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  1. The fact that Missouri has been so good for so long is amazing. Obviously this isn't good news, but as long as Brian Smith is there the program will be in decent shape (at least better shape than without him). But yeah, Askren getting his dignity taken away by Masvidal was also a bad look for the program.
  2. Accepting cash from customers and then paying people in a made up form of currency that you print yourself, while claiming this is better than just paying them directly in cash, is not a legitimate way to conduct business. Maybe he is also paying Willy a salary to drive subscribers, in which case it's absolutely fair for Willy. I don't know the details of their arrangement, but the concept listed in that FAQ is nonsense. I'd like somebody to read the FAQ that I posted and then explain to me how that system makes any sense at all and how content creators are going to sell the made up currency for real money when the supply is inflated every day and there isn't any demand for people to buy it.
  3. Wow, I read through the FAQs of the Rokfin coin. The whole system is ludicrous, check it out. https://www.raetoken.org/faq Essentially: 1. We pay Rokfin in dollars to access their website. 2. Rokfin pays the people creating content in "RAE Tokens." I'm not sure how many tokens they are given per video or how that works. 3. Rokfin prints RAE tokens every day (about 10,000 are printed every day). So in other words, Martin gets paid money and the content creators get RAE tokens. The problem with that concept is that when the content creators want to cash in their tokens, there won't be anyone to actually buy them, since I am already paying in dollars to access the content so why the heck would I want to buy his made up token. Also, because the tokens are being printed every day (i.e. diluted), only a complete idiot would hold onto the token for an appreciable period of time. It is essentially a system designed to undergo hyperinflation. How does all of that make more sense than Willy simply setting up a patreon where the people interested in his content subscribe and pay him directly in cash?
  4. They’re actually worthless because nobody would ever want to buy them. The 18 cent value is an artifact or zero trading volume. I have no idea what the business model of Rokfin is, but if it’s that viewers pay Martin in cash and he pays the content creators in his made up currency, the whole thing is a scam. So I hope it’s not that. If Willy is on salary to help drive up subscribers, then that’s very fair. If the content creators are independent and get paid per view, I’m not sure why Rokfin is needed given that YouTube, twitch, and patreon all exist. Flowrestling was a very original idea (that there was a demand for wrestling coverage and ppl would pay $$ for it). This seems like something very derivative.
  5. https://rokfin.com/post/4739 Here, Willie explains why he left flo. Does anyone have bitcoins or whatever rockfin runs on to pay to find out?
  6. Depending on the reason for the departure, are many very good reasons why they wouldn’t want to discuss it.
  7. Thanks! I knew it was different and just assumed it was based on Latin.
  8. If all they said was, “this looks bad, investigate it,” that would have been fine. The problem is that they used their statistical analysis as the investigation and claimed UWW rigged the Olympics. They either need to, like you suggest, speculate and not be investigative journalists. Or if they want to make accusations, do the legwork necessary to substantiate those accusations.
  9. So it turns out that prior to 2016, the ref assignments were not done randomly and were not claimed to be random (they are now random). So the whole statistical analysis wasn’t even necessary-what they needed to prove for their accusation was that the person assigning the refs did so in order to influence the match outcome. To do that takes actual reporting though. I think they had a really good hypothesis, but they failed to do the due diligence necessary to support the claims they made. And I understand how difficult it would have been to find evidence that supports the claim. But that’s why being a journalist isn’t easy and is such an important job. I do think they could have written a good article about how assignments need to be random in order to avoid corruption, and that it’s possible conspiracy went above the ref to include the assigner..,But to claim it definitively was wrong, even if they are right.
  10. The accusation wasn't just that there were bad calls, potentially due to corruption. There were. It was that UWW rigged the mat assignments. For the latter accusation, you need to provide evidence.
  11. It was unscientific because there was no statistical analysis and no comparison to prior years/controls. Also, to actually implicate UWW, they can't simply show that some officials were assigned more to some countries than others, they have to back it up with evidence that implicates UWW (e.g. off the record statements or documents). It was really an irresponsible piece of journalism-more in line with speculation you'd expect from a message board post. Once again, I think it's very possible that the mat assignments were rigged and that their hypothesis was correct, but the accusation they made is analogous to listing all the top recruits that tOSU and PSU get, showing that there are more than ten for each team, and then accusing them of cheating somehow to get above the scholarship limit.
  12. The article about the referee assignments was not good journalism. There was zero actual evidence, such as off the record sources. Instead, they used a very unscientific statistical analysis to float a theory that while possible, was not actually supported by the evidence they reported. To state again, it's very possible that the assignments were rigged, but they failed to do the necessary due diligence to support that claim, and instead just floated out an unsubstantiated accusation. This is literally the opposite of any type of journalistic integrity, but whenever you call flo out on failing to actually do the necessary work that journalists do, they come back claiming that they aren't actually journalists.
