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  1. My response would be that Jesus taught from the Old Testament what he thought was right to teach and quote. If homosexuality was so wrong, then clearly Jesus would have, at some point, specifically mentioned it as a sin, as against God, as immoral. But he didn't. Not once. Never. Interesting.

    Jason....see if you can understand this....



    "By and large, the American culture is aggressively promoting the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality. In the midst of such pressure, many people who call themselves Christians are caving in and accepting this perverted lifestyle in spite of God’s clear teachings against it (Butt, 2003). Just recently, the country singer Carrie Underwood stated that her Christian faith lead her to support gay marriage (Nilles, 2012). In truth, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ could never be accurately understood to lead a person to conclude that homosexual marriage is moral (Miller and Harrub, 2004).


    One of the most common arguments made in support of homosexuality is that Jesus Christ did not explicitly condemn the practice. Supposedly, since Jesus never stated specifically: “Homosexuality is a sin,” then His failure to denounce the lifestyle can be interpreted to mean that He approved of it. This reasoning is riddled with error.


    First, Jesus explained to His followers that He did not have time to teach them everything they needed to know. He told them that the Holy Spirit would bring to their remembrance all that He had taught, and would include additional teaching that He had not had time to cover. He told His disciples: “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth has come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16:12-13). When we look to the inspired writings of the New Testament, we see the authors boldly and specifically condemning the practice based on the revelation they received from the Holy Spirit (Miller and Harrub, 2004). Thus, it is wrong to suggest that only the “words in red” are Jesus’ teachings. On the contrary, He foretold that more teaching would be done after His return to heaven due to the fact that the apostles “could not bear” all of it at the time.


    Second, even if Jesus did not explicitly condemn the practice (though He actually did, as will be noted later), that certainly could not be used as evidence that He condoned the practice. For instance, where does Jesus explicitly state that bestiality is wrong? Where in the New Testament does Jesus state that polygamy is wrong? Where are the “words in red” that specifically condemn pedophilia? Are we to suppose that the Son of God condoned using crystal meth because there is not an explicit statement from Jesus’ mouth that says “do not smoke crystal meth?” The idea that silence from Jesus on a subject means He approved of or condoned the practice cannot be substantiated.


    Finally, it must be considered that Jesus did, in fact, speak against homosexuality. On numerous occasions, Jesus condemned the sins of adultery (Matthew 19:18), sexual immorality (Matthew 19:9) and fornication (Matthew 15:19). These terms describe any type of sexual intercourse that is not within the confines of a marriage ordained by God. Jesus then proceeded to define exactly what God views as a morally permissible marriage. He stated:


    Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh”? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate (Matthew 19:4-6).


    By defining marriage as between one male and one female, Jesus effectively condemned all other arrangements, including but not limited to one man and two women, one woman and two men, three men and one woman, three men and three women, one man and one man, one woman and one animal, etc. You can see the overwhelming logic of such. For Jesus to have to explicitly condemn every assortment of genders and numbers would be absurd. When He defined marriage between one man and one woman, He clearly showed that such an arrangement is the only one authorized by God.


    Several years ago a man named Cory Moore “legally married his 2004 Cherry ES-335” Gibson guitar (“Man Marries Guitar,” 2007). He said: “The day I got her, I just knew she was the one…. I know it seems weird, but I really love her—like, really love her, with all my heart. I just wanted to make it official” (2007). Are we to conclude that because Jesus never specifically condemned a man marrying his guitar then the Son of God approved of such? To ask is to answer. In 2006, 41-year-old Sharon Tendler married a dolphin (“Woman Marries Dolphin,” 2006). Jesus never said one word explicitly about refraining from marrying a dolphin. Does that mean His “silence” should be viewed as approval? Not in any way.


    Homosexuality is a sin. It always has been, and it always will be. The inspired New Testament writers repeatedly teach that to be the case. Jesus explained that the Holy Spirit would bring to the inspired writers information that they could not handle at the time of His departing. In addition, Jesus did explicitly define marriage as being between one man and one woman. The ruse to suggest that Jesus approves of homosexuality because He never expressly condemned it cannot be sustained logically, nor can it be defended on any type of moral grounds. The person who presumes to claim to be a Christian, and yet supports homosexuality, misunderstands the teachings of Christ and needs to repent and stop approving of a perverted, destructive practice that Jesus condemns (Matthew 19:1-9)."

  2. If only Christianity worked the way some of these idiots think. Men have been loving men long before Christ walked the earth and Christ would have accepted them with open arms and loved him.

    The only choice Pucillo has made its to no longer hid something to the way God made him, is as natural as breathing. As a straight person doesn't second guess their attract to the opposite second because it is simply in their nature. A gay persons attraction to the same sex is also in their nature.

    (I just wanted to put another Christian view out there because we are often represented by overly loud and hypocritical morons.)

    God bless Pucillo

    You're view isn't a Christian view. Sorry. You're Christian values aren't biblically based and are flawed.


    God created man in his image.


    He wouldn't create something that goes directly against him.


    If you don't have a biblical belief then of course you are going to disagree and get upset and have to resort to name calling.

