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  1. Yes I am not 1000% sure Zadick actually started a fight with another ISU coach, but I dare you to ask Dresser. I have heard it from more than one source it happened. The fight with Minn wrestlers after a dual I believe is correct. Please prove me wrong before you say Zadick is a good choice.
  2. I believe Zadick was also suspended from Iowa wrestling for fighting while shaking hands with Minn wrestlers. Who does that? 2 fights are 2 too many. Also how he handled the Kanen Storr issue showed poor judgement.
  3. I heard Mike Zadick was fired at ISU for a fight with a coach. Has anyone heard if this is true? Also he has always been a loose cannon and I think he is a poor choice to be a coach.
  4. Zain goes 1 and done, imo. If he wins any matches will you leave?
  5. I still think Zadick faked injury in shower when he could not make weight for match against Chris Bono.
  6. I seem to remember Bill Zadick having/faking an injury in the shower when he could not make weight. Does anyone remember the story? I believe he was not even a world medalist at the time. Quote Edit
  7. I seem to remember Bill Zadick having/faking an injury in the shower when he could not make weight. Does anyone remember the story?
  8. Good research -facts. Thanks. Those stats are big time. The brothers who wrestled for Gable were animals. In 1984 the Russians and others boycotted so I do not think winning the gold has as much weight that year.
  9. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6032116-video-thomas-gilman-goes-at-schwab-dresser-metcalf-at-iowa-fight-night Gilman starts talking? at 1:28. I know he was trying to be funny or entertaining but he fails. Glad he is not on the team. I am not a hawk fan, so I know he is happy I never rooted for him. Watch video where he states that.
  10. PSU world team & Olympic members Taylor, Zain, Ed Ruth, Frank Molinaro. So better than Iowa Jimmy. Also Varner has been at PSU and coached by Cael all his freestyle career.
  11. At the 1968 Olympic tryouts in Ames I saw Bobby Douglas destroy Gable by I believe at least 10 points. Also saw Gable pinned by another wrestler.
  12. Gable was 7.39 scholarships over for 4 years, see Des Moines Register 7/27/93. How many would he have won without this advantage? Also what about all the other years he probably cheated. Yes he cheated and Bobby Douglas called him on it.
  13. Kevin Jackson Favorite & best by far. 2 time world champ & Olympic champ.
  14. mayhap I was traveling up there to Penn 20 years ago and got reel close with his Ma reel proud of the kid. Really Mudflap sounds like claptrap to me. Time to stop reading you. Also DeSanto is out of control and I was surprised Tom did the right thing. Also please stop blaming Ne for his obvious problem. If Tom does not take steps to rein him in, he will go too far.
  15. As a coach Gable cheated, yes cheated. Iowa received a penalty but he retired before it went into effect. I seem to remember LSU dropped the sport because they said they could not compete with Iowa. Kevin Jackson then transferred to ISU. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but you could argue Gable hurt the sport.
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