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  1. They did get 7 team points because Brands lost a point that match.
  2. Ah, I think it depends on when he screamed. If he called the injury prior to the lock then the call wasn't bad.
  3. It still might be. It's not BS...Desanto is clearly hurt and if you're hurt, you can take injury time.
  4. Being a backup causes emotional distress, which is a type of injury.
  5. Tom Brands would get rid of the control of mat area and unsporstmanlike conduct violations.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I like good pizza. I understand why that can sometimes be better than a steak. I would never want to eat bad pizza though and I don't get why a really bad piece of pizza is some type of weight loss tool.
  7. The concept of trying to eat a healthy version of a disgusting looking pizza rather than just eating a salad with meat/fish or meat/fish with vegetables as a side makes zero sense to me. Maybe for some people that's what they need to eat "healthy," which is better than getting dominos, but I just don't understand their taste buds.
  8. I want Burroughs to win, but I think Dake is better at this point and will probably win. With that said, Burroughs has an X-factor that is matched by few athletes that I've ever seen-he has an incredible ability to find an extra gear when you think he's done. It's some combination of clutch/heart/conditioning/staying calm under pressure that is incredible. So I think the magnitude of that match favors Burroughs despite Dake likely being better....So in conclusion-I really have no idea.
  9. The point is these guys aren't sticking around Palo Alto for 5 years so the redshirt is pointless. Room and board is 60K and these guys aren't on full rides. It was likely that they were only redshirting because they weren't starting.
  10. The hate that people are putting out to Snyder in this thread is outrageous. How do we know that God isn't a wrestling fan? Tebow no longer plays football and I doubt God thinks watching minor league baseball is entertaining. Let's just say that he is a wrestling fan, given the success that they have had in the past decade, wouldn't it be most likely that God is in fact a PSU fan? And if he is a PSU fan, then it makes sense that he would want Snyder to train there since the main criticism that PSU has gotten over their long run is that their wrestling club seems more focused on folkstyle than winning freestyle medals. So I don't really see any issue with anything Snyder has done or said.
  11. He was 2nd on the ladder in 2018 and 3rd in 2019. The people he has lost to are Dake, who is a 2X world champion, and Ringer has won many international tournaments. Zahid is also significantly younger than both of them. I'm not saying he's going to win an olympic gold medal, but those are outstanding results for somebody still in college, and I think he has established that his ceiling is olympic/world gold.
  12. It's hard to imagine a higher ceiling than Zahid given what he has already done on the senior level. I'd say Zahid's ceiling is olympic gold.
  13. You have to think he’s going to Penn State given his name. It’d be like somebody named Gable not going to Iowa.
  14. Can I be in on this too? If he competes at NCAAs, Eierman must place top 4 or you win.
  15. It's January. NCAAs isn't for 2 months. How long do you think it will take him to get back to folkstyle? A week? 2 weeks at most? You're acting like freestyle skills are useless in folk. If anything, he may be a better folk wrestler now, since working on free has probably forced him to address some of his weaknesses and rely less on funk.
  16. I could not disagree more with this post. The guy didn't just forget how to wrestle folkstyle after doing it his whole life-his style is really optimized for folk.
  17. Flo brought up the great point that Eierman still needs to qualify for the olympic trials, and the NCAA tournament may be his best chance to do so. As for Murin...he should be able to start next year.
  18. Willie is either delusional or playing up a self-parody for attention (I lean toward the latter-like a Mr. McMahon character). Possibly it’s a bit of both. I’m not saying embarrassing himself in this way is a good thing. But I don’t agree with your conclusion that this is why he’s being sued. Especially since you have zero knowledge of the workings of the flo legal department (and neither do I).
  19. It’s also a money thing since even non scholarship athletes who don’t travel with the team cost the program money because of resources used and insurance costs.
  20. I will summarize this for you: you said the lesson learned here is to not burn bridges when leaving a job. My point is that he possibly left because he saw a better job opportunity working elsewhere-and as a journalist he shouldn’t be forced to work for flo at the salary they dictate indefinitely (or face a year of unemployment). Leaving flo for a better job is not burning a bridge. The lawsuit is much more likely a result of an already existing feud between Martin and his brother as well as Flo trying to crush a competitor than tweets from Willie that hurt Flo’s feelings. Hope that was a simple enough summary and it helps you understand why this situation is potentially more complicated than “err be nice to your former employer when you leave so you don’t get sued.” Neither of us or any of the posters here really know all the details of the situation or Flo’s motivation.
  21. My point is that it’s possible they had a dispute over pay or something else reasonable, which led to Willie leaving. Now he is doing his own thing as an independent journalist for Rokfin. Reporters/journalists leave their companies all the time and they should have the right to keep working at a different media outlet. Flo employees should not be forced to have lifetime contracts with flo or face a year of unemployment. What do you think is more likely: that flo is suing him because he’s working with rokfin/Martin or because he was mean to flo in his tweets and hurt their feelings? I don’t know all the details of the situation, but my point is that neither do you. To just say the lawsuit is Willy’s own fault for “burning bridges” while ignoring the fact that there is serious vitriol between flo and Martin and that the lawsuit may have nothing to do with the twitter comments makes no sense. Flo is a corporation looking out for its interests, which include crushing any potential competitors.
  22. To the lawyers in this thread: If the court finds that Flo's attempts to silence Willie are not consistent with the non compete clause or that the non compete isn't enforceable, can Willie try to recoup lost income from them? How can you say this when we don't know the details surrounding his departure (or are you privy to more knowledge than the rest of us)? Maybe Willie burned bridges and left in a very poor way. Given his erratic tweets, I would acknowledge this is a possibility. But maybe it was a dispute over salary/compensation and Flo is trying to send a message to its other employees: that they are essentially powerless (i.e. keep working for us for what we will pay you or we will prevent you from working anywhere using our team of lawyers).
  23. Lugo wouldn't beat Eierman in folkstyle. I think 141 and 149 are both weak this year because of the redshirts. At least 165 and 133 have prior NCAA champions in the brackets to make up for the talent redshirting there. But I am of the group who thinks this entire year is a bit disappointing because many of the best guys are sitting out. In terms of Desanto Gross in March: I think one thing that will help Gross is that stalling is always called less at NCAAs than the rest of the season. Guys who excel on the mat always seem to really outperform at the NCAAs. Desanto escaping from bottom today was a bright spot though for him, no question.
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