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  1. To the lawyers in this thread: If the court finds that Flo's attempts to silence Willie are not consistent with the non compete clause or that the non compete isn't enforceable, can Willie try to recoup lost income from them? How can you say this when we don't know the details surrounding his departure (or are you privy to more knowledge than the rest of us)? Maybe Willie burned bridges and left in a very poor way. Given his erratic tweets, I would acknowledge this is a possibility. But maybe it was a dispute over salary/compensation and Flo is trying to send a message to its other employees: that they are essentially powerless (i.e. keep working for us for what we will pay you or we will prevent you from working anywhere using our team of lawyers).
  2. Lugo wouldn't beat Eierman in folkstyle. I think 141 and 149 are both weak this year because of the redshirts. At least 165 and 133 have prior NCAA champions in the brackets to make up for the talent redshirting there. But I am of the group who thinks this entire year is a bit disappointing because many of the best guys are sitting out. In terms of Desanto Gross in March: I think one thing that will help Gross is that stalling is always called less at NCAAs than the rest of the season. Guys who excel on the mat always seem to really outperform at the NCAAs. Desanto escaping from bottom today was a bright spot though for him, no question.
  3. I'm assuming Yianni and/or Eierman would have filled in at 149. If Eierman is at 149 for Iowa next year, it will be an upgrade over Lugo.
  4. Come on...The guy was 8th last year and the best in the weight are taking an olympic redshirt. The point that it's an off year at 149 is very true. Very rarely does a guy go from 8th to 1st between RS JR and RS SR years.
  5. No, that would be great. The announcers weren’t paying attention to the matches. There was little to no background info on the wrestlers. My complaint is that they weren’t organized with their individual announcing roles and assumed everyone watching knew everything about everyone competing. I’d like to see one person call the action and another provide info about the facts, matchups, strengths and weaknesses of the wrestlers, etc during the breaks. I also agree the announcer doesn’t need to give every piece of info about what’s happening in the pbp when there’s video, but that’s next level quality announcing and beyond what I’m complaining about.
  6. I think it’s a bit too expensive to do anything beyond an interview with some clips mixed in. Like the E:60 documentaries. Overall I’m happy with them. Maybe flo could also buy streaming rights to actual documentaries that involve wrestling (like that lance Palmer one from back in the day or that one about poor kids wrestling in the south that aired on PBS). But I’m not sure that would be worth the investment either. In a a world where money weren’t an obstacle I’d love to see a documentary on the history of wrestling. Like the Ken Burns Baseball epic-one that explores the history of the sport from its origins in ancient times and the beginning of NCAA and Olympic wrestling, through the major periods of wrestling. This is a sport that like baseball has an incredible history. Of course, unlike baseball very few people would watch this doc so it won’t ever be made.
  7. By ESPN and BTN I mean the guys who cover their marquee televised matches. So the NCAA semis and finals or big duals on BTN. As somebody else pointed out in the thread, there’s more order and focus on the match itself (background of the athletes, a single announcer doing pbp with a guy like Robles chiming in once in a while). I’m not saying that I expect flo to meet the standards of big cable networks like those, or that I think the announcing needs to be perfect when they cover multiple mats and are having volunteers call the matches...but I think the finals of the US open should be one with a focused product.
  8. That’s definitely a cutback and illegal in NCAA wrestling. It’s used a decent amount in freestyle and is legal. Not sure what the rules are for HS wrestling though. It’s cool to see Stevo is still throwing headlocks.
  9. I also think the product is good, which is why I pay to subscribe. It’s possible they have such a large audience because they cover so many important events, have a huge catalog of technique videos, and now deliver reliable streams. In other words, I think the announcing isn’t something that prevents people from subscribing, but is just one component of their overall excellent product that can be improved. If anything I think younger wrestling fans would find it easier to follow the commentary if it were more focused, since the random things they often say are confusing to the average fan.
  10. I’m insecure because I think the announcing is poor and I’m offering suggestions to make it better? I’m simply saying flo could learn from watching ESPN, BTN, or any professional football, baseball, or basketball game. I think providing clear and relevant commentary would improve their product. I’m not saying the job is easy, but I think those guys are skilled enough to improve.
  11. I just watched the finals and I don’t listen to FRL. I was hoping they would actually announce the matches. I started this discussion because I think the reason they often do such a poor job announcing relative to BTN and NCAAs on ESPN has to do with the points I made. It became obvious when watching with people who don’t follow international wrestling as closely as I do.
  12. I was watching the US Open finals today with people who don't know much about wrestling and it really crystalized one of the main issues with the way Flo announcers operate: They are having a conversation, not actually calling the matches. This is utterly confusing most of the time and everyone is left wondering why they are ignoring the action going on on the mat. The job that Askren et al did announcing the US open finals was absolutely awful. Sure, it was interesting to hear them chat, but most of the time they were just ignoring what was happening on the mat and instead focusing in on random facts about the athletes or talking about things that the athletes could be doing. Calling a wrestling match is not the same thing as talking on your podcast-that is not how announcing works. The guys calling the matches should say what is happening in the match itself, in a clear and easy to understand way. And yes, I understand that being an announcer isn't easy, but these guys have been at it for years and it's as if there has been next to no improvement over this time. Part of the problem may just be the "too many chefs" issue. Flo should just try out a 2 man crew for a match with defined roles. Have one person be the play by play guy, and another like Askren chime in with expert opinion during breaks in the action (e.g. after going out of bounds or pauses between periods). The whole three person crew taking turns doing pbp and telling random stories nobody cares about just doesn't work and has never worked. Why is it only flo crews and not BTN or ESPN that have this problem?
