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  1. I would have to agree that this was great performance. As much as we like to think that Junior medals translate in Senior medals I think that this s a LONG stretch in our country. Yes, this was a very good performance by the US team. Four medals is very good. No matter the age group, four medal at a world championship is a good showing. But I need to break down why for wrestlingnerd before he has a heart attack. 1. Making weight overseas is never easy, and it can be one of the worst experiences of your life. A lot of the things you take for granted here in the states while sucking down isn't available over there, and you just can't hit the sauna when you feel like it. Timing is everything. When/where/ and how am I going to get there become huge factors. 2. Secondly, we have a tendency to over hype our young studs. Pico, Hall, and Lee, are REALLY GOOD here, in the states, and Lee has proven he's the best in the world for his age twice. Thats good. The other two are really good no doubt, but there are people you have never even heard of waiting for a chance to represent their country, and when they get that chance, they usually perform well, other countries are 5-6 deep in a freestyle weight, and probably 3-4 deep in greco. 3. Micic shape looked fine. He let his mind run faster than his body and got tired. If he was as out of shape as you described he wouldn't have came back for third. 4. How many Jr medals does Borroughs have? Varner? Scott? John Smith? Cael? Kevin Jackson? My point is that some of best INTERNATIONAL wrestlers don't have ONE jr medal. This is not a direct transition to success on the senior level. There are so many other factors that play a role.
  2. I'm glad to be back from my forum suspension. It was a long month. This is old news fellas. Word is that the coach is Hasseman and he was hired on the advice from Scott's "mentor". He is there to be the 4th man, or the man who will disagree with him.
  3. Columbia_Lou, that's not what I'm saying: He went to UNC,therefore, I'm talking about his experience at UNC and the coaches there. I can't, or you can't, say anything about how well someone would have done under different circumstances and at a different school. I'm not taking anything away from Ramos, and you are absolutely correct...Ramos is the person to be receiving credit for his accomplishment. What I'm saying is that it wasn't Coleman on the mat with him every day, nor was it Neil. The point of my last post was to point out how the new coaching staff isn't exactly making the greatest decisions thus far.
  4. EXACTLY! Couldn't have said it better myself, Tofurky...it's as if you're inside my head! SetonHallPirate--these are the same things we've been saying in my circles--I just wish we could get the word to Bubba
  5. It's too much work to back out now.....and let's be honest, no one goes to UNC for its stellar wrestling program. They go because the school is beautiful, the education is amazing, and it's a great place to be (and it doesnt' hurt that it's 70% female)...they just happen to wrestle and UNC offered them a scholarship to help fill the roster. They're not going to want to leave the public ivy because of a change in coaching staff. They're going to have to do what they have to do to get by and get their scholarhship. Boll_weevil, I also don't remember Mock and his staff getting too much credit for their top 5 recruiting class a few years ago (3 top 100 guys ), but Coleman steps on the scene and gets a decent recruit and UNC wrestling is on another level?
  6. Sure, sure, I see what you're saying. But if you want to give credit where credit is due then that's one of the only contributions Coleman has made to the program.
  7. Boll_Weevil, tell me more. Is Headlee backing out of UNC?
  8. I don't think anybody has so far, that I know of.......yet anyways. It takes a lot for a college student to want to transfer schools, programs, etc. My guess is that anybody who is concerned will wait it out to see what the direction of the program is going to be and make a decision later.
  9. UNC Head Coach position posted 7/7/15....get in your resumes people https://unc.peopleadmin.com/postings/79440
  10. According to CD's blog Bubba has already promised the job to Coleman. I do not know much about the laws associated with athletic departments at universities but it would seem to me that the job HAS to be opened to the public. If word is out that Bubba promised it to Coleman, and the job must be opened up, it seems to me that Bubba would feel real pressured to get the best man in there for the job, which IMO is not Scott.
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