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  1. The bottom line is you don't give a verbal agreement as a coach if you aren't sure you're willing to take the kid. It reflects very poorly on the staff, and while you may think it is a good business decision in the short term because Neville's is the better recruit, it has the potential to impact future recruits (albeit, this is not THAT likely, since everyone wants to wrestle for Cael). Can you name another coach who has notably reneged on a verbal? I'm sure it has happened, and I'm sure plenty will go from offering a kid .75 of a scholarship to then saying they only have room for .5 .. But to go from actively recruiting a guy, making a big deal about his committment, and then offering him absolutely nothing seems different from any situation that I can remember. The only thing that comes to my mind is the Brands/Blanton fiasco, but i don't think it was quite this egregious.
  2. Do you not know how verbal agreements work? Yes, they are not binding, but when a kid verbals and stands by it, he is essentially assuming he has the next 4-5 years of his life figured out and is no longer looking at other places. For an in-state guy as accomplished as Haines is, and who has shown a real desire to be a part of the program, you don't just make a verbal agreement and then back out 8 months later. It's not fair to him or his parents. The lesson learned here that some seem to be ok with is that you shouldn't trust a scholarship offer from Cael until the LOI is signed-whether you want to call that poor integrity or good business sense is up to you.
  3. Unbelievable. I always thought Cael's word was stronger than oak, and never thought he would pull something like this to on an in state (possible) 4xer. If he wasn't sure about Haines, he shouldn't have given a verbal. According to the article, Cael didn't even want to offer him the chance to win the spot...WOW.
  4. Agreed. Before reading this thread, I was actually on Stan/USA Wrestling's side. He has a very difficult job negotiating with the other countries as far as rules/politics are concerned. Moreover, dealing with criticism from US wrestling fans who question every move they make is likely thoroughly frustrating. However, it is an utter disgrace that he continues to attack Schalles' character while never once addressing any point that he or us fans have brought up. The opinions that Schalles has voiced in his blog posts are not held by only him. A number of people have voiced similar views on themat, facebook, twitter, etc. That doesn't mean that they are right, and USA wrestling likely isn't as much to blame as they suggest. However, your persistence in going after Schalles' character while refusing to address any of his points or those raised by others on themat/facebook/twitter is disgraceful from somebody in your position. If you want to suggest he has some type of ulterior motive, you first need to address his criticisms. For me, the most unbelievable aspect of your entire attack here has been your eagerness to discredit the importance of the University world games. Part of your job needs to be to foster fan interest, but it seems you would rather do the opposite.
  5. Do you have any evidence for this other than your name being "the truth?"
  6. I don't think Lesnar was a heavyweight, but that's a different story altogether.
  7. Pretty much. Here are the attacks from Schalles that prompted the call out. http://wadeschalles.com/136/ http://wadeschalles.com/2020-olympic-wr ... confident/ I find it pathetic to take a shot at Schalles for voicing his opinion and criticizing FILA on the grounds that he claims to be a "world champion," but actually isn't, since according to real world champions, being a university world champion doesn't count. Everyone knows that a university title isn't nearly the same achievement, but leading up to university worlds, why is the Vice President of FILA undermining the importance of the event? Shouldn't you be promoting it? O wait, I guess I forgot that FILA doesn't promote any of its events. Also, while you're here, how about commenting on something useful like the reasoning behind the 7 point tech and 2, 3 point moves ending a match? As the American voice in FILA, were you adamantly opposed to it? Was this a decision agreed upon by world champions?
  8. Does this really qualify as huge news? Obviously the guy is talented, but Penn State is constantly drawing extremely talented guys in their recruiting class. Is there something i'm missing here -->is he considered an immediate impact guy as a true freshman?
  9. Pretty much all wrestling fans agree with you on each point, and these matches illustrate it well, but unfortunately it's not the fans who make the rules. FILA seems to have other priorities in mind (as others have pointed out), one of the main ones being ending the match quickly whenever possible. There's definitely politics at play as well, since it seems the Russians are against the 2 point takedown rule.....maybe the 2 3 point throws was some type of compromise?
  10. You sure about that? Take a look at this link: http://www.chapmancentral.co.uk/blahg/2 ... zed-lying/ Here's another gem i pulled from their website: http://www.maximizedliving.com/Home/Max ... ancer.aspx Huh? Treating cancer with improved nerve supply? Everyone knows somebody who has died of cancer and to suggest that you can treat it with chiropractic work should be criminal. It's a disgrace that USA wrestling is associated with these con artists. At first i just thought it was some strange thing that the guys at ohio RTC were into, but now its apparent that this thing clearly runs way deeper. How did this affiliation first come about? Are we positive that nobody in USA wrestling is being paid by maximized living? Why would USA wrestling enthusiastically support something that is so clearly and obviously a scam (aren't there real doctors and trainers on the USAW staff or at least somebody who isn't brain dead? My gut tells me that there is something nefarious going on whereby some money is being paid (possibly somebody high up in USA wrestling? Maybe to living the dream?) in exchange for this ridiculous endorsement. I just don't see any other reason why USAW would be so stupid to get involved with maximized living and allow them to take advantage of wrestling and olympic wrestlers to legitimize this scam.
  11. No... I said that USAW made a decision to monetize the sport by charging for the stream. Right now their priority is adding "value" to the sport (this is in Richard Immel's own words). Then i said that people who aren't willing to pay for it (kids, etc) will have to settle for baseball and basketball on TV. I don't necessarily think this is a good decision, and i would prefer if the marquee events were available to everyone, although i do understand the need to recover the money that goes into running the live broadcasts. However, keeping matches that have already happened behind a paywall long after the event is over is a separate issue, and I'm curious to see whether Flo decides to open it up or leave it blocked. Update: Going to just answer my own question here and say flo has unblocked the matches behind the paywall. Looks like they never had any intention to keep them blocked and just wanted to protect their interests while the stream was still going on. They've done a great job bringing excitement to the event and now making all the matches available to the public.
