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  1. The problem with this link, even though the listed comparisons are accurate, is it is comparing a disease already circulating to one that has the potential to breakout soon. Many within the community have resistance to the circulating strains of seasonal flu, while nobody has resistance to coronavirus. The result is a much faster spread of the latter if left unchecked. If the reported infectivity and mortality rates of coronavirus are accurate, it has the potential to be orders of magnitude worse than the flu without significant productive counter measures. To give a comparison, h1n1 evolved as a result of a recombination event much like coronavirus. It spread widely due to lack of herd immunity, with 1 in 5 worldwide contracting it. Its mortality rate was around .01 to .08 percent. Coronavirus, however, has been reported to have a mortality rate of 2%. So should you be absolutely panicked? No. But should this be taken extremely seriously, especially if you are over 50 or care about anyone over 50, yes.
  2. That's because the spread of coronavirus has just started. If you really have this disgusting belief, you need to get professional help.
  3. This is one of the least informed comments I’ve ever read on this forum. And that is saying something.
  4. HIV has spread across the planet and killed many people. The only reason it hasn’t killed more is the development of anti retroviral therapies. Effective treatments for ncov are coming but probably not for a year or two. Until then events like the olympics will probably need to be postponed-it all depends on how effective containment is. I’m obviously not saying you need to be holed but, but effective containment efforts are critical. You have a strong belief in your knowledge in this area but consider that some people on this forum might actually have some expertise that you don’t.
  5. I’ll explain this to you once: the flu is a virus that has long been in the community, and depending on the circulating strain, many already have partial or full resistance, thus slowing its spread and dampening its impact. When a virus has recombined in other species such as ncov, there is very little or nothing to stop it. The worst case scenario of ncov is orders of magnitude worse than the worst case scenario of the seasonal flu.
  6. At this point, I think they are going to have to postpone the olympics.
  7. Flo had a good run and helped establish the market for wrestling digital content. However, I think they focused too much on their other verticals and allowed wrestling to get away from them. Clearly BTN, ESPN, and track all offer better content now for fans of college/international wrestling. WTT is the one event that I subscribe to flo for, but not sure it’s worth the yearly subscription anymore.
  8. Just look at what tickets are going for on stubhub. Not worth it unless you've always wanted to say, "clear the mats"
  9. Nobody does wrestling for self defense. It became obsolete for self defense the day a sword was invented. Have a wrestler fight a fencer and see who wins. Wrestling is a sport, an athletic competition, just like any other sport.
  10. Are you serious? Do you realize how many NCAA champs can’t even make the world team let alone win worlds? The US is not the best country in the world at wrestling, but somehow our college wrestling is better than international. This is like saying college football in Canada is better than the NFL.
  11. Olympic champion, no question. It obviously wouldn’t have been a guarantee or even likely, but he is too exceptional an athlete to think it wasn’t a possibility.
  12. Wow, what a time to be alive. I also hear there were these things called scrapbooks, which were some type of prehistoric Instagram.
  13. But high school rankings are a more worthy pursuit? I mean, I think anybody who is productive in their work/happy in their life is doing a good job. Also, I think even the best olympic athletes would say their lives are about more than just the olympics. Many have families, strong religious faiths, etc.
  14. He left, so it's their job to coach against him. He's working the PSU NCAA guys against them. What happens in 2020 doesn't take anything away from what they accomplished in 2016.
  15. The point about donations impacting admission standards in the ivies is not a hunch. I’m describing to you exactly how the system works from first hand knowledge. You’re correct though that I do not know the details of Cornell’s CC/redshirt pipeline and how they use it.
  16. Right, except for athletes, the leeway each team is given correlates with the amount of $$$ alumni give. That’s why I’ve said for other schools to compete with Cornell/Princeton, it will take a very rich alumnus who can convince the admin to lower standards. Whether or not athletes in the Ivy League should be given preferential admission standards is a different discussion and not an argument I’m making. Btw, the ivies aren’t admitting a football/lacrosse team’s worth of musicians and activists at the lower end of academic standards. So that point of yours, while true for certain individuals, doesn’t really compare situations of similar magnitude. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me that standards are lowered for athletes. I’m just describing the way the system works, and that seems to trigger some people who want to pretend these are just regular admits who happen to also play sports.
  17. Here is the point: the degree to which admission standards are lowered is directly correlated with the support from alumni for the program. A program with minimal support has athletes with academic profiles that look much like the general student body. A program with ultra high profile alumni donating millions gets a community college pipeline and lots of slack in terms of recruiting standards.
  18. There is no folkstyle worlds. If there were, he would have likely won for his age group this past summer.
  19. How about their fencing team? How about the rest of the student body?
  20. Oh true, I forgot about Cal/UCLA football.
  21. That’s what I was referring to with MIT, but it has nothing to do with undergrad admissions. I’ve never heard of anyone buying a spot into MIT, but I have for all the ivies, Stanford, etc. I’m not sure anyone would want to go to MIT who isn’t qualified-I don’t think it’s like the ivies where there are many easy tracks academic wise. But it’s very possible that there are examples I don’t know about..Do you know of any notable examples?
  22. By definition, Paris is a world beater at the Junior level. So is Gable.
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