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  1. You’re talking bout practice, not freestyle. Practice.
  2. Lol long odds but i think you had value there It’s a win/win bet unless Jimmy demands to be paid in bitcoin.
  3. I agree that it’s a case by case situation. If time spent is essentially 50/50 then absolutely you should be able to represent them. That’s the embodiment of a dual citizen. If it is a couple summers growing up visiting relatives, then you shouldn’t be able to represent them. And of course just having a grandparent shouldn’t be sufficient.
  4. I don’t think parent having a house and spending summers there is enough of a connection. If he grew up there, then he should be able to represent them, but simply having your parents from the country and visiting shouldn’t be sufficient. He said that he has family there, so my guess is that there could be repercussions for them.
  5. I think he goes 86 because of Sadulaev, not Snyder. It’s a 50/50 matchup with Snyder or Taylor imo but Sad would be a heavy favorite.
  6. I understand why the athletes do it. I just think it’s wrong how you can get paper citizenship with minimal actual connection to the country just to compete. This does not apply to ppl like Franklin Gomez or Chamizo who are both very connected to the countries they represent. This is more about what Michigan and the Russians do.
  7. It’s hard to argue with this based on results, but who are his best wins at 92? Karimi was pretty dominant at this weight too other than against Cox, but Karimi hasn’t exactly done much at an Olympic weight. The same can be said for Dake at 79. That’s why the Dake/Burroughs and Cox/Taylor matches will be so interesting.
  8. It’s one thing to immigrate to a country, become a citizen, and represent it. That represents the best of what the Olympics are about. To represent a country just because your parents/grandparents are from there is gaming the system though in my opinion. And I think the IOC should sanction Lebanon for this, but they have very few athletes.
  9. Did you just watch the tournament? Didn't you just see how JB's tough earlier matches may have impacted the others? A bad draw is not making an excuse for losing when you don't get enough rest for your body to recover, especially when you are 31. The draw is a big reason Varner won olympic gold at 97 kg, since the top guys in the weight all destroyed each other and were gassed from earlier matches.
  10. Defamation against who? NJ just said he didn't follow protocols and suspended him. They didn't call him a racist or defame him did they?
  11. "Just over an hour from now" according to JB
  12. Who is this guy from Syria Khutaba that's beating Geno? Does he actually train in Syria?
  13. J'den is probably the most fluid wrestler on the team. What time do the semifinals start?
  14. I bet you he doesn't even sue, and if he did and win, it would not be millions. He'd get compensated for lost wages, which for a HS ref is a couple orders of magnitude less than a million.
  15. I have never seen a wrestler with more heart/drive than Burroughs. Not sure I ever will either. Smith was probably the better overall wrestler, but over and over again Burroughs seems to find just a bit more to give in a match when nobody should have anything left.
  16. Burroughs still clearly gassed from his last match. Even if he wins he has Sidakov next.
  17. Care to elaborate for those of us without it?
  18. Tough match for Gwiz. We are going to have a bunch of weights to qualify.
  19. Got it, thanks. Looks like Green just really laid an egg at the end of his match.
  20. That was a really grueling match for Burroughs. Not sure how he got that point at the end...Hopefully he can physically recover for the next match.
  21. Who were the video review panel is what I mean. Not the guy who made the correct call on the mat.
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