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  1. Heavies usually ARE boring.. but so are JV matches. Do we eliminate anything besides varsity competition, too?
  2. Coaches are saying early December. Didn't he tear an ACL or something like that? If so, that is a quick recovery. Then again, he always seemed like a tough, tough guy so I'm not shocked. Hope he is at 100% for Minnesota this year, both for the Gophers sake and his. Way too good a wrestler to go out on anything but a high note. He could probably make a big difference in the title race at the end of the season. With him and Ed Ruth at the top of 184, and UoM and PSU being the top of the team race, I'm sure that match-up, if it happens, will have a huge say in who wins NCAAs.
  3. I watched the match again last night, and came away with the view that it wasn't anywhere as close as the score would indicate. My own reaction is that it was a beat-down for an NCAA semifinal. Garrett has a ways to go. I'm sure he will improve. But Delgado isn't that easy to stop. Neither is Megaludis..
  4. Are we the only country who is generally in acceptance of new uniforms?
  5. So, let me get this straight - You guys are arguing over how dominant these guys are over division-one athletes? The same ones that dedicate every second of their day to their sport? I never really understood that whole concept. Matt Brown, David Taylor, etc. are dominating the best college wrestlers out on the mat right now, and there's a standard of who is good enough to be considered "competition?" I can understand if they were pinning me and the rest of my club team, but these are the guys on scholarships, practically living and breathing wrestling. Of course, there's different echelons to athletic ability and talent, but do remember - the guys they're mauling are doing the same workout routines and making the same weight class with the same sacrifices. Let's not forget that every wrestler has taken their losses. It's more efficient to look at their wins (Don't try and say David Taylor's wins are mostly weak guys - he makes them look weak) than their faults.
  6. 141 is gonna be a nasty bracket. PSU and Rutgers both bringing in some big guns there.
  7. Seriously. Wanted to use this thread in my paper but I think i could use it on my thesis for law school, now.
  8. As it should be.. it should just be a person's choice; unfortunately, we live in a society where that's not the case.
  9. I'm currently doing a paper on tattoos and professionalism for a class of mine, and that got me thinking. I have always heard mixed responses from people concerning wrestlers with tattoos. A lot of the time, religion comes into the discussion, but Jordan Burroughs seems to be rather faithful but has a ton of ink. Some people love it, some hate it, and some are indifferent. What are your thoughts?
  10. I did attempt to walk-on, but unfortunately, another kid and I were told that Title IX limited the amount of spots on the roster. It was a bit tough to take, given that we didn't even have a chance to prove ourselves despite the work we put in due to politics, but we both joined the wrestling club. We're gonna go for some NCWA titles and try out again for next season. I continually looked back to this thread when some days got a bit hard, so I just want to thank everyone for the criticism and support.
  11. I'm surprised no one mentioned the exchange between McDonough and Megaludis. I find it very noble on Matt's part that after he had just lost his last AA spot, given his legacy, he could wish well upon a rival of his. That's what wrestling is about.
  12. I think the NCAA Champion vs Olympic Silver Medalist point value is a bit off. Very big achievement, yes, but I think it's safe to say that all of our NCAA Champs aren't Olympic Finals material. Also, how about finishes at Tbilsi for our older competitors? World Cup performances, maybe?
  13. That was a great match. That leg touch call against South Korea seemed a bit iffy, though. Great example of what Greco-Roman can be, even without a huge throw. Great scrapping.
  14. i thought the Lashgari v. Friev match was a final before I looked at a bracket.. very well put together.
  15. Was rooting for Friev. He seemed to be the aggressor.
  16. did you watch all 3 presentations? the personal element of the wrestling speakers was the strong point of the wrestling presentation. the visuals were awful compared to the squash presentation. I did not, but I was assuming that Squash at least did really well, going back to the Squash 2020 video we had all seen these past few months.. but given what we're accustomed to with FILA in regards to technical things, I'd like to say they did better than I thought they would. Of course, we have room for improvement.
  17. They put on an amazing presentation. Everyone was rather eloquent and wrestling looked surprisingly innovative with their visuals. I'd have to say, for any of the voters who were swayed this morning, it was Daniel Igali and Carol Hunyh who gave the push. Their perspectives were touching, and were necessary components of showing how wrestling can touch everyone. Those two seemed the most enthusiastic.
  18. What if the D1 school that they're already at is the best choice for them, academically speaking?
  19. Flo has a list of everyone who qualified: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... ifier-List
  20. I have been offered full tuition to Drexel, as well, but Penn State's College of Education is #25 in the nation, with the only other university with a better College of Education that i got into is American, which is #24. PSUs education, by any legitimate means, is NOT equal with hundreds of other universities.
  21. This solidified my choice. It was an amazing opportunity, especially given how unlikely it was for it to happen. Thank you very much to the both of you along with the others involved in making that possible! I will save names to protect the privacy of any involved. Andrew Church's bio really speaks volumes to me. It is good to know that it has been done before. All the stories, anecdotes and testimonials on this thread are great reads! Also, unfortunately, i am going to be a Secondary Education major and not a Visual Arts major, so i will not be involved in any Lifetime movies, nor do i plan to write one. I plan to wrestle.
  22. Not exactly sure what APR is, besides with car payments.. but I would rather the thread stay on course instead of turning into a flame war; the posts are really insightful, and I dont think anyone wants that to be derailed to dispute a minor focal point. Im sure if someone is walking on, theyre concerned with more wrestling than roster spots. You dont need any more than a cauliflower ear to prove yourself.
  23. Some really good points. I love this. To wrestling17601 - My main goal is to fulfill my academic interests, with wrestling being right behind it. PSU's college of education is amazing, so regardless of wrestling.. it is still my best choice. To clear any confusion, i did not pick PSU because of their wrestling team. It just so happens that penn state is my school of choice. The disappointment comes in that my best choice of matriculation is a likely end of the road for wrestling seasons for me.
  24. To everyone: This is all really encouraging! I didn't know walking on was this common. Great to know that my aspirations are not too unheard of!
  25. Djd, sounds good! I've been practicing everyday still in hopes that id somehow be able to do it still! Thanks man!
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