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  1. And then likely Grajales in the blood round...For his sake i hope it's not Sueflohn.
  2. I was really surprised by the lack of guidance from the people around Dake to have him go into business with this guy...You'd think Cornell would have some business sense. I wonder how much of that "million dollar contract" he has actually seen. With that said, there aren't many guys who market clothing as well as Disabato...He is just ruthless and shady when it comes to business ethics. Can any of his athletes really trust that he is giving them their agreed upon royalty %?
  3. That's because the situation I outlined isn't something that's really publicized and the kid is usually shuffled into a less challenging major. Most of the time, the kids themselves don't really care (if they cared, they would be working harder in school) and are just happy to get out with a big name degree and proud parents. The point I wanted to make, though, is that simply getting into these schools isn't necessarily beneficial for these families if the kids aren't applying themselves while there. I'm sure there are plenty of examples where this isn't the case and a guy is an exceptional student or can make up for an initial academic disadvantage with a good work ethic, but unfortunately this is usually not case.
  4. This can actually be a pretty big disservice if the kid isn't adequately prepared for the school. I'm not saying this is the case for anyone listed above, but i've seen first hand how athletes will get into schools they shouldn't have, thinking merely getting in is the golden ticket, only to drop to the bottom of all their classes and really struggle throughout the four/five years. A lot of times, these kids are so far behind everyone else that nothing short of changing to a very easy major can keep them on track to graduate. With that said, if the guy has the work ethic to catch up to the rest of the class, like you said, it really is a great decision to take advantage of the situation like this. Unfortunately, more often than not this isn't the case, as having a great work ethic on the mat vs in class are two very different beasts.
  5. Easy to trash talk a ref, but defensive falls are usually missed by mistake..If anything this may be a sign of a good ref for being in the right position.
  6. It's definitely possible and probably more likely in MMA given the lighter gloves and ability to throw head kicks. Just wait a couple of years and a lot of these guys are going to be in bad shape....just comes with the territory.
  7. Very sad day. His book, The History of Collegiate Wrestling, is THE book to own as a wrestling fan. It's also great for high school kids to give them some perspective on the history of their sport.
  8. So fans of college or pro sports that they or a relative did not go to or play for are creepy and have no life? Interesting. What do you watch or participate in for entertainment? I have a feeling, if you are honest, that your interests are no less creepy or lifeless than what you intimated was. I think OMW makes a very valid point as far as "creepiness" goes. I don't think he is saying there is anything wrong with wanting to watch great collegiate wrestling and really have a interest in seeing your favorite team succeed (even if you didn't go there). With that said, there is a fixation on certain kids that does border on creepy, especially when it comes to recruiting. Why should a random person who grows up in PA take a recruiting decision personally made by a certain in state recruit? Why do some fans really take joy when wrestlers from another team struggle? There is the obvious answer, that the recruiting hawks want to see their team have success in the future, and the haters just want to see their least favorite team fail. With that said, situations like this come off as "creepy" because there are men in their 40s who are obsessing/want to see the details of the lives of high school/college kids. Is it possible to be a fan of your team without this fixation? Yes, and it's done by supporting the product on the mat. Is that a realistic expectation? Probably not, which is why we see this situation in all major sports as well, where it is usually much worse (ever see what happens on twitter when a recruit reneges on a verbal? It's ugly).
  9. You can't have a world championship event the same year as the Olympics...It would partially undermine the event and we need to focus everything into making Olympic Wrestling as marketable as possible. With that said, expanding weight classes during non olympic years is a good idea, and it's looking like FILA agrees with you. If you check out a thread below in this section, they seem to be working through 2 or 3 additional weight classes in these "off years".
  10. I don't really agree with you on this point. The lower divisions are excellent events to show kids a higher level of college wrestling/motivate them to work at wrestling so they can pursue it in college (so yes, the wrestling for life program is awesome and very important). However, I don't think having a wildly popular D3/D2 is necessary for the survival of the sport on these levels. If you look at the "money" sports, football/basketball, the division 2 and division 3 championships aren't very popular or well publicized. I think much more important is coaches having a strong outreach program to their alumni and local community, and directly funding the program in this way. Of course, these lower level championships would be more fun if the stands were packed and choosing a location where this is most likely to happen is definitely the best option, but the bottom line is that the long term growth of wrestling depends on D1.
