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  1. Mike Stensrud, Iowa state champion in mid-70s, had about a 10-year NFL career after playing for Iowa State. Defensive line?
  2. Can't say I really have much of an opinion one way or another, BUT, as a newspaper editor there have been times I've had to forego a good photo because it was ... let's just say too revealing, especially in the "placing round" white singlets. If said photos were published, I'm sure there would be even more "gay" remarks about the sports.
  3. First, I think the wrestling community should embrace Title IX instead of fight it. The Big Ten should take the lead in starting women's programs with scholarships, with Sanderson, Brands, Ryan, Robinson out in front. Set a target date of, say, 2018 for the first Big Ten women's tournament. That would provide time for younger girls to start getting involved in the sport, and if they knew scholarships would be available at the leading conference for wrestling, I've got to believe participation numbers would increase. It also would benefit men's wrestling. Not just because there would be an equal sport to balance out numbers, but there would be more coaching jobs for former wrestlers. And here's another idea. Why not turn college football into a club sport. Those lost 85 scholarships would have an immediate impact on Title IX. Football is so embedded it wouldn't make a difference. Club status probably would make big-time football even in stronger. If boosters want to pay Reggie Bush to play for USC or someone else to play somewhere, fine. Schools could even have sponsorships for their players instead of scholarships. I'm sure the local Chevy dealer would love to have Johnny Football referred to on a broadcast as "Johnny Football, sponsored by Joe's Chevrolet of Lubbock, drops back to pass ... " Players could prosper, too, without those NCAA regulations. Programs could bring in more money for themselves and their schools, wouldn't have to abide by NCAA rules, hire more coaches, have a playoff, have in-season bowl games. Would it really make any difference to fans if it's a club sport or a sanctioned sport if it's still big-time and played on the college campuses. Heck, you could even have lower academic standards so those pesky classes wouldn't get in the way.
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