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  1. Sorry for my mistake link below. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/August/07/Freestyle-Friday-Olympic-champions-by-school
  2. Enjoyed the article and no surprise Oklahoma State was first. I was happy to see ISU second. However should there be an asterisk beside the winners in 1984 since the Soviets were not there? I noticed Iowa had 3 that year.
  3. How about Chris Taylor? His record was great. During his two-year career with the Cyclones, Taylor posted a record of 87-0-1. His 70 falls in 88 matches translates into a stunning 80 percent pinning mark.
  4. Yes, *clutches pearls* is the best I have to do because its ridiculous that you are so upset by the F-word. I can assure you the F word does not make me *clutch my pearls*, but it did bother the kid. But you probably are okay with that. So I will say you have horse hockey for brains and leave it at that. Please don't clutch your pearls.
  5. russelscout *clutches pearls* And who is Mike, and why must he be there? Just so you know. Both mike and mic commonly appear as shortened forms of microphone, but mike is the accepted spelling in most dictionaries. Also *clutches pearls* is the best you can do? SAD BTW we are talking about kids. I would say they were forced to hear abusive language & behavior. What do you call it?
  6. Posted 20 hours ago russelscout: I was referring to @Martini's story about Brands swearing at someone trying to get Fullhart's drug test. Brands used the F word even before this that day. BTW Kevin Jackson said "they need to have a mike at matside" for the ISU/Iowa dual.
  7. I remember when Fullhart lost to Lawal in Ames in 2005. My son who got the drug test for Mo also heard Brands & Fullhart be abusive to the kid trying to get Fullhart's test. They used the F word several times and Brands did not help the kid. I consider their behavior low life. I do not think they have changed.
  8. Jimmy calm down. I will take that bet on 50 points even with Assad. Don't be surprised when PSU still wins.
  9. Jimmy, 5 champs really? I will take that bet. Iowa will be lucky to have 3 in the finals. Finally Cael will find a way to crush your pipe dream.
  10. If he wrestles like he did against ISU, I would say he will be lucky to be in the top 5.
  11. Russ quote below from link above. Thanks 103244! So my question to Jordan is why did you not say Russ handled it and that was that? Of course that also does not look good, but it may be what happened. "Certainly all my administrators recognized it was an issue for me,” Hellickson says in the footage. “I’m sure that I talked to them on numerous occasions about my discontent with the environment. I know I had a lot of conversations with Fred Beekman about it. But nothing ever changed.”
  12. The head coach back then, Russ Hellickson, similarly has said he would have reported any abuse if he had been aware of it. Above from AP article July 20, 2018. Here is what I think. Jordan & Hellickson knew at least something, but did not report it. Sad because it hurt lives. Go ahead and defend them if you want but it does not change the fact that 22 coaches admitted to knowing something.
  13. TBarr1977 Perkins Coei is the law firm of choice for The DNC, Hillary, Barack etc. Left wing shills. Yes always attack the messenger when you cannot attack the message.
  14. Below from POLITICO article. The report — produced for the school by the law firm Perkins Coie — found that Richard Strauss, a longtime doctor for Ohio State athletic teams, sexually abused at least 177 male athletes from 1979 to 1996. When the scandal broke last year, Jordan — a national champion wrestler who later became an assistant coach for the Ohio State wrestling team — adamantly denied having had any knowledge of the allegations against Strauss. Jordan was an assistant coach from 1986 to 1994. But several wrestlers insist Jordan knew, directly or indirectly, about Strauss' behavior, and he was named in lawsuits against the university. Other wrestlers told POLITICO they were regularly harassed in their training facility by sexually aggressive men who attended the university or worked there and that Jordan and other coaches did nothing to stop the behavior. However, Friday's report states investigations "did not identify any contemporaneous documentary evidence that members of the OSU coaching staff, including head coaches or assistant coaches, received or were aware of complaints regarding Strauss sexual misconduct." Yet the report also notes that athletes said they openly discussed Strauss' behavior in front of the coaching staff, and 22 coaches "confirmed to the Investigative Team they were aware of rumors and/or complaints about Strauss, dating back to the late 1970s and extending into the mid-1990s."
  15. Yes I am not 1000% sure Zadick actually started a fight with another ISU coach, but I dare you to ask Dresser. I have heard it from more than one source it happened. The fight with Minn wrestlers after a dual I believe is correct. Please prove me wrong before you say Zadick is a good choice.
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