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  1. If your point is that wrestling would not exist at the NCAA level without alumni donations, I agree. That’s why wrestlers are lucky to get scholarships for what they do. They do not produce enough revenue to match the expense of their tuition, travel, and coaches. The little they do produce comes from the broadcast rights to their matches, ticket sales, and merch. So flowrestling did in fact pay Nickal-they just did so indirectly via the value of his education, housing, food, coaches, facilities, training, etc. The value he got as a PSU athlete likely exceeded the revenue that he generated for them.
  2. It's not my opinion. It's literally how it is defined for revenue and non revenue sports. Money that PSU pays Cael through the university is an expense. Money that is paid to him through NLWC does not count as an expense. In some sports in power 5 conferences, the athletes have good reason to complain that they are not properly compensated (Basketball, Football), since they bring in more money than the university spends. In others, such as wrestling, they bring in less money than they spend and money from football/basketball is used to subsidize expenses and scholarships. If an alumnus gives money to the university, which is used to pay for a coach or scholarship, that does not change the fact that the program is revenue negative. It just means somebody is willing to make a donation to subsidize it. So when somebody like Nickal complains that flo is making money off his likeness, he should factor in the 200K+ in scholarships/housing that he received, along with the expense of his world class facilities and coaching.
  3. The definition of profit is revenue - expenses. Charity from alumni does not factor in, since these are gifts to the university. So if the program spends $X on scholarships, travel, board, salaries, etc, you subtract that out of $Y received from ticket sales, broadcast rights, merch, etc.
  4. Highly unlikely given the program expenses. Either way it's Big 10 that owns the broadcast rights to the matches he's complaining about, and the big ten as a whole does not profit off of wrestling.
  5. Yes, preview of next year, most likely-Loser of Hayes/Sasso likely at 157.
  6. Nickal got 200K worth of tuition in a non revenue sport. I'd say that's a pretty good deal. The NCAA doesn't profit off of wrestlers-they profit off of Basketball and Football players to the benefit of people like Bo Nickal. If the latter ends due to new laws/court decisions, it will be detrimental to non revenue sports.
  7. Anyone else watching these? Video being very choppy with static sound for anyone else?
  8. I actually thought this wasn’t a good interview. The elephant in the room is whether Ohio RTC was outbid for Snyder or if this was solely a decision on training environment. No questions about that. I agree that Ryan is being gracious, but he has no choice. You can’t look bitter in this situation despite how devastating this is for their program. I do wonder how he is going to react after this move (maybe a big fundraising push to try to get a guy like Cox, Burroughs, or Dake after 2020). Apologies for hijacking this thread from those who failed high school biology and have never seen a genetic phylogenic tree.
  9. Penn State is better than Ohio RTC because they have Retherford, Taylor, and Snyder. Ohio RTC now has less talent that at any time since it was started and they recruited Bunch/Tervel. Unless they take a page from Michigan, they might not have anybody wrestling at worlds for a while.
  10. So what? Making these things after they've been developed is easy.
  11. This is clearly a person who has never been sick and needed to take medicine. You'd have to figure people here would have respect for pharma between lamisil, Valtrex, etc. A flu shot might have saved Logan Stieber from that loss to Retherford his senior year. Prescription meds go through clinical trials and are made by US or European companies. Their contents are highly regulated/controlled and contamination is rare and a huge issue whenever it does happen. China has never developed a drug. Supplements you are right.
  12. I like the new logo. This rebrand makes way more sense than when the WTT finals were rebranded to "Final X."
  13. This is true. Because NLWC is a nonprofit, they have certain filing requirements. I wonder if athlete salaries meet the threshold to be reported in those?
  14. Great idea. It works already for Rutgers/Princeton.
  15. The reason this weight was singled out I think had to do with Bunch winning some high profile international tournaments. USAW had implemented a rule that beyond just beating a proven wrestler in a best of three (after that wrestler was given a bye to the finals), you also had to outplace him at an international tournament to show you can compete international. At the time we had no medalists from USA returning, so they really wanted to encourage ppl to compete at international events.
  16. I've never/rarely seen kids running around screaming at nice restaurants on a friday/sat night, where you'd generally go on a date. But obviously many restaurants are kid-friendly and it's perfectly ok for them to be there making noise.
  17. Along with making sense in terms of change of scenery, I wonder how the $$$ compares at NLWC vs Ohio RTC. If this was driven by a better financial offer, I see that as a very good thing for the sport in terms of athletes being able to support themselves through RTCs.
  18. The rich get richer. That’s the law of the land.
  19. Snyder training with Taylor is good for both of them.
  20. As a speech pathologist, he likely wasn’t paying enough in taxes to have the whole “I pay for your welfare” mentality. Definitely wasn’t a 1 percenter as you imply. And donating Penn State doesn’t give him the right to send harassing letters to the athletes.
  21. A lot of empty seats in this highlight for one of the "largest jiu-jitsu events of all time." I get that this sport has some fans, but I doubt it's enough that a crossover event with a random grappler vs Downey matters at all for the sport of wrestling. I will, of course, change my mind if presented with numbers that indicate big-time viewership.
  22. I’m not an expert. I have an opinion, and that opinion will change if presented with numbers. If you can’t post these for a flo event, then maybe attendance numbers for the largest domestic grappling event of the year (I don’t know what event this is) and how it compares to NCAAs. Or how many people in the country participate in submission grappling and how that compares to taekwondo or wrestling. I’m a subscriber to flo, so I give you guys money and like the content I get. I’m simply expressing my opinion that I think your wrestling coverage is bigger for wrestling than this type of crossover event.
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