  13. This thread is the biggest let down since I used to get mail from publishers clearing house. It really got my hopes up after reading the title.
  14. Is collecting social security an NCAA violation?
  15. I'm fairly certain that during the season/off season the athletes are tested by the schools themselves and subject to their disciplinary rules. At NCAAs they are tested by the NCAA.
  16. The article he wrote was his opinion on the ranking of athletes. If he wrote a ranking for Flo 10 days earlier, and then wrote one for Rokfin 10 days later, how is that "content from flo." That's him doing his job as a journalist at two different companies 10 days apart, with his opinion on the rankings not having changed in that time. And what's wrong with one company openly trying to recruit employees from another? These are journalists, not people bringing over IP. Flo can retain their writers by paying them more than Rokfin does.
  17. But do companies sue regular non famous working people who have standard jobs like a journalist? Is Willie even making 6 figures? Like if a welder leaves company A, can he get sued for working for company B if company A made him sign a noncompete? I get that for guys like Bill Simmons and Conan, a noncompete is SOP. But i've never heard of it being enforced on low level employees, although I have zero experience in this, and you are clearly knowledgeable. If you say it is enforceable for a guy making a moderate salary with no skills beyond the job he is presently working, I'd say that's a pretty messed up monopolistic system. I agree with what you're saying about stealing content word for word, but for a ranking I'm not sure you can prove that as opposed to my hypothesis that he simply wrote the same rankings because his opinion of the rankings hadn't changed.
  18. Bill Simmons started a company to compete with ESPN. I'm talking about a journalist for company A being told he can't work for company B (e.g. a former writer the New York Times being told he can't take a job at the Washington Post). Has that ever been enforced? It's essentially telling Willie he can't work for a year, since his job is wrestling journalism. The effect is it puts that year of Willie's life at the expense of the taxpayer through unemployment benefits, healthcare, food stamps, etc. And it puts Willie in a situation where he either has to be unemployed for a year or choose to work for Flo forever. For the copyright info: I get that you can't steal articles when you leave a company. But I'm saying he wrote two separate articles. It's just that the content of the articles didn't change because his opinion of the rankings hadn't changed in the time that he wrote the two articles.
  19. Has a noncompete ever been enforced against a journalist? It seems almost ludicrous to say a journalist can't write for a competitor for a year after leaving a company-or is this standard practice in journalism? It's not like a noncompete for an executive or programmer in something like a software company, where there are software companies that do many different things. Willie is a sports journalist and is going to write about wrestling-a year long noncompete for him is a year of unemployment. In terms of the "stolen" articles..They were rankings written by him. If he writes a ranking for flowrestling on 11/1/19. And then writes one for Rokfin on 11/2/19 after leaving flowrestling..That ranking, which is a reflection of his opinion, is not going to change. Does flowrestling really claim to have an enforceable copyright for the title, "crystal ball rankings?" I am a subscriber to flo and am not a subscriber to rokfin. I also don't see why anybody would pay to get the content rokfin currently offers. With that said, I think what flo is doing here is absolutely despicable. They are essentially asking for Willie to either work for flo forever or stay unemployed for a year (at the expense of the taxpayers). What kind of just labor practice is that? This is a company that got its start by stretching the rules of content rights (they used to videotape matches and complain when networks wouldn't let them post matches/clips), and now they are telling a journalist that the rankings he wrote are their property and he can't write those same rankings (an expression of his opinion) after leaving the company. I think at best it's petty and at worst it is actively detrimental to the wrestling community.
  20. Oh I thought this was a Flo promoted event like they did with WNO. Don’t have any qualms with them if it was random bjj organizers.
  21. I would like Flo to pay Bo to wrestle. Not get backed into by a BJJ guy. That is just my opinion-the opinion of one Flo subscriber and I am voicing it. Maybe many others disagree, but I hope not.
  22. We pay money to watch flo. The events that they put on is our dollars at work, so we are voicing how dumb/pointless this event was so they focus on delivering quality content. Flo seems very focused on all their other “verticals” despite wrestling being the one with the most subscribers.
  23. Shhh. The last time people here said these crossover matches were dumb, the people from flo posted here about how huge the ratings were and how there were many more in the works. They weren’t willing to provide any numbers or evidence for the success, but why should any of us doubt them? Personally, I’m still waiting for the crossover with flomarching. But yeah, more wrestling content from Flo would be nice rather that whatever this crap was. At least somebody can make a really funny gif of the bjj guy backing up into Bo and then getting tossed.
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