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  1. Between the Classic and Homecoming, just parking on the street will NOT work. I'm not sure if Penn has a dedicated parking lot for Athletics, but it sure as hell isn't big enough for everyone. Your best bet is to park at one of the many lots down Market Street (the Palestra is 3 blocks off of Market Street and 32nd, if I remember correctly), which do cost a bit of money, but will save you a ton of time in regards to finding a decent spot. If you want to tour around University City/Downtown a bit, park closer to City Hall where there's always open lots (albeit a bit more expensive). Keep in mind that you must go pick your car back up at night, and I know many people not used to the city will be uncomfortable walking the streets at night. Another great idea is to park at one of the several SEPTA Transportation Center locations throughout the outer parts of Philly (or even the suburbs) which have parking lots that are much cheaper, then taking public transportation down to Penn. I'd say the safest bet is parking at one of the Northeast Philadelphia locations and taking either the Market-Frankford line down to 30th street or one of the Regional Rails to 30th street as well. Relatively cheap, much quicker than finding a parking spot, and the regional rails are very safe. The neighborhood itself is one of the safer, quieter ones as well, so less worries about car damage or late-night trouble. Public Transportation gets a bad rep here in Philly - of course, it's not the best, but you don't have to worry too much. I have never experienced any difficulty on the train, besides the occasional strong stench from a homeless person or having to ignore someone asking for spare change.
  2. Here's my guesses: 125: Conaway. Low-Mid AA. When he's at 125, he's a monster, but he's not on the Garrett/Delgado/Megaludis level yet. I do, however, have faith in his work ethic, and can see him sneaking into the top 5. Let's not forget that he snuck in a win vs. Graff. 133: Gulibon. R12-Low AA. Last year, he just looked so tentative when he was wrestling. I think finishing a season has helped him warm up a bit. 141: Moss. 1-2 - R12. Greco FILA Nationals Champ. Anyone in that room is good enough to get wins at Nationals. Just a matter of who he has to wrestle. I'd say this weight is very top heavy with Stieber and Port, but the middle-of-the-pack guys are still tough (Dutton, Ashnault, Dziewa, Mecate, Dardanes, Grey). Will be interesting to see how he does. There's a ton of weight resting upon his shoulders concerning team placement. 149: Beitz. R12-Low AA. As we've seen, Beitz kept it close, but just could not get those high-profile wins last year. I think, like Gulibon, finishing a season will help him get those last few remaining fundamentals down to secure a top 10 spot. 157: D. Alton. Low-Mid AA. I would love to see both of the Altons in the line-up their last year, and for both to win titles, but 157 is looking stacked and Andrew is looking hurt. Can't see Dylan getting past Green, Miller or Ness all in one tournament, but he might be able to beat one and grab a top 4 finish. Fingers crossed. 165: Hammond. R12-Low AA. My favorite guy on the team. Reffed my match at the Intramural Tournament when I sprained my MCL and wobbled onto the mat. Really cool guy to talk to when I see him around campus. As a preferred walk-on with something to prove, he has the right mindset to assume the spot as starter. He had an up and down season, but for the most part, I think DT sticking around really helped his development over the summer. Also, PSU's room is most stacked from 141 to 184. These are all the guys that Garrett is most likely wrestling on a consistent basis. 174: Brown. National Champ. The top 4 in 174 are all way too close to determine a definite prediction, but I am biased, and this is a pre-season prediction, so it's okay. He is a married man in ROTC and a 3.9+ GPA. Nothing can get in his way. I say Brown finally closes the deal this year. 184: McCutcheon. Low-Mid AA. Another cool guy to talk to. Seems like a pretty laid back guy, but he really turns it up on the mats. The talent here kind of drops off after Dean and Dechow, with Brown and Thomas right behind them. After that, it's all fair game. Another huge factor in how we do as a team. 197: McIntosh. Mid-High AA. Last season was bad as far as injuries went, and you could definitely sense a loss in step when watching him. It's been plenty of time to recover, and now Mac is a frontrunner on the team. He's a proven winner and leader, and I think this new position of leading will help push him over the hump. Interested to see how he fares against Cox, Schiller and Snyder. 285: Lawson. Low-Mid AA. The HWTs at PSU are always in limbo, I feel like. Gingrich did great subbing in for Lawdog in the post season. I honestly have no clue who will win between the two, but whoever does will go far. When I tell you that Lawson is a behemoth, that is not an understatement. This dude looks HUGE just walking around campus. As far as the REAL wrestling team at PSU (The Club Team) goes.. expect a NCWA Div.2 National Championship!
