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  1. A two year mission is were a kid gives up two years of his live to go serve his church. During the two years you do strictly work for your church. This service is very rigid and you are not given much time to do anything other than the service that you are sent out to do. 6:30 Wake-up exercise 7:00 Shower breakfast 8:00 Religious Study 10:00 Church service 9:00pm Return Home from service 10:30 pm Lights Out That is every day other than one day a week were you are allowed the hours between 10 am and 6 pm to email your family, do your shopping, and get done all the other task needed to be completed. As you can see from the schedule and the demands that these young men have on them that their is actually little time to ever work out. So many of you say that a mission is an advantage I believe it hurts when it comes to wrestling because it takes a year for most of these young men to even get their body's back into shape after they get home. And from my experience with wrestlers that have gone on a mission they are a lot more injuries prone when they return. Now you can ask yourself do you think that you would be a better wrestler after two years of not touching the mat, and not being able to really train fully. You do get a little time to kinda get some exercise in and you can ride a lot of miles on a bike depending on your mission.
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