  13. There's nothing worse than the generic NPR voice that puts you to sleep. Give it a try, people like voices with character!
  14. Taking medical advice from a wrestling coach.....About as logical as taking wrestling advice from a physician.
  15. So to summarize this thread, I'm pretty sure we can agree on the following: 1. Tom Ryan believes in some crazy $#@!, such as evolution not being real and vaccines causing autism. He obviously is wrong, based on science. 2. There is no evidence that these beliefs have negatively impacted the results of his team. Except for potentially the flu contributing to Logan Stieber's loss to Zain Retherford, a flu that may not have happened if Ryan encouraged his athletes to get the flu vaccine. Of course, that depends on the strain of flu that Stieber was infected with and whether it was covered by the flu vaccine that year. Other than this one match though, I don't think there have been any negative effects on his athletes, and he has had great success as a coach. 3. Tom Ryan is the second best coach in the NCAA over the past 9 years based on results. 4. Kyle Snyder left Ohio State, possibly due to not getting the results at worlds that he would have hoped for and blaming the Ohio RTC with Tervel as his coach, possibly due to better training partners at PSU, or possibly due to a huge boatload of money being offered by PSU to basically guarantee them an olympian and in doing so damage the second best NCAA program. 5. Kerkvliet came to Ohio State to wrestle with Snyder, a surprise to some in this thread who apparently thought it was for the great aerospace engineering program there. Now that Snyder is gone, so too is Kerkvliett, to the dismay of those who hoped he would remain and train with Kollin Moore and Singletary. 6. Ohio State has basically no chance of beating PSU in the next couple of years, but will still probably be the second best NCAA program overall. Tom Ryan isn't going to get fired because this is about as good as Ohio State can hope to be until the new NCAA rules kick and and boosters can start paying athletes directly.
  16. I agree that it's his strength, but it's also the basis for Flo's success in my opinion. Flo really was smart to center their coverage around HS wrestling with technique wave, who's number 1, the many events they cover, and their HS rankings. A large part was likely due to Willie, and if so he deserves a lot of credit for Flo's growth. The fact is that there are way more high school wrestlers and parents than there are college wrestling fans. Getting the HS wrestlers sucked into Flo because it made them better wrestlers from the technique videos and looking for people they knew on the rankings then exposed them to the college content and turned them into fans. I'm curious to see what he does next
  17. Yes, because Brands has had two recruits with pedigrees comparable to Snyder in his career: Spencer Lee and Brent Metcalf (with Lee being more comparable bc of junior world titles). Both exemplify that international success is no guarantee from being a top recruit and why I think you have to give Ryan credit for Snyder. Do you really think Tom Brands is a better coach today than Tom Ryan? Even with the past 9 years of results?
  18. He was better when he won them, but Ryan has been better in the 9 subsequent years. Career wise, obviously Smith and Brands are ahead of Ryan, but that's not what the post I was replying to was about. It's about whether Ryan should be replaced today, and the answer is no.
  19. Spencer Lee was a multiple time age level world champion before going to Iowa. Now he doesn’t seem to even compete in freestyle.
  20. He was really great at the beat the streets events, i’ll give you that. Whether you like it or not, wrestlers are judged on how they do at the premier tournament of the year. If a wrestler wins midlands or the scuffle but goes 0-2 at NCAAs, he had an unsuccessful year. Thomas Gilman had a better freestyle career than Metcalf. And to further clarify I think Brands is an outstanding coach-one of the best in the country. Just not as good as Tom Ryan or Cael.
  21. Sorry for not expanding on the comment. Relative to the expectations he created from his dominance in folkstyle. He looked like a fish out of water wrestling freestyle against international competition, and it is my opinion that he would be a world champion if he had focused on freestyle instead of folkstyle.
  22. Tonight was just another example of the sport being a joke.
  23. Snyder won worlds after being at tOSU for a year, not after the year he was at the OTC. Then he won the olympics, then he beat Sadulaev. Tom Ryan has coached more world/olympic champions than those three combined. Tom Brands got an equally heralded recruit in Spencer Lee, who seems to have stopped wrestling internationally since joining the program. Metcalf was also very highly regarded as a recruit, but was a very ineffective freestyler.
  24. Who develops talent better, other than Cael? He developed an olympic champion, multiple ncaa champions, and even more all americans.
  25. Well Gross's will likely be Techs and Cenzo's major decisions, which makes a huge difference. Also, Cenzo got exposed last year and won't be able to avenge the loss. I think the Hodge is between Valencia and Gross. Hall is world class, but his losses to Valencia give the edge to Zahid.
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