  3. JB is right. I accidentally didn't pick up on a typo of his. Thanks for catching that.
  4. 125: #3 Alan Waters, Sr. (Missouri) vs. #4 Joey Dance, So. (Virginia Tech) - Decision. Two solid competitors with Waters cutting down. Joey's been a beast, and he ain't gonna stop now. 133: #1 A.J. Schopp, Sr. (Edinboro) vs. #2 Mason Beckman, Jr. (Lehigh) - Decision. Beckman got by on Schopp last year but AJ got much more solid over the year. 141: #1 Logan Stieber, Sr. (Ohio State) vs. #2 Mitchell Port, Sr. (Edinboro) - Decision. Stieber's good, obviously, but Port is only a step or so behind him, if even that. Without that strength advantage, as we've seen, Stieber looks a human. 149: #1 Jason Tsirtsis, So. (Northwestern) vs. #2 Josh Kindig, Sr. (Oklahoma State) - Decision. They were way too close in the finals last year. Tsirtsis wins all of his matches by razor thin margins. Kindig just has too many good partners available in that room. I feel like he closed that gap and will win this time around. 157: #2 James Green, Sr. (Nebraska) vs. #3 Ian Miller, Jr. (Kent State) - Tech, or Fall. Gonna be the match of the night. James Green hopefully has cleaned up his stuff and won't get caught. He's either gonna kill Ian, or Ian's gonna flip and pin him. 165: #1 Alex Dieringer, Jr. (Oklahoma State) vs. #2 Nick Sulzer, Sr. (Virginia) - Major. Another great match, but Dieringer is way too fundamental and strong. I feel like he looked like a 165lber last year; I could only imagine that he got even stronger over the summer. 174: #2 Robert Kokesh, Sr. (Nebraska) vs. #1-NAIA Brock Gutches, Sr. (Southern Oregon) - Decision. I'd love to see Brock win this. As a non-NCAA athlete myself, this would be huge to get people to realize that all college wrestlers are tough. Kokesh will get it, though. 184: #1 Gabe Dean, So. (Cornell) vs. #1 Jack Dechow, So. (Old Dominion) - Major. Dechow is definitely solid, but Gabe is a monster. I wonder what training with KD all summer has done for him. 197: #1 J’Den Cox, So. (Missouri) vs. #2 Scott Schiller, Sr. (Minnesota) - Decision. Cox has proved himself time and time again, and he's gonna do it again. 285: #1 Nick Gwiazdowski, Jr. (N.C. State) vs. #2 Mike McMullan, Sr. (Northwestern) - Decision. Gwiaz is the most fun heavyweight to watch. McMullan just can't get over that last hill to win a title.
  5. That's sick. I wish them the best of luck! Go hokies!
  6. The irony.. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2014/October/17/Final-UWW-Freestyle-Rankings-Announced
  7. 1. ASU - Got a great coach, outstanding recruits, good weather, better women, and a huge campus. I'm sure the academics aren't half bad, but I don't know too much about it. 2. PSU - Everything else of ASU, but a brutal winter. I'd have to argue that the women look a lot better out here, but that's debatable, so I'll just say that they're equal. Lot more people in University Park from the West Coast than you'd think! Also, high quality academics at a (relatively) cheap price. 3. Penn - The cool Ivy League school. On-the-rise wrestling program, great academics, and in the heart of Philadelphia. Would be a bit too hard to deal with the snobs who will drive Audis and BMWs in the city when taking the bus would be faster and cheaper, but whatever. Beat the Streets Philadelphia's connection to Penn wrestlers is pretty cool - they help out a lot with the development of inner city wrestling, and to be a part of that is something you can't find at too many other places. 4. Cornell - State school atmosphere, but with preppy clothes and great academics, and I can say that I went to an Ivy for bragging rights. Suicide rate in Ithaca is a bit too high for my taste, though. 5. Notre Dame College - Easy diploma, high level of wrestling, cool singlets, nearly guaranteed national championship rings. Would be a nice fallback school.
  8. Here at Penn State's Main Campus, Club Wrestling is a great way for student-athletes who want to continue the best sport known to man, while getting a world-class education. Thing is, though the club sports program here competes at a high level, most of the funding comes from the clubs themselves - herein lies our problem. Though our registration cost covers singlets and NCWA registration, there's little to no money left for transportation, gear, tournament registration, and other costs associated with the club. We are trying to brainstorm great fundraising ideas. We're looking for anything that is low-cost - we are willing to put in whatever labor is necessary. If anyone could suggest ideas for us, that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Wrestlers, I feel, are a weird bunch. I'm sure many of us have been in similar (obviously not to the same level) predicaments - I shouldn't go, but I kinda want to, anyway. Most normal people would panic, and here Jake, along with most of the rest of the wrestlers going over there, are still heads on about going. How many of us still begged coach to let us wrestle a match when we had a bone practically about to pop out of our skin? I love it - especially in this day and age where dedication is commonly seen as too delineative from the normal track of society in the US. Side note - thought it was funny that he compared Ossetia and their club/camp with the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club. Besides that, solid read, and I liked how he made it appealing to the non-wrestler. Jake's a great ambassador for the sport, and I hope we get more competitors and coaches like him that make wrestling more fun and "normal."
