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  1. Who develops talent better, other than Cael? He developed an olympic champion, multiple ncaa champions, and even more all americans.
  2. Well Gross's will likely be Techs and Cenzo's major decisions, which makes a huge difference. Also, Cenzo got exposed last year and won't be able to avenge the loss. I think the Hodge is between Valencia and Gross. Hall is world class, but his losses to Valencia give the edge to Zahid.
  3. Except the Hodge considers bonus points as the #2 criterium and it doesn't always go to the best wrestler or wrestler with the most prior accomplishments because of this. All four of those wrestlers are previous NCAA champions and none of them is a potential 4X champ, so my guess is this upcoming year will likely be based on bonus points.
  4. Kerk has both a redshirt and olympic redshirt to potentially burn, so I don't think he will lose eligibility. Also, I think it's a lot more difficult to force transfers to lose eligibility these days, right? There's the Suriano situation plus a number of different ones in football.
  5. Ironic for somebody posting as unknown to demand that a sportswriter have accolades. There is valid criticism that their technique guy may not know what he's talking about because of a lack of accolades, but you don't need to have wrestling accolades to post an article or on a message board (I hope). Also, Seth Gross was absolutely dominant the last year he competed and is a big bonus points guy. He is definitely one of the favorites for the Hodge.
  6. The guy almost medaled at U23 worlds at 18 without an ACL. Singletary has an outside chance of being an AA and their other upperweight just lost to the backup. Ohio state is going to be fighting for a team trophy, but another team title is now a longshot.
  7. Cael and Brands are also very religious, as are their teams. Why do most people make the decisions they do? Obviously money. PSU had the $$$ to get Cael from Iowa State to PSU and it's likely why they got Snyder from tOSU to PSU. Why would Kerk stay at tOSU without anyone at the world level there to push him in the room?
  8. It would be ironic considering the Nevills/Thomas Haines recruitment.
  9. It's much more difficult to improve when you are already a world champ. It's a different type of learning curve. Bo has been great the past four years, but Snyder and Cox have been and for all likelihood will remain on a different level. I say this thinking that Bo could win a world medal at 86 92 or eventually 97 kg....It's just tough when there are two people who are better and the same age. Taylor seems likely to wrestle another cycle as well.
  10. Bo Nickal is 23, J'den Cox is 24, and Kyle Snyder is 23. That's why Bo is going to MMA. He might be a senior world medal caliber wrestler right now, but he wouldn't make a world team until DT retires and would never make an olympic team. I agree that it would be great to have him for depth in years when a top guy gets hurt, but it just doesn't pay enough to be second string. Only certain people have the passion/drive to spend years as the second guy on the ladder knowing you are talented enough to medal at worlds (guys like DT and Dake).
  11. A verbal commitment from a coach won’t be honored if a better recruit comes along.
  12. Camps, autographs for boosters, t-shirts, etc. Any semblance of parity is now gone. A full ride from NDSU won’t be worth the value of walking on at PSU, tOSU, and to a lesser extent Iowa/OSU. We will also see how badly Novo and the big Cornell boosters want an NCAA title at Princeton/Cornell if the wheels really come off.
  13. Good news for you. I expect the new version will include actual names of the active players/coaches/etc. Maybe even high school recruits. The game should be much better than prior versions and more popular.
  14. They paid for past use of likeness and had to stop making the game because paying active ncaa athletes for their likeness would have made them ineligible. There is a huge market for the NCAA football/basketball games.
  15. If this includes autograph signings, any semblance of parity is completely gone. Boosters will just be able to pay top recruits.
  16. They're meaningless on both sides (e.g. Thomas Haines)
  17. If he stuck with freestyle, Burroughs would have taken his spot in 2011.
  18. They sold the fight as a matchup between two great grapplers. The only reason anyone watched was to see them on the mat. If he kept it on the feet it would have been the same as a loss for his career.
  19. Ben Askren is a great wrestler but only a good fighter. I agree that it’s time to move on. He made a lot of money and had a great run beating average competition-a very smart strategy that likely extended his career.
  20. I agree. It’s so surprising that I wonder if that article got the facts wrong, since the numbers weren’t broken down.
  21. Is he doing MMA after this cycle (I thought I heard chatter about this but I could have imagined it)? May not be worth the move unless he plans to train through 2024. He could make a really good training partner for both DT and Snyder and maybe compete in the 2020 worlds for the non Olympians.
  22. It’s like the marvel movies. Exact same content over and over again, but able to generate a big crowd every time.
  23. The criticism that flo profits off of wrestlers without contributing is wrong. The idea that Bo could add even more value by commentating is a good one. There wasn’t a need to call flo out on the former in order to do the latter.
  24. Yes, but those are not generated by the athletes. So in Basketball the NCAA tournament makes so much money that the programs are profitable. In a situation in which athletes were paid, they would see a share of this revenue because they are responsible for it. Wrestling does not generate nearly as much money-athletes receive far more in benefits than they directly produce. They should not have a grievance with the NCAA and in big universities like PSU the wrestlers are likely being partially subsidized by the football and basketball programs.
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