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  1. Some coaches go to Fargo and recruit, but not many. Some years, you're likely to only see a couple. Greco is more or less non-existent in Canada. We only have a handful of teams that take it even remotely seriously. Alberta, Western, New Brunswick, Guelph and TriStar (Montreal) are fairly consistent in their Greco participation, but that is literally one tournament a year in Canada (nationals). Senior Greco Nationals is held the day after Freestyle Nationals and it's generally a few people in each weight class that are still capable of wrestling (sometimes barely) after the freestyle tournament the day before. For example, I won the 71 kg Senior National Greco Title by default a couple years ago......... Simon Fraser used to be in the CIS, but I believe once the school switched to NCAA Division II, that was no longer allowed. In general, more American women come to Canada to wrestle but that seems to be changing. Simon Fraser skews the numbers a bit since they have such large numbers of Americans, both male and female. Brock has had a few Americans, largely due to their connections with Alex Conti in NY and Nieves in Mass. Right now, I'd say connections with individuals or teams in the states tends to play more into Americans heading north than out right recruiting, but I'd expect to see more Canadian coaches heading to Fargo in the future.
  2. There is nothing stopping them. School is cheaper even without a scholarship. I believe tuition for international students is generally around $10000 but some schools don't have increased fees for international students. A decade removed, but my tuition was $5000. Coaches can offer tuition paid. I'm in Edmonton and the University of Alberta has 2 athletes from Texas, 1 from North Carolina and 1 from Iowa. Ali Bernard was here during her 2012 run. Quality of the room depends on the school. We generally have combined varsity/senior practices since it's all freestyle and U Sports is nowhere near as restrictive as NCAA. For example, Erica Wiebe trains with the U of Calgary every day. Also, I've never seen a practice that isn't co-ed. You can expect the national champs and Olympians to be in the room of every local university as a general rule. I can get specific answers if anyone has any specific questions.
  3. It wasn't too wonderful when I went to Cadet Pan-Ams a couple years back. They did move the Americans and Canadians to a very nice resort hotel due to security concerns but once outside the gates, it was a different world. Armed guards everywhere we went. Detroit used to be awesome. Had family there when I was young. It isn't so great anymore. Some parts have actually been reclaimed by nature.
  4. So are other countries going to start caring about putting major tournaments in easily accessible/metro areas or just North America?
  5. I agree, you do a bang up job on a great majority of your work. I never said you didn't. You are the best at webcasting wrestling and your folkstyle coverage is second to none. Your coverage of women's wrestling has improved immensely, as has your Free/Greco coverage. Your understanding of foreign markets, working with those paying market's federations to promote your product and content regulations within those markets needs a little work, but that is easily solved by eventually making everyone pay for the service, not just one foreign nation. We aren't going to agree on a fundamental level, so we'll leave it at that.
  6. I can name a non-Flo American that does commentary at events and goes to almost obscene levels, often weeks in advance, to ensure he knows all the individuals and a bit about their story. Flo is starting to up their international Free/Greco coverage, so perhaps that will also improve. I'm not saying it's horrible all the time, but I have put Flo commentary on mute before and I know others who have as well. Believe it or not, Flo isn't the first site I go to for all my wrestling news. In fact, I often go to Wrestling Canada Lutte and it's staff to get info relevant to my market. And in this case, WCL had NO IDEA (which I confirmed last night) that streaming of Pan Ams and Worlds was through a PPV service on Flo. Neither Flo or UWW thought to include them in the process or even let them know. So in the case of Pan Ams, I was likely linked to Livestream and when it said "Content Not Available In Your Region," I probably said "That's odd, here let me click this box by the address bar" and it magically worked. As I've mentioned numerous times, I pay for Flo Pro and I, for the most part, enjoy it. However, I live in a place that couldn't care less about folkstyle, outside of a handful of people, so much of the added benefit of the system doesn't hold the same value as it would to an American viewer. I don't really care if you formulate my suggestions into anything meaningful or not, that's your choice, but as you expand out of the US, you will face these challenges. Flo seems to have a decent relationship with USA Wrestling, so creating similar relationships with the other paying federations would be a good start. Like I said, WCL had no knowledge that worlds was PPV in Canada, thus didn't report that info to its members. Seems like marketing that fact would have helped Flo.
  7. Yeah, they stopped doing this at Cadet/Junior. Word was they were going to apply this to senior after Rio.
  8. As I previously mentioned, it's incredibly easy. Literally one click. Which is why I also support the everyone pays or no one pays approach.