  10. I think what really helped elevate my wrestling this and last year, though I am not a high-class wrestler by any means, was to relax and flow more, as previous posters are saying. Once you stop thinking and start wrestling, that is when you will open up more. All of the set ups we are taught are on the basis of chain wrestling - not, do the set up, take a second to make sure you're okay, then go. Sparring, or "play-wrestling" as many call it, is a lost art. Going 50%, giving some leeway to partner and getting the same, helps build muscle memory and confidence when you're in a match. Also, try to find the fun in practice! Try things out. Don't go for the lateral every time you lock up with your partner, but open yourself up a bit. It's practice. Who cares if someone beats you in the room! It helps take the stress off of competitive wrestling day in and day out during the season, and gives you a new dynamic to work with. I wish the best for you in your goal to improve!
  11. The only ones who had to wrestle 4 minutes consecutively was team A (in this case, PSU). pretty unfair.
  12. Will look into this - Thank you very much!
  13. JV (Club) Team Schedule: Nov. 16 - ESU Open (Whoever can afford to pitch in gas money and registration) Dec. 7 - Nittany Lion Open Jan. 31 - Doug Cherry Invitational Feb. 21 - Tri-meet @ Towson U with U.Delaware Feb. 28 - Mid-East Conference Championships @ Penn College Mar. 12 - NCWA National Championships @ Allen, TX Mar. 13 - NCWA National Championships @ Allen, TX Mar. 14 - NCWA National Championships @ Allen, TX If anyone knows of any decent Club/D3-level tournaments in the vicinity of PA, please, do let me know!
  14. They're both great achievements, in completely separate contexts. Keeping a "stud" hungry for more is tough; not to mention going from top of the food chain to fodder in the wrestling room is very strenuous mentally and spiritually. What is interesting to note is that you tagged Ruth and Dake. They were both good in HS, yes - but they weren't on the phenom level. Ruth went from getting spladled and winning 1 Prep Title to owning college wrestling for four years. Dake went from 2 state championships, which in the current landscape of wrestling is getting more and more common, to making history. Also, he beat Taylor, who beat him in HS (correct me if I'm wrong). Both of those guys are cases of amazing development and upside. Keeping phenoms like Taylor, Tsirtsis, J.Oliver and Coon at the top is a matter of fine tuning. So, yes, you are right. From an objective, hardware-based standpoint, Taylor's two NCAA Championships do trump English's one AA. But, from a different perspective, English's one AA trumps Taylor's NCAA Championships. The people who say the studs would've won anywhere are maybe blowing a bit of steam. The effect that a coach can have is immense. If Taylor thought he could've won anywhere, why'd he go from ISU to PSU with Cael?
  15. Glad to finally see this in wrestling. We see basketball and football teams do this all the time - the only difference is, those teams usually are doing it not just for the vacation benefits, but the profit, since the hosts are probably gonna be paying big money for the publicity. I can't see anyone shelling out big bucks to fly in some wrestling teams, but who knows? PSU's football team went to Ireland this season, and I'm pretty sure I remember the basketball team going to Puerto Rico a year or two ago. Congratz to those four programs.
  16. Thank you very much! I've been practicing pretty hard with the club. Looking to make enough noise this upcoming season for Cael to notice me. I'll be sure to make updates!
  17. Interesting to see how other clubs do business. Best of luck to him; hopefully he jumps up a couple spots on the podium and takes 2nd to a PSU club wrestler ;)
  18. It seems like this is based off of a tournament series, which from my personal experience already does this (where there are no weigh ins, and you can be challenged). Also, the Madison weight system has been in place in the off season, and that seems to work for the anti-cutting weight argument. I don't see how anything without cutting weight could be put in during the season or at high-stakes tournaments. People wanna win too badly.
  19. If this was the only report, then yes, that seems to be it, but they are still investigating to see if thats the true cause of death. No matter the findings, rest in peace.
  20. Exactly this. John Smith is no slouch; I'm pretty sure he has seen his fair share of what a wrestle can and can't do. Remember, Chance isn't the first phenom to come through that room - I'm sure he's in good hands in Stillwater. If Chris Perry could be successful down a weight class from where he was in HS, there's nothing to say Chance can't be. That being said, I wish Chance the best, regardless of what weight class he goes.
  21. PSU's varsity team just announced their schedule: http://www.gopsusports.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/091714aab.html Excited to see that the NLO back. Can't wait to get on the mat with some redshirts!
  22. Finally, a medal in greco! Great to see! Congrats to Bisek. Also, to Pirozhkova for navigating that brutal bracket.. despite taking second, she beat two girls who she couldn't keep it close with before. I like seeing progress more than medal counts.
  23. Very, very interesting to see that not just these two, but all of the Russians who were hitting it were driving with it. They dominated the competition with it. I always was taught to stay stationary with it, more using the pull of the arm to bring them over you than anything else.
  24. Do they not do 1 pt for holding them on their back for 5 seconds anymore? Ragan got hosed.
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