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  1. What's the chances of Liberty coming back? I see they keep it around as a club sport. What efforts has Coach Castro made?
  2. For the last few months (much to my girlfriends dismay) I have looked at what Division I schools could add. This was based on many things. Enrollment, conference, popularity of the sport in the region at the high school level and at the college level etc..... Here are the first 5, all already in or going to the ACC. These are pretty obvious. ACC Georgia Tech-68/32 enrollment in favor of male. Pretty self explanatory. Georgia government called out the schools to add wrestling in the state. So far its been NAIA schools and now Shorter University moving up to NCAA D II. Still waiting for the D I. Clemson-The AD has been open to talks ever since the swim team was drowned. AD it seems is looking for alumni to fund team. More males then females in the enrollment also does not hurt chances. Louisville-Possibly looking to add another sport in the conference, either wrestling or lacrosse. I'm hoping our fearless leader Mr Moyer has been hounding them. Boston College-13 male sports with 16 female sports. Title IX implications might not be bad with a 47/53 in favor of female. When BC dropped wrestling, ACC was not much of a wrestling conference. 10 years later, a much better and improving conference. With the demise of Boston Univ, why not give the endowment to Boston College and perhaps entice them? Make them look good and Boston Univ look already worse then they are. Syracuse-With the "beat the streets program" in New York, the sport continues to grow and get better in New York. With a new AD, and a move to the ACC, a push could possibly be made. Currently 11 female sports and 7 male sports which is in line with their 44/56 male to female ratio. This one could be a hard sell, but not impossible. More to come tomorrow.....
  3. Perfectly stated. The NWCA needs to install a program that helps to direct donors on how to best ensure their endowment dollars are used only for wrestling. There has to be a way to write this into the gift conditions. That endowment money would be better served heading to Harvard's wrestling program if Boston University doesn't want it for their wrestling program. I would rather see the money start a new Division I program, or reinstate Boston College. It would be great to see the ACC grow!
  4. http://takedownradio.com/articles/8146 Redirect the gift of the former coach to another area? What an A$$!!! He keeps saying its a sad time. This team does need to be cut. He is so full of contradictions. This has nothing to do with money or Title IX, and it reminds me of Marquette, they just don't see the value or worth of wrestling. Screw them! Here is an idea, take that endowment and lets go to Boston College and see if they are interested. ACC could be the next big conference.
  5. I don't believe Louisville ever had wrestling but I'm not 100% certain. I'm just wondering what talks if any have gone on. I think the ACC could be like the Big 10 and have all their schools with wrestling.
  6. Last year it was rumored that the Clemson AD was open to talks about the possible return of wrestling. A few months ago it was said that since Louisville was moving to the ACC, that they were of adding a male sport, Wrestling or Lacrosse. My question is, what is going on with this? Just curious. Interested to hear what the NWCA has done about this, or what the administrations said back to the NWCA if anything. Funny thing is, I have a list of 25 Division I schools who would be a good candidates and they are both on there. I been meaning to post the list to get feedback, but recruiting has been busy.