  3. CollegeWrestling 4444 -- WE ALL know, deep down inside, you really liked those 3 colleagues of yours didn't you ;-))) Wink wink... we won't tell.


    Also... did you know that "4" means death in Japanese? With that name it would not be a good idea to travel there.  They are not good human loving Christians like you... and some of them are... well... gay. I mean, you should stay in that puritanical state of Nevada--where there is NO vice at all.


    I knew someone would not be able to handle the discussion and have to move to jokes and try to switch the focus on me. Nice job. You can't handle a grown up conversation, go to the high school page.

  4. Why is it that the most religious people are the least tolerant, closed minded and judging? Sure seems backwards to me. The more religious the man, the less I trust him.

    I can tolerate but not accept it. Two completely diffrent things. Tolerating is not judging either.

    He has free will to do what he wants, choose what way to live his life.


    Tolerating is not close minded. Having a certain Belief doesn't mean your closed minded.


    Having a faith doesn't mean you have to accept everyone's actions. I'm not judging or condemning him as person, just totally disagree with his lifestyle. But most super liberal people see that as hatred or not having an open mind.


    It works both ways.

  5. A real Christian who believes in the bible will care about the person and try to help them work through this issue, but they won't support his lifestyle choice, and knowing how strong Ryan's faith in Christianity is, I guarantee you he doesn't support his lifestyle choice

    i'm curious as to what a lifestyle is. It seems the lifestyle Pucillo chose as a young man was to be an extremely dedicated, hard working student athlete. He apparently would now like to pursue a lifestyle of working hard to teach young wrestlers the same hard work and dedication. I would image any good Christian, or for that matter Hindu, Jew, Zorastorian etc, would approve a lifestyle based on those qualities.


    His lifestyle of being a homosexual.


    It has nothing to do with how hard he worked as an athlete.


    Any good Christian will be praying that he changes his life around.


    Good luck coaching, because most parents won't want him working with their kids.

  6. I have lived all over the west coast but reside in Nevada now. I use to live in Portland and also lived near Berkley.


    I use to work with 3 gay men who handled my way of thinking much better then straight people who feel the need to be PC ever do.


    We agreed to disagree and there was respect. However they always knew how i felt.

  7. I am only going off of the quotes in the article, where he seems supportive.  You are going off of your own personal opinions and are assuming his are the same.


    I read the article and he never said anything about supporting his lifestyle choice, not once, just general support as a friend.


    What do you expect Ryan to say? He has to toe the PC line because if he doesn't all the activist groups will be calling for his dismissal.


    It's clear that he doesn't support his lifestyle choice.


    It's a choice. Nobody, not one scientist has ever found the "gay" gene that causes people to be gay. It's like any other sickness or mental health issue.


    It's clearly not a natural way of life.

  8. Ryan is supportive as his coach as far as his wrestling career goes.


    Ryan never said anything about supporting his lifestyle choice.


    A real Christian who believes in the bible will care about the person and try to help them work through this issue, but they won't support his lifestyle choice, and knowing how strong Ryan's faith in Christianity is, I guarantee you he doesn't support his lifestyle choice

  9. Letter from AD states that "due to significant decreases in revenue, continued decline in the enrollment, and the need to operate in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner, we are going through a series of budget cuts at Darton St College. This includes elimination of certain staff positions, reductions in scholarships, cuts in operating expense, and the elimination of sports, including wrestling"



    Crappy situation as they are the only community college and the only public school with wrestling in Georgia.

  10. Davenport Univ  in Michigan has made wrestling a wrestling a varsity sport for 2015-16.


    They are the 8th team to make wrestling a varsity sport for the 2015-16  season.


    1 Adrian College (MI) D III

    2 Barton Comm Coll (KS) NJCAA

    3 Southeastern Univ (FL) NAIA

    4 Emmanuel College (GA) D II

    5 Millikin Univ (IL) D III

    6 Greensboro College (NC) D III

    7 Hampden-Sydney College (VA) D III

    8 Davenport Univ (MI) NAIA

  11. Greensboro College (D III) will add wrestling and make it a varsity sport for the 2015-16 season.


    That makes 6 teams that are adding wrestling for the 2015-16 season.


    Emmanuel College (D II)

    Greensboro College (D III)

    Adrian College (D III)

    Millikin University (D III)

    Southeastern University (NAIA)

    Barton Comm. College (NJCAA)









  12. that's 3 schools adding wrestling for 2015-16 so far.....


    Adrian College (MI) D III

    Barton CC (KS) NJCAA

    Southeastern (FL) NAIA


    The last 2 years have seen 21 schools add wrestling....Hoping for more NJCAA and maybe a few D I's......still waiting to hear what Pat Tocci has to say about the new plan the coaches association had for D I and how the meetings went with the D I presidents they had in the summer....

  13. I just got back from the California, great trip and great tournament..


    I talked to the former coach, Dennis Delido. He said the timeline is that a new AD will be hired and then that AD will hire the coach and pick which womens sport to add.


    2016-17 will likely be the first season.

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