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  1. MIT, Caltech, and the UC system don’t compromise admissions as far as I know. But MIT has received criticism for their fundraising in other respects though. In terms of virtually every other school, you are spot on.
  2. Why do you think the transfer system isn’t to also get around admission standards? Are they admitted to Cornell ahead of time and then defer? Even if that’s the case, do you really believe that that all of the athletes are in the ballpark of 1470 SAT scores? And by no means is this a Cornell specific problem..They are just the most egregious for wrestling at the moment, and most other schools would do the same for enough $$$.
  3. Jared Kushner. Donald Trump. And many, many others. Most examples aren’t famous, but are just very rich. How do you think these schools build multi billion dollar endowments?
  4. Exactly, and if you go to a half decent high school, which many top wrestling recruits do, you have to be brain dead if you can’t tutor your way up to 1200. SAT prep can easily make 200 to 300 point differences in a matter of months. It’s even easier if you are coming from a private school, because many prep schools don’t “officially” calculate GPAs. What this means is that they report the grades, but the university doesn’t have to use the grades for the class average as reported to Princeton review/college board/etc.
  5. Very true, but it probably only takes 3 to 4 elite recruits a year to build a wrestling team. This isn’t as onerous on admission stats as putting together a football, hockey, baseball, or lacrosse team.
  6. I do think Harvard is the most likely team to supplant Cornell/Princeton eventually though. All they really need is this lynchpin, which can happen in a decade from the right alumnus founding the right startup. When it comes to administrations, few are more receptive than Harvard to getting $$$ for the endowment at all costs.
  7. It also takes hiring the right coaches, as I mentioned in my post (setting up a top RTC is part of this now too). The Rick Singer scam was illegal because it was run behind the backs of the university. Universities lower admission standards for donors and athletes all the time though, and it’s perfectly legal. The degree to which standards are lowered at universities for particular teams depends on the alumni support for that team and what the goals of the biggest donors are. Cornell the university doesn’t have some great need for local community college transfers that happen to be great wrestlers. There is a particular donor whose funds they like though.
  8. Any of them could if they get a billionaire backing the program. All it takes is hiring the right people and getting the administration onboard to lower admission standards, but that takes $$$$.
  9. Complaining about the poor view/fan experience is reasonable, but the prices this year are very reasonable for the event. Who is paying $1000 for tickets?
  10. If you don't think your rankings are important, then you probably shouldn't be doing them (unless the rankings are just for fun and not actually part of the quality content the site provides). If a wrestler is winning at the time his opponent defaults, it should be treated as if he won the match for the purpose of a ranking. You can't just pretend the match never happened.
  11. It doesn't assume the outcome because the outcome is injury default. The policy i proposed takes that outcome for every possible situation as nullifying the match, except the situation in which a wrestler is losing the match and then defaults. A wrestler who chooses to default has no ability to pull off a Rob Rohn type comeback because the match is now over. So if a wrestler is going to default, he shouldn't be rewarded for that decision in a ranking. Otherwise, why not just default every match you are losing with 1 second left?
  12. A common sense policy would be as follows. Assuming wrestler A defaults to wrestler B. IF Wrestler A is winning at time of default: match is not counted for rankings. Match is tied at time of Default: Match is not counted for rankings. Wrestling B is winning at time of default: Match counts as a win for wrestler B in rankings. The outcome of this policy would be to never punish an athlete who is winning a match/in a tied match and has to default due to injury, but it would also not reward an athlete for defaulting in a match when down significantly.
  13. Desanto wasn't injured. RBY can't melt steel knees. He gave up the default to inspire the rest of his team, especially Kemmerer, to have a big comeback.
  14. On behalf of themat.com, I would like to formally accept the flowrestling award for worst message board. I’ve really enjoyed themat.com era, and I’m glad that it is finally being recognized. I have to thank those who have made this honor possible. First: legendary athletes like Jadidi, Mocco, Metcalf, and especially all those who must not be named, but were anyway, for providing a plethora of content to discuss. I thank Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, and instagram for keeping away anyone under the age of 30 and ensuring that the average poster here be a recipient of social security. But most of all, I thank the great posters of thematic.com, without whom none of this would be possible. Whether it’s simply five words, or an exceptionally long recounting of one’s past state title, every post on this site has made a difference. In fact, legends such as Willie Saylor and LIMarty got their start right here, on this same board we post on today, and the outstanding content that they went on to produce for flo has likely enabled us to win this award today. So thank you flo for the honor and congratulations to us all.
  15. It reminds me of when I put up a poll prior to the Dean Nickal NCAA finals match and the majority picked Bo. I think even if somebody is technically favored because of past results, people tend to pick matches based on talent, and generally they are correct to do so.
  16. I'm all for warning athletes prior to point deduction, but coaches have been doing this for years and should be expected to know the rules. They are also supposed to lead by example for their athletes. There shouldn't be a warning for people in such a position. It's also more than a bit ironic that a guy with the handle Cicero is saying people should get warnings.
  17. It seems to me that Iowa guys train to be in peak conditioning at every event they enter, while a number of other schools really work to peak conditioning at NCAAs. Hall has seemed tired in some of his past matches outside of NCAAs, but on the big stage he has only lost to exceptional talent.
  18. I'm going with Hall. Valencia is simply a better wrestler than Hall, but I do not believe that Kemmerer is as well. I view this more as one of his anomalous losses that he sometimes does.
  19. Actually, it does stop the match at every level of folkstyle. Not sure where you got this idea. Wrestling isn’t a sport where a ref is going to force an injured athlete to keep wrestling.
  20. I disagree. I think it makes more sense that the NCAA team champion is decided at 8 AM on Saturday morning when half the fans are still hungover in their hotel rooms.
  21. That was hilarious. Gable may have pulled stuff like that but his control of the mat area was impeccable.
  22. Tom Brands has to be getting close to having this record, right? What's the motivation for a team to go for bonus points if the coach is just going to give them right back.
  23. Also if you only count team points scored by the coaching staff PSU won 0 to -1.
  24. I'm not sure if the move is illegal, but at the very least it's a dirty move. With that said, it's the type of move that Desanto would do without hesitation, so it is what it is. Hopefully he can recover by B10s and we see a rematch.
  25. Never underestimate the power of Tom Brands' lack of control of the mat area.
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