  12. Any idea whether they plan to leave the Burroughs/Dake Matches behind the pay wall? My hunch says they are going to open it up to the public shortly, since i doubt Flo would make such a dumb move.
  13. Well that answers my question of whether this is an Ohio rtc thing.....guess not. Now I want to know whose Idea it was for USA wrestling to partner with these guys and why nobody consulted a real doctor first who could explain that it's a bunch of crap. Honestly this is only more proof that the guys at the top of USA wrestling have no idea what they're doing. And we wonder why our sport is dying.....unbelievable
  14. Wow, that website is a riot. Seems even more cult-like from reading this than the impression i got from the interviews. Here's a good snippet: "Diets that are high in carbohydrates, have pH or omega-3 imbalances or are nutrient deficient, have negative effects not only on your body, but can create a lot of symptoms such as depression, brain fog, stress and fatigue." Um, what? pH imbalance caused by a diet high in carbohydrates? That's clearly a load of BS. I don't know what would be more disturbing: Either guys on our world team really believe this, or this company is buying endorsements.... If it's the latter, kind of depressing given some of the articles that are popping up on google. http://www.womenofgrace.com/blog/?p=14429 http://chirotalk.proboards.com/thread/3009?page=1
  15. I"m not sure this is exactly true. Part of it is probably the saturation of wrestlers in MMA, part is that guys are going into MMA before even attempting the international circuit, and part is the realization that there isn't as much $$$ and promise in MMA as was originally thought given the inevitable brain damage that comes with the territory. There isn't nearly as a high of a ceiling, but a career as a high school wrestling coach/teacher after chasing an Olympic dream is much more financially stable and potentially equally as rewarding as going into MMA.
  16. Do you know what the deal is with "maximized living" and its relationship with the Ohio RTC? I noticed that during a lot of their interviews, some guy was always asking them a question about maximized living, and their responses were extremely methodical. It seemed very cult-like. Is it more just an exchange of services for endorsement type deal, or are these guys really "buying in" to whatever that is.
  17. Was the link removed while the event was still ongoing? Flo has historically always posted their matches and favored allowing open access to events. Obviously they would want a link removed while their broadcast was still in progress, but now that the event is over, I doubt they will push for anything to be taken down, and I expect them to post their matches shortly (as they have for all other events that they have covered).
  18. Was that while the event was still ongoing? Now that it is over, i doubt they will delete links, and I expect Flo to post the matches soon. They have always been about giving the wrestling community access to matches. Understandably, they didn't want them posted while people still were buying the feed, but now I don't see a reason to enforce any blackout.
  19. Personally, I think it is in the best interest of the sport to keep a few key marquee events available for free to the public (World team trials, US Open, National duals) and promote these events endlessly on social media via the save olympic wrestling and keep wrestling in olympics pages, as well as twitter. This should allow the "best" product to bring in a broader fan base. For events such as university nationals, pee wee events, cadet duals, etc, make these only available for those willing to dish out $$$. To me, these are "premium" events where the coverage would not exist without funding. The problem with that suggestion is that it is not a money maker and partly counter intuitive. Why would USAW give away the events that garner the most interest and have the most value for free? I just don't see them willing to give up the low hanging $$$ of charging for the good events for the long term benefit of getting "future fans."
  20. Yes, the free ride is over. USAW is no longer about getting high schoolers to watch and become interested in the sport, it's about monetizing the fans who they currently have. It costs them money to go and video tape matches, so if a high schooler can't afford to pay, he will have to settle for watching baseball or basketball on TV. 150 dollars a year from 5,000 people translates to much better value for USAW than the "potential" to garner more support sometimes in the future. If you want to see videos of post match interviews and pre-match hype, however, there is plenty of that available for free.
  21. Sorry, but anybody not willing to pay 20 dollars a month to watch all 14 mats of pee wee regionals in july is considered a leech. Never mind those who only want to see world class wrestling..either pay 20 a month for all their technique and high school tournaments as well or find a new sport to watch.
  22. After a day of broadcasting, Flo does not have the time or insentive to stay up late and upload all of the matches. In the past, Flo did not have the rights to live coverage, so they focused on taping and then getting the matches up ASAP. Now, they're more focused on getting up interviews and previews to increase the experience for those who have purchased the live feed and encourage others to purchase it. However, they have posted the first Dake/Burroughs match http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... le-Dake-M1 The interesting thing about the match though, is that it remains behind the flo pay wall for subscribers. I don't ever remember them holding back matches before, even in events where they have had the streaming rights, so it will be interesting to see how long they keep this one blocked. I think they just want to keep it protected until the end of the event, since posting it immediately would hurt the bottom line and take away motivation for people to purchase tech wave. So my prediction is that yes, you will be able to see the matches in the near future, likely sometime in the middle of next week.
  23. I know this may be obvious, but did you try deleting your cookies and web browsing history? How about restarting your router? I'm assuming your using the same web browser as you did before?
  24. The claim is very likely inaccurate for the examples he mentioned, and definitely inaccurate if you consider the skin diseases that really are the ones people dread getting (herpes, staph).
  25. You guys are focusing too much on what he is saying and whether it is merited instead of how he is saying it. What's really interesting to me about this clip is his intensity/wrestling mentality that he seems to be using here (as the O.P. points out). Whether or not this is a good trait outside the mat is up for debate (some people like to be polite when they are interacting with others), but it's still amusing to see.
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