  11. I can't speak for others, but I really had no interest in seeing any of the matchups that were promoted. It seemed to me like a lot of guys who have moved on to the fighting world...with none of the top guys on the amateur ladder with the exception of Jordan Oliver. It's always fun to see Askren wrestle folkstyle, but watching him bump up against QW seems more like a freak show than anything else. With that said, the concept is a worthwhile one to explore, and I think it would be wise if USAW followed suit with the some of the top guys on the ladder....I just wasn't interested by the matches for this event, and I also wasn't too keen on the main backers (Cagefighter). What really matters though is the viewership numbers that Flo records and how they compare to some of their other events. Hopefully the numbers are pretty good to at least validate the concept.
  12. What were the approximate numbers? Maybe part of the reason for the higher greco views was it being on the weekend?
  13. Did you watch any of the finals? Watch how the koreans wrestle...it's awesome. Way more action than any NCAA match, not to mention much higher quality competition.
  14. This guy has no reason to enter midlands. The article is a complete joke.
  15. Anybody else hate this modern world of sports journalism...lets call it the bleacher report effect...where there is always somebody itching to write, "is xyz the best ever blah blah blah"... "abc is overrated and here's why.." What a joke.
  16. The reason you don't see the best players coach in professional sports is because they are rich! The ones who don't pick up a drug habit are enjoying retirement way too much to worry about coaching. Usually in these sports it's the guys who couldn't quite make it that go on to coach... On the other hand, being a D1 coach is the best job in wrestling. Like most other athletes, most of the top D1 wrestlers don't graduate with too many skills outside of wrestling and don't make enough money in wrestling to retire off of it...so obviously they go in to coaching it at the collegiate level... It's a job that gives these guys very good job security, decent $$$$, and they get to do what they love....If you're going to hire a coach, obviously you go with the one with the best credentials. It's laughable to think that a guy from D2 or D3 can come in and run a big sized D1 program (going to a pseudo D1 school is fairly plausible), but as a whole they are completely different worlds.
  17. Is this not the list of what is legal and not? http://www.usada.org/prohibited-list/athlete-guide It's unreasonable to expect any testing agency to vet individual supplements, first and foremost because if an athlete chooses to take supplements, it is his job to check the list of banned substances. Moreover, a lot of these supplements, especially some of the Chinese brands/etc will contain unlisted banned substances....obviously the athlete can plead ignorance since it is not on the label, but when he buys one of these "miracle" supplements, there shouldn't be any guise as to what he is ingesting.
  18. The bottom line is that the best wrestlers in the world are not located in the US and they haven't been for a very long time. The wrestling landscape has changed dramatically since the early 90s, especially given the ability for the Russians to switch countries, along with other countries really improving their developmental programs (see india and aze)...Once in a while we are able to produce exceptional athletes who can really compete with the best the world has to offer on a consistent basis (Burroughs, Cael, Varner, Cejudo, Kolat, Lawal, etc), but the list as a whole is very short. Also, these top guys rarely stick around for multiple cycles, and we cannot produce the depth to easily replace them like you would see in countries such as Russia and Iran. 2 Gold and 1 Bronze in 7 weight classes at the olympics last year was quite a feat, but the fact is Varner is gone (for now) and Scott is hurt. I agree that the current system of random draw with the 15 minute breaks is ridiculously unfair, but it is equally unfair to every country, and Burroughs/Dlagnev are the only two guys on this team who have proven they can consistently compete with the best in the world....Maybe the next generation of guys will be able to step it up, but with the switch to 6 weight classes, who really knows for sure. What i'm thinking is that the best course of action is to sit back tomorrow and enjoy the awesomeness that is Jordan Burroughs...It may be a long time before we see another like him on our side.
  19. Because "good" D2 and D3 coaches aren't always good coaches. When you get D1 guys who didn't quite cut it, either grade wise or skill wise, it's not too hard to outclass the competition. It's a completely different ball game when you consider that for D1 you're actually recruiting the top guys out of high school.
  20. If the powers at FILA refuse to add overtime, couldn't this problem be solved by some type of indicator light on the scoreboard that clearly shows who has the tiebreak.
  21. I think you're off base here. The weight classes need to cover the range of the world. People from Japan have different weight distribution than those from Russia, etc. Do your numbers account for this? Also, I don't see the benefit in dropping the top weight class by 20 pounds...Traditionally it is important to have a fairly large heavyweight. Still, I agree that the current distribution probably isn't ideal, but I don't see how it's possible to cover the range of body weights well when there are only 6 weight classes.
  22. Never mind, start date was sept 1 for NJCAA, so it's a non-issue.
  23. When is the first day of official practice for the NJCAA? If it is the same as the NCAA, am I correct in assuming a coach shouldn't have been leading these workouts?
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