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  1. 38 Division I Wrestling Programs have been dropped since 1994. In 20 years we have lost 38 division I programs. If we had kept half of those we would be close to a 100 programs, which is what I feel Division I needs to get to, and should be at. 340 Division I schools and only 78 wrestling (soon to be 77 without Boston U) programs is shameful. We need to get to 100! Instead of focusing on making duals a national event, the only thing that the NWCA should be focusing on is growth. All attention and focus should be on expansion and growth of programs. 311 Division II schools and only 57 wrestling programs. 442 Division III schools and only 90 wrestling programs. 257 NAIA schools and only 43 wrestling programs. 629 Community Colleges total (NJCAA & CCCAA ) and only 61 wrestling programs. That's awful!!!
  2. Nobody ever thought Fresno St would come back.... The momentum is shifting.
  3. cool.... very nice! Hopefully get some positive responses.
  4. Keep hearing these 3 schools could have interest in adding wrestling? Any updated news? Anybody know anything? Any other D I's with interest? We need to get to 100 D I schools...
  5. Ironically enough both Southern Nevada and Western Nevada College have NCWA teams. Southern Nevada no longer has a team, and I was never aware of Western having one, and they arent listed here.... http://www.ncwa.net/teams?state=true
  6. Louisville-If it means the college might start a program then definitely Louisville.
  7. I had heard through others they had made some progress with the administration, and that they were willing to have more meetings. Any other new info?
  8. The team list isn't updated on their website, but this is what I have. Any teams I missed? Division I (28) Air Force American University Army Arizona State University Boise State University Brown University Cal Poly Cal State Bakersfield Citadel Cornell University Grand Canyon University Harvard University Hofstra Iowa State University of Michigan Navy NC State Nebraska Northern Iowa Ohio State University Oklahoma Oregon State Purdue Rutgers University Utah Valley University Virginia Virginia Tech Wyoming Division II (3) San Francisco State University California Baptist University Colorado State University Pueblo NJCAA (2) North Idaho College Western Wyoming
  9. Hofstra http://www.gohofstra.com/SportSelect.db ... SID=345363
  10. Cal St Bakersfield http://www.gorunners.com/ViewArticle.db ... M_ID=13300
  11. Any hints to who, what area, or Divsion?
  12. And that, sir, is the problem. Your job should be to promote and improve the standing of wrestling worldwide, and if that would be better-done with the IOC being told to go themselves for a few cycles, then so be it. Eventually, you guys do your job, and the Olympics will take care of themselves, even if it means us not being part of the Olympic Games in 2020, or 2024, or 2028, etc. But it's shortsighted views like the one you just stated, looking for the quick-fix, that got us into the position we're in, on the outside begging to get back in. You stupid twerp. You're the one who is shortsighted. Being in the Olympic Games is important. As said earlier, Stan is one person in FILA. Go back behind your computer, push up your glasses, and STFU. You are an idiot AND nothing more then some stat geek.
  13. Thanks for the info Stan. How do you think its looking? How has the IOC responded so far?
  14. Maybe not. They are in active discussions with the AD and one other administrator. From their Facebook page.... "This afternoon Casamento, Leonardo, Walker and I presented a strategic plan to save BU Wrestling to Klipp and Lynch. The plan was well received and the meeting was cordial. We had scheduled 90 minutes but ended up talking for over two hours. Klipp and Lynch listened carefully, asked relevant questions, and shared their perspective on certain points. No promises were made but Klipp agreed to further review our proposal, perhaps have additional internal discussions, and then report back to us by the middle of September." I have no inside info, but I think they were after the endowment left by the former coach. Once his widow said no, I think they got the hint. The alumni, from what I read, has been active in their pursuit of lasting past this year. I think they will do what's necessary and get it done.
  15. Stan, Thank you for all you do. I know you are just one voice in FILA, and you don't have the final say and vote. Although I blame FILA for the position we are in for the Olympics, I know there have been improvements in the the infrastructure. Although I think 6-6-6 is what the IOC wanted, and could ultimately be what gets wrestling back in the Olympics, i don't care for 6-6-6, and I hope for world championships years its at least 9-9-9. Also, as many stated,mother rules need to be more simpler, and I think they are headed that way, but it needs to be moved at a quicker pace. Again, thank you, and keep doing what you can.
  16. You must not pay attention to everything that has gone on. Fila has done everything the IOC has asked for, and adding two womens wt classes pretty much was the final thing they could do. Although I don't like it, I think the IOC asked for the addition of 2 womens wt classes and Fila had no choice but to concede. More importantly, Fila is going to pay off the IOC for votes. Thats what its all been about anyway, a big money grab for the IOC.
  17. The deadline to submit bids is actually mid-September (15th I think). Decisions will not be made until later in the 4th quarter but before the new year. PT, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on Louisville possibly adding a wrestling program if they are chosen as hosts. It seems this would be something that would spur the athletic department into hopefully adding. This would be great for the ACC....
  18. http://www.examiner.com/article/louisvi ... yum-center Maybe this spurs the school to add....
  19. After being dropped as a core sport, it can't get to much worse, well it can, if we don't win the vote in September. :oops:
  20. I believe for wrestling the Olympics allows us 344 particpents. Why not limit the entrants into each wt. class to 16. 21 x 16 =336 That leaves 8 wild card positions for countries who are developing the sport. It gives more wt classes for all 3 styles.
  21. The Big Ten schedule rotation skipped having the two of them wrestle this year, and Tom and Cael couldn't agree on using a date to wrestling that dual as a nonconference dual. No idea who balked. No Ohio State is another big one...would have liked to have seen them wrestle. Iowa won't see either Ohio State or Penn State anywhere (except perhaps the All-Star Classic?) until Big Ten's in Madison. The other issue is RPI. With only 13 duals against Division I opponents, one wonders how many D-1 opponents Iowa will see at either the Mystery Open or Midlands (Midlands because you never know when you're going to see a lower-division wrestler or a graduate wrestler). Any midseason injuries is going to kill them when it comes to earning the Big Ten some of those berths. They should go to the Cliff Keen....would make it an even better tournament.
  22. http://www.lyon.edu/human-resources.htm Looks like their adding both genders. Great! :D
  23. Clemson and Louisville would be great. Why can't the NWCA give us information on any school that might be adding. Then we could email them and encourage them to add the sport. It seems we only email when a program is on the chopping block. NWCA needs to be more transparent.
  24. He probably heard wrong. It was more likely 2 programs getting dropped. Negative people like you don't ever help. He heard 2 programs, not including Grand Canyon. Maybe it is Louisville and another ACC school? It would be nice if PT or someone from the coaches association addressed it...
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