  7. Didn't Fresno St get 86'd in 2006? Yes. Same year as Slippery Rock. 13 in 7 years....ouch.....
  8. Best idea so far. I think this would work at the state level and national level.
  9. I do agree we are on the same side here. Being "in the fire" in college athletics, I know there are many misconceptions about our sport. Being at 3 different colleges, I have a good sense how athletic administrators see and feel us. D 2 and D 3, and NAIA wrestling continues to grow and even flourish. Being at D I is such a different beast. I'll be honest, sometimes I rather stop coaching and put my full time energy into sustaining, building and growing college wrestling programs. However, that won't pay the bills Not that coaching is :-)
  10. Wrong. You must have missed the part where I posted since 2006 all the teams that had been cut. All 12 of them. About 30 spots taken away from college wrestlers from each school. That's 360 spots. Did the Internet presence save any of those 12 teams? You seem to not understand the situation division I wrestling is in. It needs to be corrected now. There is no time to give. No, you are the one that doesn't understand. You are making these things mutually exclusive when they are not. 12 teams being cut does not mean that the internet presence of wrestling is not a great thing. What you are saying is that the two cannot be simultaneously pursued, and it is a ridiculous statement. Look at this excerpt from an article on ESPN (http://espn.go.com/college-sports/story ... vid-taylor)... Jeff Jernacke of the NCAA credits a dedicated online following for much of the recent expansion. Among all the NCAA's sports, wrestling's Facebook and Twitter feed are the second most trafficked, with more than 200,000 members. "Lots of people like basketball and baseball," says Jernacke, who was in charge of the 2012 championships, "but wrestling fans are some of the most active and passionate online fans we've ever seen." The Big Ten Network has also seen an uptick in viewership and feedback. The Chicago-based network broadcast 55 live events this season, an offering that was up more than 600 percent from 2010. According to BTN VP Elizabeth Conlisk, this season's 55 events were seen by 27 percent more viewers than the 2011-2012 season. "Wrestling has some of our most dependable numbers and our most active fan base in terms of quality feedback," says Conlisk. "When we air a wrestling match, the fans watch." The online presence of wrestling and the passionate internet discussions are good things. Getting organized for the specific purpose of saving programs and starting new ones is a great thing. Those are not mutually exclusive goals, but rather symbiotic ones. Nice article, but what expansion is he talking about? Not expansion in the number of programs. The presence of wrestling on the Internet means absolute zero. Is it good to have discussion and talk about it, but when it relates to growth of programs, it's a non factor. My AD could care less about the Internet presence of wrestling, or any other non revenue sport. It just isn't important. Fun? Sure, but not as important as you think. Being involved in the whole process of coaching and also now trying to preserve teams gives me a different view.
  11. Done! Saving this is as important as keeping wrestling in the Olympics.
  12. Wrong. You must have missed the part where I posted since 2006 all the teams that had been cut. All 12 of them. About 30 spots taken away from college wrestlers from each school. That's 360 spots. Did the Internet presence save any of those 12 teams? You seem to not understand the situation division I wrestling is in. It needs to be corrected now. There is no time to give.
  13. Is preserving the teams we have now and expanding. This is especially true in Division I. 78 Division I schools which after next season could be 77 if Boston Univ. holds to its decision to drop. Instead of discussing crap like who would win between the older Steiber or Ramos, there should be discussions on what the wrestling community is going to do to preserve these programs and start new division I programs. Since 2006 these Division I schools have been murdered..... Eastern Illinois, UNC Greensboro, Liberty, UC Davis, Cal St Fullerton, Portland St, Delaware St, Wagner College, Duquense, Oregon, Slippery Rock, James Madison. That's 12 in 7 years. What's it going to look like in 2020? Excuses are getting old for Division I. It's time for the wrestling community to get it done. That includes the coaches association. They don't get a free pass. If Moyer is going to continue to be the president and be the face of that organization he needs to get the job done at Division I. Get programs added. Get the number of Division I teams up to 100. Get out and let a business person who has a plan and vision and the know how in there if he can't do it. Excuses of, "well it's hard to get a program added at a D I school" is getting old and tiresome. I see other sports being added at division I schools, which means its not hard, the person who should be out there talking to every D I school is not doing that. Moyer has done an excellent job of growing schools at the D II and D III, and the NAIA. Even the NJCAA has seen a upward trend, but it needs to happen at the D I level because that gets the most attention of all the college levels. Boston Univ. needs to be saved somehow, and then the job of getting to 100 D I schools begins. What are we going to do? If we continue to talk about things that aren't as important this, then we deserve to go the way of gymnastics. We need to have a strategic plan to make D I grow. Getting to 100 division I programs will be hard be it has to be done because the only way division I wrestling will be saved is through growth. We need to have the business sense of Koll. Say what you will about him, but what he has done at Cornell is nothing short of amazing. We need the passion of Gable, and the shrewdness of Robinson. Division I wrestling will only survive with growth. 340 Division I schools and only 77 sponsor wrestling. That's an embarrassment. Let the discussion begin....
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