  9. A couple things: 1) You haven't really refuted anything. You've said people pay or they don't. Well, yeah. 2) I know plenty of people who do the research before the tournament to ensure the info is correct. In the case of the Phesi incident, the worst line was actually "Oh yeah, I've heard of this kid," while not knowing what his actual name was. Based on the number of US coaches who contacted me after the tournament (not knowing he was already committed to Oregon), no one other than Jim knew who he was. 3) I'm not saying the bias is anti-Canadian, I'm saying it's pro-American, leading to lacklustre research and execution on the webcasts as the overall US market concerns itself largely with the US wrestlers. It makes sense from the standpoint of that market. 4) I would have no problem if every country had to pay, as it is then on equal footing. I'd actually prefer it. Is the International stream going to be the exact same as the North American stream in every way? If so, I'm paying for a product that millions get for free with no added benefit. If you handed out 50000 free diet cokes, but charged me $5 because I lived nearby, I'd probably settle for water. What is essentially happening is you are saying that the Canadian money is good enough to take but the market isn't big enough to focus on in any other way. 5) To be honest, I'm pretty sure I watched pan-ams on Livestream. The heart of the matter is it doesn't make sense to ONLY include Canada under the paywall. Either include Mexico and the Islands to make it a truly North American regional contract or charge everyone. As paying customers (which I am), people can then suggest ways to make your product more valuable to new markets.
  10. Can anyone translate the twitter post? For some reason, google isn't cooperating.
  11. I know for a fact that Stan D and other UWW higher ups were talked to by coaches at the event
  12. Didn't the Korean at least call points for Gomez initially on the mat? And Uwe Manz was calling for points for Gomez by the sounds of the audio, which might be why he wasn't suspended.
  13. This is correct. Temo (GEO) was judge on both matches as well.
  14. The "not American" thing simply meant that if the Canadian market feels pressured or alienated, they won't always support the American product, even if it's the only show in town. That's where the commentary and such comes into play. If I pay $20 to watch Amar Dhesi and the commentator is calling him "Amar Fezzy" and talking up his opponent while he's being steam-rolled (somewhat dated real world example), I'm not inclined to throw more money into the product, especially if most of the world is getting it for free.
  15. Buy out what? I'm not a company. Everything I do is volunteer basis with little to no technical experience. I have a full time job in wrestling administration. I would love nothing more than someone with the know-how and experience to come in and webcast every tournament well so I don't have to. I don't have the resources and I'm not good at it. I started filming tournaments because no one else would. I have no desire to make that part of the sport my full-time gig. I would go mental. I enjoy talking about the sport, promoting the athletes and taking photos. The other video-related stuff is quickly turning my hair grey.
  16. Huh? I have Flo Pro. I have for a long time. I'm leery of signing up (as a casual observer or parent) because they'll use the service one day (the day my child/friend competes, no one will be up at 2 am watching Greco here) and we don't have value attached to wrestling in Canada as of yet, even domestically. People complained when they had to pay $10 for 3 days of our Olympic Trials. There is tremendous value with Flo Pro, if you are American and/or care about that content. You're simply assuming the markets and customers are the same, but they are not. I'm worried that Canada will be the only country forced to pay for webcasts and get nothing out of it above and beyond what people are getting for free in Italy (for example).
  17. It isn't just about features, but free features actually might justify the Canadian market to subscribe to the service. It shows the site has interest in the people outside their home market. The tournament is being streamed worldwide regardless, but if I'm understanding it correctly, we are the only paying country outside the US? If I'm paying $20 to watch in Canada, I don't necessary want to listen to a commentator who is calling it for the American before the match even begins. Heck, I'd settle for knowing the wrestlers (and how to pronounce their names) of the paying markets.
  18. This is generally how Canadians have got around crappy Canadian content for years. I have Flo Pro. I love Flo Pro. The issue is 95% of our wrestling population, don't know (or care) who Cary Kolat is, just like how 95% of the American wrestling population doesn't know (or care) who Chris Wilson is. I would simply like to see the Canadian side of the sport have more worth than a few bucks funnelling down to Texas. Flo is a business and I respect that. I consume their product. But to include only one other country under the pay wall and ignore it otherwise isn't a great way to garner the support of a market known for doing things in a way just to show how not American they are.
  19. Elk will do. My latest rant was suggesting that for Canada to be lumped into the Flo Pro PPV market for this event, perhaps they could care about/cover/promote the Canadian market instead of just taking our money. I was told $19.99 (more if you convert) was simply worth it. I don't disagree but I'm not sure if they realize that the 8 guys in Canada who would normally watch the event already have Flo Pro.
  20. As someone who completely sucks at webcasting (the few times I've attempted it), knows the barriers to providing a good webcast (much of the time out of the control of the webcaster) and has put far too much of my own money (without hope of breaking even, let alone profit) into filming and uploading wrestling in a much smaller market than the US, I fail to see how anyone has any issues with Flo's business model.
  21. While we're at it, feel free to Instagram other's match clips and photos with your own watermark on them
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