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  1. The fact that Tom Ryan has an alcohol policy with his team has nothing to do with his religion. My goodness the things people come up with are downright ridiculous. Mark Cody has a zero tolerance alcohol rule in season and out season for his team........his is not religious either. It's about commitment. Those that choose to wrestle for them know this up front and still choose to sign. If they knowingly break the rules they know they can be released. Also, scholarships are year to year contracts and at the end of the year they can be renewed or non renewed at whatever percentage the coach chooses whether it be athletic or academic or other team policy related.
  2. the article says they are going to Des Moines and he will probably work with a youth or possibly high school team. But who knows.....don't want to burst Xander's bubble just in case.
  3. I saw an article posted to D3wrestle.com that has Backes leaving Iowa at the end of this month to move into the banking world in Des Moines. I say good for him if that is what is best for him and his family. Hard to see, but more and more coaches are doing it as wrestling doesn't always pay the bills.....especially for assistant coaches. I hope they replace him with another 184/197 body.
  4. For those of you that think there should be more penalties for kids who want to transfer then let me throw this scenario at you. Maybe they don't take the chance on the small school in the first place. Lots of coaches sell these kids on the fact that we can do everything the big schools do....and if we don't you can always transfer. If the kids know, that they will never be able to transfer or at least without a big penalty what is keeping them from not even taking that chance and attending one of the smaller ones. I don't think we can regulate the smaller programs into prominence. Others have found a way to step up: American, Central Michigan, Edinboro.
  5. I don't know anything about any schools dropping. But, I can say I am really worried about some. There have been some schools where the coach has resigned or retired and its been known for a long time and the schools have done absolutely nothing to fill them for months. I get worried when I see this, makes me fearful they are waiting til summer and then announcing something terrible. Communities that have programs with open coaching positions should be advocating for those programs now; before some administrator thinks nobody cares and drops them.
  6. Wow, doesn't matter what school a kid is from it's always disappointing to have to read things like this. Felony drug charges are no laughing matter. Hopefully this serves as a big wake up call.
  7. Heck I could see this hosting ncaa sites as well. A lot of these arenas that host D1's don't have any extra room and couldn't fit an extra 2-3 feet per mat. I like the thought of the rule, but it seems hard to implement so fast.
  8. I wonder where our infatuation with the control of mat area has come from lately? I find it interesting that we claim having some coaches get a little excited is so bad for the sport? If they are swearing, taunting or physically abusive is one thing. Look at college football coaches and basketball, they are always on the field and in the court yelling and screaming. Video cameras are all over it on espn and other networks. If it is over the line they get flagged or T'd up. The energy of the coaches feeds to kids innthosesports just like ours. Imam not saying every coach needs to be this way, but why do we have to penalize those who are animated if it is not affecting the contest?
  9. Wow, now it's a conspiracy theory why he didn't win a team award?! Clearly he and Brands have no issues as he was coaching with him this weekend. Clearly Matt has never been an attention hound so whether it was his or Tom's decision what does it matter? He is a great wrestler who didn't have the end he wanted.
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