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  1. I’m surprised Quinn Kinner isn’t projected to start. I feel like highly ranked recruits who are exceptional from the top position generally transition well to college. Guess that may not be the case here.
  2. I don’t mind being wrong at all. I just pointed out that a bjj grappler vs wrestler in a wrestling match probably doesn’t matter for the sport of wrestling given how small a fanbase grappling has. That statement triggered you for some reason, and you seem super intent on proving me wrong without providing the numbers for how many ppl watched it live.
  3. I called it less relevant because Taekwondo is actually an olympic sport while i've never seen a grappling event covered. In terms of popularity, do you really think there are more people participating in submission grappling than Taekwondo and related karate disciplines? I have no idea which sport between the two draws more viewership, but I doubt either really draw many eyeballs. You claimed that this is a win for the sport, while I contend that it is a very minor event that really doesn't matter at all for the sport. I'm sure a couple people watched it and enjoyed the event, which is a good thing, but it is outrageously hyperbolic to think this has any impact whatsoever on the sport of wrestling. Why are viewership numbers for flowrestling events secret? Just post the number of viewers for PD3 vs the grappler compared to whatever the marquee matchup was for last year's WNO event. I'll be happy to admit that this was a huge gain for the sport if the numbers support your claim. So because a couple of former wrestlers make money in MMA (while also likely receiving significant brain damage), grappling is good for college/international wrestling? I'm sorry, but I don't follow this logic.
  4. Ok I will concede that you may be right. There are people here who work for flo: what were the live viewership numbers for this match at WNO? How do they compare to last year’s event? I suspect that very few people watched because there aren’t many grappling fans, but I may be wrong. Also, how many subscribers are there who signed up for flograppling vs flowrestling flotrack? Once again I think there are not many for grappling, but if somebody posts the numbers I’m happy to be proven wrong. Based on the twitter accounts, grappling is dwarfed by the other two (20K vs 150K followers).
  5. What was my false statement? Sorry to break it to you, but even CrossFit is probably more popular than grappling.
  6. Those would be way better than seeing a “grappler” wrestle. I mean as a subscriber to flo I see targeted ads for their other events and it seems as if the $$$ they make from flowrestling goes into trying to build their other brands.
  7. What’s odd is that you’re on a college wrestling forum thinking we care about submission grappling. It’s another poor attempt by flo to crossover their 50 different verticals (of which only wrestling and track seem to have good content). I’d be more interested to see PD3 in a flomarching event-that sport is much better than grappling in my opinion.
  8. Submission grappling is as relevant as Tae Kwan Do. Less relevant, actually, because the latter is an Olympic sport and the former is something with virtually zero fan support in the US.
  9. A win for what sport? Who is nick Rodriguez and why would anyone care about this match?
  10. I’m just telling you how people use the word “generation” in society. You can’t just redefine a word. Find a different word or make one up if you want something that describes a 4-year period.
  11. I defined it as 25 years a couple posts ago (just scroll up) because that is the average age at which somebody gives birth in the U.S. It's fine if you want to define it as 20 years or 40 years or something else of a similarly substantial length..However, calling a 4 year period a generation is ludicrous. Your opinion is not valid at all because nobody other than you would consider 4 years a human generation. It's as if you don't understand what the word generation means or choose to ignore how it is colloquially used. Anyway, if we are going to go by my definition: 1950-1975: Dan Gable 1975-2000: John Smith 2000-2025: Jordan Burroughs for now The point of a generational talent is that they are truly once in a generation. Not the best guy to come along every couple years.
  12. If you want to say somebody is the best in the past four years, just say that he is the best in the past 4 years. Nobody defines a generation as 4 years other than you.
  13. The average age of first time mothers in the United States is 26 years, so let’s define a generation as 25 years. You can split up those 25 year segments however you like.
  14. Right, churches invest in real estate instead. People hate on the top schools because they didn't work hard enough to get in, but ignore analogous situations in nonprofits that may potentially include them. Nonprofits exist tax free because they aren't corporations-nobody gets an ROI from Harvard. The people who receive incomes from them do pay taxes like everyone else (and the university pays payroll taxes on these incomes), so effectively universities are paying taxes through their employees. The hedge funds that manage the endowments also pay taxes. Universities also voluntarily pay local taxes to support services like fire/police depts. Universities are the same as any other nonprofit with an endowment-they use the endowment to cover operating expenses and allow it to compound tax free. I don't know about you, but I'm happy that nonprofit institutions (like universities and RTCs) exist in this country and not every dollar runs through the federal government.
  15. Neither do churches. Do you have a problem with that too?
  16. What have you seen from Cox that makes you think he is on Sadulaev's level? I think he has been great the past two years, but we sometimes forget how depleted 92 kg is.
  17. I think winning an Olympic gold would solidify his legacy. That isn’t happening at 97 with Sadulaev there.
  18. Does cox have a single win over somebody who has beaten Snyder? Who has he beaten that should make Kyle think he won’t win?
  19. Please keep this to the breitbart comment section. Stick to actual wrestling policy here
  20. You’re talking bout practice, not freestyle. Practice.
  21. Lol long odds but i think you had value there It’s a win/win bet unless Jimmy demands to be paid in bitcoin.
  22. I agree that it’s a case by case situation. If time spent is essentially 50/50 then absolutely you should be able to represent them. That’s the embodiment of a dual citizen. If it is a couple summers growing up visiting relatives, then you shouldn’t be able to represent them. And of course just having a grandparent shouldn’t be sufficient.
  23. I don’t think parent having a house and spending summers there is enough of a connection. If he grew up there, then he should be able to represent them, but simply having your parents from the country and visiting shouldn’t be sufficient. He said that he has family there, so my guess is that there could be repercussions for them.
  24. I think he goes 86 because of Sadulaev, not Snyder. It’s a 50/50 matchup with Snyder or Taylor imo but Sad would be a heavy favorite.
  25. I understand why the athletes do it. I just think it’s wrong how you can get paper citizenship with minimal actual connection to the country just to compete. This does not apply to ppl like Franklin Gomez or Chamizo who are both very connected to the countries they represent. This is more about what Michigan and the Russians do.
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