for people to buy it.  

  18. Wow, I read through the FAQs of the Rokfin coin.  The whole system is ludicrous, check it out.  



    1. We pay Rokfin in dollars to access their website. 

    2.  Rokfin pays the people creating content in "RAE Tokens."  I'm not sure how many tokens they are given per video or how that works. 

    3.  Rokfin prints RAE tokens every day (about 10,000 are printed every day).  

    So in other words, Martin gets paid money and the content creators get RAE tokens.  The problem with that concept is that when the content creators want to cash in their tokens, there won't be anyone to actually buy them, since I am already paying in dollars to access the content so why the heck would I want to buy his made up token. Also, because the tokens are being printed every day (i.e. diluted), only a complete idiot would hold onto the token for an appreciable period of time.  It is essentially a system designed to undergo hyperinflation.  


    How does all of that make more sense than Willy simply setting up a patreon where the people interested in his content subscribe and pay him directly in cash?

  19. 11 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    Sure,  but it looks like right now they’re worth about 18 cents.  Hope Willie is getting a lot of them!

    They’re actually worthless because nobody would ever want to buy them. The 18 cent value is an artifact or zero trading volume. 


    I have no idea what the business model of Rokfin is, but if it’s that viewers pay Martin in cash and he pays the content creators in his made up currency, the whole thing is a scam. So I hope it’s not that.

    If Willy is on salary to help drive up subscribers, then that’s very fair. 


    If the content creators are independent and get paid per view, I’m not sure why Rokfin is needed given that YouTube, twitch, and patreon all exist. Flowrestling was a very original idea (that there was a demand for wrestling coverage and ppl would pay $$ for it).  This seems like something very derivative. 

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